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Starter Kit – Normal Skin – with Benzoyl Peroxide

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Team up with Ninja’s Secret Agent Benzoyl Peroxide 10% and Revolutionary Facial Cleanser Normal

For Normal skin and no sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide. A very basic skincare routine that provides the minimum treatment for fighting acne. We ask you to check in with us every 2 weeks with an update, as we may need to make changes to your daily regime to make your treatment stronger.

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Starter Kit for Normal Skin – Not Sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide

You won’t find a more effective treatment to thoroughly clean your skin and prevent future acne breakouts. Ninja Skincare’s Normal Skin Starter Kit replaces your current acne treatment and gives you proven results. Guaranteed.

Your Kit includes:

1. Revolutionary Cleanser Normal

This cleanser gently removes oil without over-drying. It contains Aloe Vera and is fragrance free, so it will not irritate the skin and can be used several times a day. This cleanser balances pH and leaves your skin feeling clean.


Size: 5.5 oz

2. Secret Agent Benzoyl Peroxide 10%

Suitable for all skin types not allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Secret Agent 10% is extremely effective at preventing future breakouts and clearing existing pimples. You will not find anything stronger on the market today. Explicit instructions will be included with this product. Avoid sun exposure when this product is on the skin.


  • Contains benzoyl peroxide – the strongest acne topical medication available
  • Treats existing acne blemishes and prevents future breakouts
  • Reduces marks from previous breakouts
  • Ideal for all skin types not allergic to benzoyl peroxide

Size: 3.5 oz

3. Abolishing Mask with Sulfur

Formulated specifically for acne-prone skin, this therapeutic 10% sulfur mask combines kaolin and Bentonite, the highest-quality natural earth clays, to decongest pores and remove impurities.


  • Reduces inflammation and fights bacteria
  • Non-irritating, paraben free and recommended for all acne prone skin types
  • Exfoliates dry, dull surface cells and decongests pores and absorbs excess oil
  • Highly recommended for first time clients to accelerate clearing process

Size: 2 oz

Unlike other online anti acne retailers, we strongly encourage you to check in with us every 2 weeks during the first 3 months of treatment. We often need to adjust your daily skincare routine for maximum results.

Ninja Skincare has been the anti acne industry leader since 1989. Over 96% of our clients return and report much clearer skin. Prepare to take charge of your breakouts and look forward to your clear skin future!

For best results, please contact us for your free consultation—we recommend pairing this starter kit with a sunscreen or a moisturizer.

Become an anti acne Ninja today!

26 reviews for Starter Kit – Normal Skin – with Benzoyl Peroxide

  1. Cindy687

    I was hesitant to buy this product but it had great reviews. I am really happy with it so far. I was impressed with the company’s ability to answer my questions about the product and what my routine should be. I have used it now for 3 weeks and have noticed considerable clearing, much more than pretty much anything else I have tried for my acne. I am truly hoping it clear my skin entirely as they tell me it will.

  2. Christine

    All I can say is wow! All of the ninja skincare products have dramatically improved my skin from the time I started. I have tried everything under the sun to clear my acne and have never found a remedy like ninja skincare. Not only are the products amazing, but their customer service is unbelievable. They show a genuine care for their clients and will go the extra mile for you every time you reach out to them. I cannot thank this company enough for the way they have helped me on the road to clearing my acne. Buy from ninja!!! You won’t regret it!

  3. justinemarie02

    I have always been particular with products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide as it has irritated my skin in the past, and I really had only known about benzoyl for acne. So I was over the moon when I found out that this is Benzoyl Peroxide free. So far, it has made my skin clear and smooth. Smell is ok – definitely a lot better than most sulfur products!

  4. Ava Marie

    I was a little concerned when I ordered this since I hadn’t heard of the company before. But I had nothing to lose and now use this kit and some of their other age defying products as well. and my skin has never been clearer. Thank you!

  5. MissPat

    I wasn’t sure which of their products to try so I was glad to see they have this starter kit, kind of breaking down what new people need to use without having to guess. I’ve only started using it but I’ve already noticed some positive effects on my skin. I’m now curious to try their other products as well.

