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Say Goodbye To Acne

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Starter Kit – Combination Skin – with Benzoyl Peroxide

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Team up with Ninja’s Secret Agent Benzoyl Peroxide 10% and Revolutionary Facial Cleanser Balancing

For Combination skin and no sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide. A very basic skincare routine that provides the minimum treatment for fighting acne. We ask you to check in with us every 2 weeks with an update, as we may need to make changes to your daily regime to make your treatment stronger.

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Starter Kit for Combination Skin – Not Sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide

You won’t find a more effective treatment to thoroughly clean your combination skin and prevent future acne breakouts. Ninja Skincare’s Combination Skin Starter Kit replaces your current anti acne treatment and gives you proven results. Guaranteed.

Your Kit includes:

1. Revolutionary Cleanser Balancing

It contains just the right balance of oil-removing ingredients to gently clean the skin without irritation and may be used several times a day as needed. SULFATE FREE.


  • Non-irritating ingredients
  • pH balanced for combination skin
  • Paraben and sulfate free
  • Removes excess oils without irritation

Size: 5.5 oz

2. Secret Agent Benzoyl Peroxide 10%

Suitable for all skin types not allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Secret Agent 10% is extremely effective at preventing future breakouts and clearing existing pimples. You will not find anything stronger on the market today. Explicit instructions will be included with this product. Avoid sun exposure when this product is on the skin.


  • Contains benzoyl peroxide – the strongest acne topical medication available
  • Treats existing acne blemishes and prevents future breakouts
  • Reduces marks from previous breakouts
  • Ideal for all skin types not allergic to benzoyl peroxide

Size: 3.5 oz

3. Abolishing Mask with Sulfur

Formulated specifically for acne-prone skin, this therapeutic 10% sulfur mask combines kaolin and Bentonite, the highest-quality natural earth clays, to decongest pores and remove impurities.


  • Reduces inflammation and fights bacteria
  • Non-irritating, paraben free and recommended for all acne prone skin types
  • Exfoliates dry, dull surface cells and decongests pores and absorbs excess oil
  • Highly recommended for first time clients to accelerate clearing process

Size: 2 oz

Unlike other online anti acne retailers, we strongly encourage you to check in with us every 2 weeks during the first 3 months of treatment. We often need to adjust your daily skincare routine for maximum results.

Ninja Skincare has been the anti acne industry leader since 1989. Over 96% of our clients return and report much clearer skin. Prepare to take charge of your breakouts and look forward to your clear skin future!

For best results, please contact us for your free consultation—we recommend pairing this starter kit with a sunscreen or a moisturizer.

Become an anti acne Ninja today!

25 reviews for Starter Kit – Combination Skin – with Benzoyl Peroxide

  1. Cat Stanely

    They are not kidding when they tell you that the medication is strong. My previous uses of Benzoyl Peroxide didn’t seem to dry out my skin very much and therefore, didn’t seem all that effective. But after 2 days on this Benzoyl and I was shocked. My skin was drier than I had seen before, which I wasn’t expecting so I called and they told me it was normal and it meant it was working. So I went with it, applied moisturizer and waited. I was not disappointed. My teenager has now asked me if she can start using my stuff so her skin can get clear like mine. Who would have thought a 15 year old would want to be like mom! Thanks Ninja ladies!

  2. Retajh

    have really been loving this product line so far. the wash has evened out my skin it seems and the benzoyl peroxide is drying up my pimples fast! can’t wait to see how my skin looks after another couple of weeks!

  3. Naomi

    I have seen so many other “starter kits” that were first of all double the cost but half as effective. I love that there are only 3 products in this kit, a totally doable amount of products to use everyday, compared to some other ones that have 4-5 products. And yes, my skin cleared up within 2 months! A believer for sure.

  4. Jamie Kline

    This is the best acne kit I have bought so far. I love the cleanser and the bezoyl is stronger than most other medications I have bought before. But I think the star of the show is the mask. I really love it. They told me to start off using it 3-5 times a week but I find it to be really soothing not to mention just kills the small acne I have forming so I have pretty much been doing it every night since I got it. 2 weeks in and I am hooked!

  5. Donnie

    Thank you Pamela! You and your team are so incredible! I always put my faith in the big brands and thought the more expensive the better but you proved me wrong. Nothing has cleared my skin like this stuff and I just can’t believe you are not more well known. I tell everyone I can about you guys. Keep up the great work.

