Welcome – Important Information about your Skincare Treatment

We at Ninja Skincare are excited to welcome you to our all-topical acne fighting products designed to clear your pimples once and for all.

Did you know? Acne forms inside the hair follicles and is caused by the retention of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells stick to the oil that is produced and that attracts bacteria into the hair follicle, whereby your body produces a pimple to fight off the infection. Our treatment is aimed at removing the dead skin cells before they get trapped and start a new pimple. We want your skin to become slightly dry and flaky, but not to the point where it hurts or turns red. If this happens, stop using your products and contact us immediately. You may wear one of our Daily Defenders to help with the dryness, or you may use pure petroleum jelly mixed with water on the areas where you are dry.

It takes up to 3-4 months for a pimple to form, so it will take that long to get the results you want. Skin discoloration from previous breakouts typically takes twice as long to go away as pimples; the more you flake and peel, the lighter your marks will become and the faster they will go away.

Since our treatment is a preventative one, your skin will look its best when you use Ninja Skincare products exclusively on a daily basis, even when your skin is clear. Inconsistent product use or substituting other products will interfere with your results.

Checking In
Even though you start with the enclosed routine, it will change as you progress with your treatment. Please check in with us every 2 weeks to review your program. Changes will be made depending upon your skin, the type of breakouts you have, if your skin is dry or flaky, and your lifestyle.

The clients who get the best results are the ones who check in with us frequently. We want to hear from you!

When you check in with us, please tell us the following:

  1. Your morning and night skincare routines
  2. How your skin is looking (e.g. if you are/aren’t dry and flaky)
  3. If you think your skin can do more topical treatment.

E-mail us or call/text us at (925) 933-8425. Please leave a message if we are not in and we’ll call you back.

Within the United States, please allow 7 days to receive your products. If you are overseas, please allow 15 days. You may order online at NinjaSkincare.com, e-mail us, text or phone (925) 933-8425 or use snail mail. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. You may also send us a money order or a personal check.

SUCCESS and WELCOME to Ninja Skincare!! And PLEASE stay in touch.

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