  6. Lalo Perez

    This kit is amazing and one of the best product that actually(100%) works. This acne system had a huge impact on my life. I never knew this would happen to me. Thanks to God and this company. Best acne system ever!

  7. Rossa

    The this the best product that I’ve ever used for acne. I used to always break out so badly i used every product even medicine but none of them worked for me. Personally i suggest to give this product a try and you wont regret it Im 100% sure!!

  8. hollidayTyme

    One of the best products I have ever come across. To say it changed my life might be a little dramatic but I do believe that it is the sole reason I now have clear skin. I no longer need to wear any form of cover up or makeup, sometimes I will blot my nose in the middle of the day but that is it. I still use the entire line up of products daily, although I do not use the mask as frequently as I should. I have already referred 3 people to this line and we are all shocked to have not heard more about it. I certainly hope it is around a long long time.

  9. snell89

    After trying everything under the sun, I am extremely happy with the company and the results – more importantly. My skin is as clear as it was when I was 10, scarring has been reduced substantially and there is a ton more money in my pocket than there was when I was using Rodan and Fields! 🙂 I will be using this for a while!

  10. Dina McBride

    Recently my face, upper neck and upper shoulders started breaking out. I gave it a couple of weeks thinking it was just some random breakout and then I started to freak out a little. I saw an ad for this on FB and read up on all the reviews. Seemed like a legit program so I honestly didn’t even think twice about hopping on board.

    Net net – totally worth it. My only complaint with the system is that when I got the cleanser, it was leaking slightly but they gave me a $5 credit even though only a little had leaked out. Really superb customer service and the sulfur mask is like the best acne medication I have ever tried. My skin is all healed up now and I don’t even have any scaring visible. Truly impressive.

  11. Maria del Carmen

    Just a fab product. My neighbour told me about Ninja after her daughter’s spots got to be unbearable. She said it had cleared up her skin rather quickly and much more efficiently than the other products she had tried. I was leery since ordering meant an international delivery cost but it was so worth it. My skin, which had been problematic for well over a year, became clear within 2 months and I now recommend it to everyone I know!

  12. Kelli Anne

    Love love it. I found out about Ninja on some forum somewhere and Lord am I happy I did! My skin has been clear within 2 months of using it. 6 months down the road and no pimples have ever come back!

  13. Jasmine

    So amazing I can’t even. I still have trouble believing this stuff in this so not fancy packaging, with a so not fancy price works so amazingly well. Google “acne treatment products” and I guarantee you I have tried everything on at least the first 5 pages. Topicals, prescriptions, natural remedies… I think I might have even tried voodoo at some point!! This was on a whim before I went back on Accutane for the 3rd time. I found out about it online somehow, I forget, and just bought this set because it was so cheap I had nothing to lose. Now 3 months later and I honestly can’t even believe I am writing a review. I never write reviews. But this product is nothing short of amazing. My skin is completely clear. I do still get a pimple every once in a while if I stop being good about applying the medication but even then, the pimples are nothing like they used to be. They are smaller, and kind of disappear before they even reach the surface. Amazing work Ninja Skincare. I have no idea how you do what you do but you do it well and I hope you are around forever.

  14. Wanda

    I was dubious about this brand and waited for a while to get it even after I had heard good stuff about it. I finally bit the bullet 3 months ago. Experience so far: good clearing almost all clear in fact. I applied the benzoyl too fast at first and it was no joke. It is stronger than what I used in the past so skin got a little red. Their customer service is top though, gotta give it to them. I called, got called right back and they told me to slow down on the usage. Once I did that, I noticed a quick reduction in the size of the pimples I was getting and I noticed they went away a lot faster than normal. Pretty soon, they stopped appearing altogether. I haven’t had one in IDK about 1 month I guess. Really impressed. Now waiting for the scars to fade!

