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Daily Defender Sunscreen SPF 30

(32 customer reviews)

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This lightly moisturizing PABA free and non-greasy sunscreen provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

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Sunscreen SPF 30 is formulated with a broad spectrum of sunscreens, including 3.2% micronized titanium dioxide and 1% zinc oxide, both physical sunblocks. This lightly moisturizing sunscreen offers excellent protection against harmful UVA/UVB and infrared rays and helps to prevent sunburn and premature aging of the skin. No skincare routine is complete without it.


  • UVA/UVB sunscreen protection
  • Non-greasy and lightly hydrating for all skin types
  • Contains titanium dioxide and is PABA free
  • Helps to prevent sunburn and premature aging of the skin

Size: 3.5 oz

32 reviews for Daily Defender Sunscreen SPF 30

  1. Lorraine Nimus

    I will not use any other moisturizer ever again. This is my holy grail for my oily skin. I can use this all year round.

  2. Michelle Neubang

    I just had to get on here to give big props to the ladies at Ninja Skincare. I got the best compliment on my skin today – I went to a fancy facial that I was given for my birthday. Not my normal thing to do at all! The esthetician looked at my skin and remarked over and over again how healthy it was. Mind you, this is me almost pushing 50 so I was thrilled to hear it. About half way through, she quietly asked me what brand of product I use. I told her Ninja and she had never heard of it. Asked me to spell it and asked for the website. I was so excited to spread the word – who knows?! Maybe she will start using it in her salon!

  3. Lowell_56

    Such a great sunscreen. I use it year round, nearly every day. In the winter months, it doesn’t provide enough moisture for my skin so I also use the moisturizer but in the summer, I am generally good with just the sunscreen after I wash my face.

  4. Pippa45

    I lather this stuff on my own face every day multiple times a day and never break out! That is a miracle enough but then I have my 13 year old daughter using it and she doesn’t break out either. I cant remeber finding a sunscreen that doesn’t make me break out. I am so happy with it!

  5. Kimberly Cain

    I can’t give this product enough stars. I have used it for almost 30 years and now have my daughters all using it as well. Every day, Pamela – you will be happy to know! Snow, rain, sunshine…. everyday! Please please stay in business forever!!!

  6. Julie

    This is the most perfect product: a combination moisterizer and sunscreen for the face. I apply it every morning after washing my face. I have never had a sunburn on my face in all the years since I started using this product (and I’ve been using it daily for over 20 years now). When I’m going to be in a bright-sun situation (like an outing to the beach, or a hike) I re-apply it before leaving the house. Wonderful stuff and makes my face feel really good.

  7. MsPrincess08

    I love how this sunscreen feels so not greasy and light so I use it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.Have never found anything like that before in a sunscreen. Really happy to have found it.

  8. oslo_kimmie

    my favorite sunscreen so far. I have very pale skin and with this never get burned. I have had to use other sunblocks on vacation when I ran out of this or when airlines take my stuff. Every time I get a breakout. Never with this so I try now to always have a bottle with me when I go anywhere.

  9. sonyaK

    This is a great lightweight sunscreen. It goes on clear and doesn’t breakout or irritate my skin like other sunscreens. It actually makes my skin look healthier when I wear it, and a little goes a long way. really helps with my dry skin after the medication comes off. Has lasted me about 4 months so far!

  10. MirandaBear

    light, airy. Takes a second to soak in, at first that kind of bugged me. But by the time I was out of the bathroom, it had all soaked in and wasn’t visible any more. The fact that I finally found a sunscreen that works and doesn’t cause a breakout, that made the 3 mins it takes to soak in worth it!

  11. ACNE_SUX

    My only complaint with this is that it is not water proof. But since it doesn’t cause me to breakout like every other sunscreen, I can’t really complain. I live in Florida and with summer coming, I have definitely loaded up on it for the summer. And am planning on apply and reapplying all day every day to avoid that sun!

  12. BobbiF

    Suns comin’ this way pretty fast! I went into the City today and normally San Francisco is foggy so I don’t think about sun protection. BAD because even I know sun seeps through the clouds. Regardless, it was pretty chilly and it wasn’t until around 3pm that I started feeling a little flush. I am home now and pretty red and feeling foolish for not having just put on my trusty Ninja sunscreen in the morning. Now I am back to my original routine of wash and then sunscreen – no exceptions as Pamela says!!

  13. Amber

    I live in Australia so sunscreen is always pounded into our heads here. Before I discovered Ninja, I used sunscreens but they always made me break out. The bummer of this is that it isn’t water proof but I still make it work. I will do anything if it means that I don’t break out!

  14. Janice

    I live in the super cold midwest so I don’t actually wear this year round because, well the sun hasn’t been showing much of itself for the last couple of months. But in the summer, you’d better know that I wear this all day every day! Again, like the moisturizer I wish it came in a bigger bottle coz I use it on my chest too so I go through these bottles pretty quick in the summer. But I won’t ever use any other stuff where I get pimples coz ever since I started with this, I don’t get the clogged pores like I used to in the summer with that goopy ass sunscreen I would get from the stores.