  6. Karina Debos

    Compared to other starter kits out there (proactive is what I am thinking of) this is so much better. way cheaper, actual communication with the company about which products I should use and the biggest winner of them all, this product actually works. Oh and I don’t have to be on a subscription if I don’t want to. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is on the fence.

  7. JiezlRobs

    If you have oily skin like me then you know how hard it can be to find the right product. When I tried this, I automatically felt like It is the one. Its been 6 weeks since then and I can say that it is really effective and my face overall is much less oily, even by mid afternoon.

  8. marijenny

    It was a gamble going for a product that does not have benzoyl Peroxide, but I’m glad I took the plunge. This formula has a better result and is more gentle to my skin. I recommend it to anyone who is on the fence.

  9. Sassy_sally

    Finally a product that works with my skin! I have extremely combination skin. Some parts are very oily, whereas some parts are very dry & flaky. And all of it is very acne prone. This product helps eliminate even the very deep, under the skin pimples without drying my skin out or leaving it oily. I’ve been using it for a week & ive already seen a drastic change in my face. Less breakouts and less redness. It’s a really wonderful product.

  10. Tatiana$$$

    Works awesome on problem areas and great when you’re needing immediate action! Reduces swelling and redness almost instantly and definitely helps to prevent future breakouts.

  11. RyderHo

    I have tried benzoyl products before but have not had the same results as I have with this particular product. Almost instantaneously I noticed that my acne flare ups were smaller and would go away quicker than ever before. As I continued to use it, the breakouts themselves would get further and further apart which brings me to now. I haven’t had a breakout in nearly 6 months, the scars are fading and my skin really has never looked this good. I am very proud of it now which I wasn’t sure I would ever say. Kuddos to this company.

  12. Hailey Jo

    I Recently looked into this product reading all the reviews and im not going to lie i didnt think it would be as good as people said but i have tried so much stuff for my acne so i thought why not. and im so happy i did i have only been using this product about 3 days morning and night and i cant believe the difference already !! also people have started to say to me already how much better my skin is looking i would 100% recommend giving it ago you will be surprised as much as i was on how amazing it is.

  13. ACNE_SUX

    Very happy with this set of products so far. I recently bought into the Exposed line and although I saw some improvement, I was not convinced that it was working the best for my skin, especially once I started getting new blemishes near my jawline, which were more painful than anything I had had in the past.

    I was not convinced it wouldn’t work but then I saw that they (Ninja) offered a big money back guaranee so I decided to give it a shot, planning on returning if it didn’t work. But the blemishes went down considerably once I started and after 2 weeks, I added in Salicylic acid into the routine and recently, I started on 2 layers of benzoyl at night. Now, in 2 months, I am so clear, more clear than I have been in years. Now I am waiting on the scars disappearing.

    Not planning on sending this stuff back any time soon! In fact, I just ordered my 3rd order!

  14. Maya

    I have never used a product that is so strong and I really thought I had tried everything. There was a lot of flaking at first, which took some getting used to. At first I thought something was wrong because my skin was flaking so much but they assured me that is what they were looking for. After a while, the flaking stopped being too extreme and my skin stopped breaking out altogether for the first time in years. I have not been this clear since even Accutane, which had horrible side effects for me.

  15. amyjo1192

    I have been using Ninja Skincare for about 10 months now and I could not be happier with the results. I stumbled upon it while looking for something to finally take care of my monthly breakouts not knowing that I would hit the jackpot. Once I first looked into it, Pamela the owner, called me and we spoke for nearly 45 minutes just about my skin, what my desires were, what even causes acne and breakouts and what products would be best for my skin type. After that we weren’t sure which was going to be best so before I even bought anything sweet Pamela sent me two free samples of two of the products that I would be choosing between (either benzoyl peroxide or the sulfur secret agent) and she kept in touch with me nightly once I was using them to see how my skin was reacting and then based on the results recommended what I should buy, IF I were even to buy anything. You cannot beat the customer service, and that is not even mentioning the fact that the product(s) actually work! I don’t think I will ever use another brand of skincare for my face. Like I said I have been using Ninja Skincare for 10-months and have had maybe 3 small whiteheads come up?? Maybe. That’s insane!! And those 3 are probably due to me forgetting to wash my face in the evening after a long day… Needless to say, I’d recommend it to any and everyone who is looking for a solution to their skincare and breakout woes.