  15. Sammi

    I have had bad skin my entire life, and I will never have *good* skin. However, after years of trying various products, this is the one that works for me. My acne is bacterial, and the only thing that has ever remotely worked for me is benzoyl peroxide, although products like Proactiv seemed to just keep the acne at a moderate level and most everything made my skin flake off. Then I took a summer long vacation a couple of years ago, and had an absolutely horrid breakout. In desperation, I went to the local pharmacy, and they handed me a tube of 5% benzoyl peroxide much like this. No fragrances, a very short list of ingredients, and nothing suspiciously pore-clogging like shea butters, oils, etc that are in some “sensitive” labeled products (like Oxy). In France, the directions are to leave the product on for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse off. It seemed funny to me, because why not just use a face wash, but it worked like a charm. I finally ran out of the product about two months ago, and went through three different cleansers in an attempt to find something similar. I tried gentle washes with aloe (which contained fragrances, resulted in a breakout), products with no fragrance (which contained a mile-long list of ingredients, again, massive breakouts), and then finally found this. It’s the closest thing to the stuff they use in Paris, and although this is labeled for use as a leave-on product, I use it like the French product and rinse it off after 5-10 minutes. Any more than that and my skin gets too dry. But it has been working perfectly. I’m so glad that I found something that I can use on my super-delicate skin, and after only a couple of days, I could confidently go makeup-free if I wanted to.

    I felt as though I had to write a review, because this product doesn’t get enough press and I feel lucky to have found it. It’s a great product if you use it as they taught me in France and as I describe above. If you use it as a leave-on, it may be a bit harsh for anything other than a spot treatment. And of course, everyone’s acne is different, and BP works best on bacterial acne (as opposed to acne caused by skin cell buildup, which responds better to salicylic acid and the like), so keep that in mind.

  16. Andy Pacione

    I’m 35 years old with crazy skin and have recently started battling adult acne. It got especially bad after I began working out 6 mornings a week. I had hundreds of tiny little pimples all over my chest. I could not get rid of them. I tried clearisil wipes, yes to carrots wipes, acne gel, neutrogena acne body wash, apple cider vinegar, and retinol (rx). Those products didn’t reduce the pimples AT ALL. It was embarrassing and I couldn’t wear half my tops because I wanted to hide the pimples. I bought this set after seeing the reviews. I’ve used it TWICE and I already see a HUGE reduction in the number of pimples on my chest. I wish I’d taken a picture to prove it. But I was skeptical after nothing else had worked. I use this in the mornings, in the shower, after my workouts. I wet my skin and apply the wash and let it sit for a couple minutes then rinse. I use their Salicylic Acid in the daytime, since the lady I spoke with told me not to use benzoyl during the day. I have crazy sensitive skin and this hasn’t affected my skin in anyway except for reducing the acne! Then at night, I use the benzoyl and wowza, the results are close to amazing. I was skeptical, and thought $20 per product was kind of high, but it works! I am thrilled! So much less overall than all the other stuff I have bought throughout the years that had zero effect!

    UPDATE: This stuff is worth its weight in gold. I got rid of 99% of my chest/back pimples. I went on a 3 week trip and forgot to bring it. Wow what a difference. Sweaty workouts and not using Ninja and the tiny pimples came back. Definitely won’t be without this combo dynamo!

  17. Rick Marriott

    Persistent acne most my life. I am now 33 years old. Tried 2 rounds Accutane. doxycycline, Retin A, Retin A Micro, various prescription topicals. Finally gave 5% BP a try…It dried out my skin for 3 weeks and I broke out worse, BUT THEN, my skin adjusted, finally, and 8 months later I’ve literally had maybe one small pimple a month. It is literally the only thing that has worked permanently for me. I’ve tried everything, but I swear by the stuff. If you are even curious about this product, you should give it a try. There is nothing else out there like it!

  18. Carly

    I bought this product roughly 4 months ago with a significant amount of hesitation. All I had to go on were a couple of online reviews for a company I had never heard of. Let’s start off by saying within 24 hours of filling out an “online questionaire”, I got a call from a lady at the company who was funny, chatty and really seemed to know her stuff. It was an impressive phone call. We stayed on the call for almost an hour, I could not believe it. I have never had that level of service from any company at any time. She directed me to the products she suggested for me, answered a bunch of my questions and basically sold me.

    I got this set as well as the sulfur mask and moisturizer. I followed the instructions perfectly and honestly, I have never seen such amazing results in such a short time. And I have bought pretty much every kit/solution out there – proactive, R&F, Mario whatever. All of them and none of them ever worked. My skin did get pretty flaky and dry which was a little annoying but they assured me it was all part of the process. Now 4 months later, I am using the mask about once a week so I guess it will last me about 3+ months and this kit. Clear skin! Love it!