  15. Meg Karrey

    Blends really easy into your skin and no oily layer left, which is essential to me. And even in the hot AZ sun, I have never experienced a burn but I am really good about applying again in the middle of the day.

  16. Emily Lee

    Pretty much every product from Ninja Skincare has been the bomb diggity. This is no exception. I use it on my extremely pale and sensitive skin and it has blocked out all rays, even when I forget my hat (horrors!). I gave one to my twin sister and she loves it to and is now hooked on the whole line!

  17. LaTonya

    I have dark skin but I still get burnt easily. And have never found a sunscreen that doesn’t cause more zits from forming. But this one. It’s so gentle, I even put it on my babies before we go out in the sun (they have much lighter skin than I do so they are even more likely to get burnt). Great stuff.


    I have used this plus wipe out wash and at time, BPO 10% for 20+ years. Will never try anything else and have my entire family on the stuff too. Best product on the market hands down. Oh and the bottles last a really long time. I use it every single day, rain or shine.

  19. Nicole

    Great every day lotion. I used to use cetaphil moisturizer with spf15 on my face but it always felt greasy to me. Ninja’s is so much better. Very light, no scent and doesn’t leave your face with a white sunscreen residue. It settles very nicely and doesn’t look greasy at all. I will continue to purchase this as long as it’s being sold!

  20. Landon Bell

    Super product. I feel very protected from the sun 365 and it is very light, like others have mentioned here. Never feel oily or greasey.

  21. Kary McMullen

    The best spf out there. I have used it for 20ish years and will never use anythign else. Everythign else is oily or causes me to have acne. Love it year round.

  22. Jessica

    Living at altitude, I need sunscreen daily. Especially since I am pretty active outside. This sunscreen doesn’t clog my pores or leave my face feeling greasy. Love it!

  23. Charlie B

    I exercise a lot but used to not wear sunblock for a whole lot of different reasons, one of them being that most are oily, sting my eyes when I sweat and cause me to breakout. I am really happy with this sunscreen however. Does none of the above. I think I have about 2-3 bottles going at any time, in my workout bag, my house and my girlfriend’s house.

  24. Seo-Yun Kim

    I move to Hawaii and need sunscreen that is not making my skin oily. And cause more problems for my skin. My skin is light and turn red quickly.

    I use this now 5 months and like it very much. I do not have more skin problems with this sunscreen. I appreciate it.

  25. Eva Eldman

    I have been using this product for nearly 20 years and just couldn’t imagine not using it. Recently they changed the formula – I could tell immediately. It is slightly thicker than it used to be. I was really hesitant about this when I realized it but I had no other option. I reached out to them to see if I was imagining things and they told me that the FDA made them modify it a little, make it a little thicker. I still use it daily and I still have clear skin so that is the important thing. It is just a little thicker than it used to be and I am not good with change. But I will continue to buy it because at least I still do not feel like that sticky gross feeling like I do with other sunscreens.

  26. Vikki James

    So light and wonderful. I never have worn sunblock before because I felt that it clogged my skin even more. They begged me to try it, sent me a sample and I tried it and instantly loved it. I now have my entire family using it every single day.

  27. Joanie Bancroft

    I use this product every morning when I wake up after I wash my face. It is very lightweight like other people have said. In the winter it can get pretty cold here but I still wear it so I can block all of the UV rays. In the summer, I apply it maybe 2-3 times throughout the day just to make doubley sure I dont get burnt. Even after a full day out and not re-washing, my skin never feels oily or anything, even with multiple layers on. And I never get burnt which is the goal.

  28. Melanie Neely

    Best facial sunscreen ever! So lightweight you forget you have it on. Very effective and my freckled completion has put it to the test!

  29. Tamara Hawk

    was immediately impressed by the great coverage this sunscreen provides. I apply it twice a day because I am in the sun a lot and have always felt very protected. It is a good sized bottle and lasts me at least 2 months of constant use.

  30. craig g

    I started using this when I noticed sun spots in addition to my acne scars. Thought I am finally old enough to admit I need sunblock but didn’t want anything to aggravate my acne. They sent me a sample – I didn’t want to waste my money. Loved it instantly. I didn’t feel greasy like I normally do when I wear sunblock. Now my wife and kids wear it daily too.

  31. ali wilson

    My mother has imprinted on my brain that I must wear sunblock rain or shine. It has been that way since I was a kid so I guess I am lucky – it is just second nature. But I have had some trouble finding a sunscreen that I like – non scented is important to me, non-oily so I don’t break out and light, so I don’t feel like I have something coating my skin. This is a pretty difficult combination of things to find – trust me, I have looked. Finally found it here with the Ninja brand. I apply it 3-4 times/day and never feel oily, have never experienced breakouts due to it and well, overall it is just perfect. Cannot say enough about it.

  32. Lisa L

    Seriously the best sunblock I have ever used. light, not oily and really effective. Best of all, doesnt aggravate my acne like every single other sunblock I have ever tried does.

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