  16. Mark

    My GF gave this to me last summer after reading some review somewhere. I noticed a difference pretty quickly on my face where I was using it. I didn’t have as much luck on my back. So I called the company and asked if it was what I should be using on my back and they recommended a different product. Since then, clear sailing. Like literally clear! My face and my back look terrific. Very pleased.

  17. Carly

    This stuff seriously saved my skin. I thought all hope was lost after years and years and years of trying everything. And anything. I tried some crazy stuff in thinking about it and this is the one product line that helped. It not only helped but after 4 months of using it, my skin is pimple free. I still have a lot of scarring that I am working on, but the people who work there are so kind and always available to help me find the right stuff for where my skin is at. Right now, in addition to constantly fighting off pimples from forming, I am working on sluffing off the dead skin that they tell me will help the scars go away. I just started the lightning bleach and within 2 weeks, the scars are starting to lighen up too. I just cant say enough about this company. I wish I had found it sooner!

  18. Roxanne

    This product was great in clearing up my skin. I have acne and regardless of what I try it doesn’t go away, so when my sister gave me this to try I was pretty skeptical at first but after using it for a while now I’m convinced that it works to help clear my skin (even on the stubborn pimples that lie under the skin).
    I do find that it does dry out the skin, so I limit this to dabbing small amounts once or twice a day in problematic areas where my pimples like to break out, but not all over my face like they told me to do. It still works great for me though!
    For the price and how well it works, I think that this product is absolutely amazing!

  19. Inma Carrasco

    This product has COMPLETELY changed my life. As most of the people on here, I had tried every drugstore product available, yet nothing seemed to help my acne. My acne was moderate-severe, and this product has made me into an entirely different, more confident, happy, positive, and beautiful person. I do not know what I would do without this product!!!!!!

  20. Liz Despins

    My facial and back acne has really cleared up since I started this last September. I have been impressed with the staff’s dedication to getting my skin clear. I get an occasional small breakout right around that time of the month but overall the blemishes are much smaller and less painful than they used to be, and I clear up much quicker than before.

  21. Maryanne L.

    By luck I found this brand roughly 5 months ago. Long sob story that most people have had/heard but at my wits’ end, I ordered it one particularly bad night around 1am. I was shocked to see the next am a personal note from someone at Ninja confirming what I had purchased and actually questioning if what I had bought would be the best for my skin. I was just blown away. I have never had a company actually review what I had purchased and then questioned it. Turns out they were sooo right. I ended up with this pack of products and could not be happier. This product and company are beyond words. They understand both acne and customer service. It is an undeniable combination.

  22. Kailey James

    Started this in May of this year. I followed the instructions, built up my skin to the benzoyl. It was frustrating at first because I wanted instant clear skin but the change did happen slower than I wanted.

    But it did happen which is all I really wanted. After 1 month, I did have a breakout and almost quit but called them and they convinced me to give it some more time. By month 2, I was completely clear and haven’t had any any more breakouts.

  23. Melanie Neely

    I have been using the Revolutionary Cleanser Balancing and Secret Agent for about six weeks. I am over the moon happy with the results. My skin is clearing up beautifully after years of using drug store products and a very expensive membership regimen that just didn’t work. The Balancing Cleanser really has helped to balance my combination skin. Use these products as recommended and you will see results. You will see even better results if you add the mask and switch to Ninja makeup.

  24. Kim M

    My friend told me about these products months ago, maybe even over a year ago. It slipped my mind until one particularly bad breakout. I finally bought the product, this starter kit, about 5 months ago and I am amazed. I am bummed I waited so long and suffered through multiple breakouts before trying this. Truly a miracle set of products. You will not be disappointed. My skin is better than it has ever been before.

  25. Kary M

    I found this site and bought the starter kit because I am new to the world of acne and I didnt know what products she needed. I had to force her to use it consistently (she is 13 – doesn’t listen to me ever) but once she saw the results, she became pretty dedicated. Skin looks great and the spring is back in her step! Love this stuff.

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We offer 6 different Acne Starter Kits to give you the best option to match our products to your skin type. Not all skin types can tolerate benzoyl peroxide so we offer an alternative topical medication which contains sulfur and resorcinol.

Three of our Acne Starter Kits include benzoyl peroxide and three are for skin types with sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide. Pick one of our Acne Starter Kits below based on the amount of oil your skin produces and its tolerance to benzoyl peroxide and start successfully fighting your breakouts.

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