  19. Zack Bree

    great product, great support system behind it. If you have any questions about how any of these products should be used, the people at Ninja will jump to help you. My skin was clear 2 months into using it. Definitely swear by it.

  20. Jordan Cummins

    This product is extremely effective. I had more severe acne in my youth, which left a lot of scars which make me very self conscious. The estethicians there are very strict. You can tell that they want to make sure that the product works so they make sure that you are following their instructions. But I am a testimonial that if you do do what they tell you, it will work. I was not as regimented as I should have been for the first month and did not see the results but when I decided to make a go of it, the results were truly incredible. Trust their customer service people, I think they really do know what they are talking about.

    I have never had this type of results prior to this product.

  21. Eva Englert

    I have tried a lot lot lot of products over the years for my acne and nothing has been more effective quicker than this with little to no side effects. I will swear by Ninja and in particular this set of products until the day I die. Solid company, great customer service, decent prices and just quality product. No benzoyl that I have ever used before was this effective. Not only is my acne gone but I feel like my skin looks actually younger than it has in years and years.

  22. Kathy Davis

    I have tried tons of products with benzoyl peroxide in them before. Mainly off the shelf from the pharmacy. I always saw some clearing but nothing complete. After my first pregnancy, my adult acne flared up like never before and all of a sudden even the store bought stuff wasn’t really doing anything at all. I read about Ninja – that the levels of the medicine were higher, more effective, for some reason. I gave it a shot and truly the results were amazing – instant. Within one day of using this product, my existing breakout went down noticeably and within like 2 weeks, I was breakout free. I did have a couple of pimples here and there for about a month after starting but the kind people at re-assured me that it was normal – they were just working themselves out. That was about 6 months ago and I have not had a singular breakout since. This is the first time in 14 years that I have had clear skin. I am joyous.

  23. Barb Stratton

    I found this product after reading some reviews on recommending it. I hadn’t heard of it but decided to look into it. The customer service here is impeccable. I was going to order a different product but one of their estheticians reached out to me and talked a little about my skin issues and decided that this would be the better starter kit for me. I couldnt be happier with the results.

    Within a week, the redness had gone down and the breakouts had started to get smaller. Now, 2 months in, I am almost convinced my skin issues will be a thing of the past. I am relieved, thrilled and just so happy I took the leap of faith and decided to order from them.

  24. Nicole

    I feel like this particular set of products saved me. Not to be too over-dramatic. But I had pretty much given up hope about having clear skin when I heard about Ninja Skincare. It was a little tough to find out about them on the internet but what I did find I liked. So I took the chance and within 2 maybe 3 months, my skin was better than I had ever really hoped it could be. I see people on the street and feel like I should tell them about this … but I don;t. But here I can say with certainty if you have bad skin, this is the product for you.

  25. Charles Barnes

    Both of my kids use this kit and although when they were pre-teen, I noticed some initial breakouts, due to my own history with acne, I got them started on this stuff soon enough to avoid the full blown breakouts that haunted me when I was their age. It didn’t take long to get their skin under control and I am so grateful that they will not experience the scaring that I have on my face. Getting them started young was the best thing I did for them and their self-esteem.

  26. Tom Ennis

    I have used a lot of acne products in my life and never have found one like this. Cleared up my skin in the matter of weeks which is truly a miracle. Other products claim they can clear up skin in 24 hours but I have learned over the years that is a load of marketing fluff. Any product that says that is pure BS. Ninja Skincare products are powerful and their customer support is unlike anything I have ever seen. I started with this starter kit and have moved onto a stronger medication but this is the one that started my journey with these folks. Good job Ninja.

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We offer 6 different Acne Starter Kits to give you the best option to match our products to your skin type. Not all skin types can tolerate benzoyl peroxide so we offer an alternative topical medication which contains sulfur and resorcinol.

Three of our Acne Starter Kits include benzoyl peroxide and three are for skin types with sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide. Pick one of our Acne Starter Kits below based on the amount of oil your skin produces and its tolerance to benzoyl peroxide and start successfully fighting your breakouts.

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