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Multi-Plexion Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

(38 customer reviews)

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Multi-Plexion Moisturizer is paraben free and specially formulated for acne prone skin. May be used alone or for maximum moisture, apply over our lightly hydrating Daily Defender Sunscreen SPF 30.

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This easy-to-apply Multi-Plexion moisturizer for acne prone skin contains allantoin, a botanical extract that heals the skin and stimulates growth of healthy tissue. It nourishes the skin, leaving a smooth, non-greasy finish, and is soothing and non-irritating. This is an excellent moisturizer for oily acne prone skin and sensitive or inflamed skin.


  • Contains allantoin to promote healing and healthy skin production
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Lightly hydrates, non greasy finish and helps to relieve dry and flaky skin
  • Paraben free face moisturizer for acne prone skin

Size: 2.5 oz

38 reviews for Multi-Plexion Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

  1. Abby Fedal

    I bought this for my son but after seeing him not use it, I decided to use it at night after I washed my face. I really like it so far because all of the other nightly moisturizers are very heavy on my skin, which I don’t like as I go to bed. This is light and seems to really soak in as I sleep.

  2. Anna B.

    This is a great daily moisturizer if you have normal skin. Not enough for my dry skin in the winter here where it is super cold, but a great everyday option for most of the year.

  3. Scotti Yamasaki

    Just like their eye cream, this is really light and soaks into my skin pretty quickly. I rarely have to re-apply during the day, maybe sometimes when it is really cold outside and my skin dries out. But the whole bottle lasts me an incredibly long time – I am thinking I really only have to re-order like every 4-5 months and that is with daily use. I think it is great deal overall.

  4. Janelle Crawl

    I never loved a moisturizer like I love this one. Its so light and not oily, about 5 minutes after putting it on, I dont even feel it on my skin but my skin isnt dry anymore. I hate it when moisturizers leave oil all over your face. Count me in!

  5. Brittany Lowe

    I use this in the morning. Its very lightweight and just leaves my skin so soft. The first time I used it, I remember my husband kept touching my face that day and was like your face is so soft.

  6. Rhonda Clements

    I like the way this cream works. Great for my aging skin. My skin doesn’t look dry and dull anymore. So far, it’s a keeper!

  7. Lindell R

    I live in a really dry climate and this has stood the test of time for me. Occasionally I do re-apply in late afternoon on really hot dry days but most of the time, a single application in the AM is sufficient.

  8. rebecca Lander

    I LOVE THIS STUFF. Really light, barely feel it on your skin which sounds weird but I hate other moisturizers I have bought where they make me feel oily, like I need that! I could use this multiple times a day and it won’t jack up my skin at all. I have told my entire family to use it and they love it too!

  9. Omar

    Not much of a moisturizer guy but I do like this. Light, not greasy. I live in the high desert so in the winter sometimes I have to break down and use moisturizer so this is a great option.

  10. Lily Rose

    Very light weight moisturizer. Most moisturizers I have tried leave a little bit of a waxiness on my skin which I don’t like. This soaks into your skin fairly quickly, I would say within 5 minutes of putting it on. One tip I have discovered is to put it on while your skin is damp and it soaks in quicker. Will be using this one forever, I hope!

  11. Shannaya

    This moisturizer is very light weight which I like. It is not greasy at all unlike most other moisturizers I have used in the past. I can apply it in the morning and even another layer in mid afternoon and my face won’t feel like it is dripping in oil.

  12. AuroraLee

    It has been hard finding a moisturizer that works for my picky and acne-prone skin so I was surprised when this worked well when I tried it. Hadn’t even really heard of Ninja Skincare before and I thought I had heard about them all. Will be definitely adding this to my skincare routine ongoing.

  13. LovePebble

    I have dry skin especially in the winter, living in Michigan I need a product that not only meshes well with my sensitive skin, but that restores hydration. This products works immediately and has a wonderful cool gel like texture. No complaints here!

  14. LMiller82

    I had VERY bad acne, and I had to go to the dermatologist to treat but nothing seemed to work, until Ninja Skincare came along. It’s the only product that is able to control my acne. It REALLY works. I just don’t understand why none of the dermatologist I visited recommended this product. All they wanted to do was put me on pills. Thank god I ignored them.

  15. Jasmine

    I love this stuff. I wish it was like twice the size because I go through it pretty quick. I use it on my neck too and have seen the neck wrinkles not be so noticeable.

  16. DaisyBlu

    I have been using this product since I can remember so I don’t have a recent product to compare it to. But I do know why I have used it for 15+ years! It is so light weight and I love that there is practically no smell/scent to it. I have very sensitive skin and I guess a sensitive nose and hate all the perfumy junk they sell. I looked and looked 15 years ago for products that wouldn’t bug my nose throughout the day and this is the only one that worked both for my skin and for my sensitive nose! Love it… hope I can use it for the next 15+ years!

  17. Terrie M.

    I have used this for well over 10 years, primarily in the winter when it is so cold and dry here. Recently I started my teenage daughter on the product line and her skin is now completely clear and her confidence is sky high. I tell everyone I can about this exceptional product. (Only not 5 stars because I would love it to be cheaper!)

  18. Tammy.Rae.holla

    I have been using this now that it is getting colder but plan to use the sunscreen they offer in the summer. I use it every morning after I wash my face and don’t need a second application. A small pea size will cover my whole face nicely, which is great because even though the bottle is rather small, I get nearly 2 months of use out of it before I have to order a new one.

  19. MarjorieBAM

    Light enough for my old skin and my 17 yr old son’s oily skin. At this point, my entire family uses it and what is really different is that no one is offended by the name of the company, the weight of the product on the skin or the scent. This has never happened before!

  20. MTFLove

    Ive tried it all and this is the one I just keep coming back to. Really light weight and never greasy – it just disappears into your skin almost the second you put it on. I loved it when my skin was flaking real bad and now that my skin is clear I still love it. I bought a store brand last month when I was on vacation and forgot my Ninja stuff and regretted it instantly. Never again!

  21. CeciliaLuv

    Love this product for it’s light texture but powerful potent nutrients for my daughter’s sensitive skin. It’s perfect for not only her skin but for my skin as well. We have been looking for an effective moisturizer for my daughter’s acne/sensitive skin and this one is it! She uses it day and night and is very happy with the results.

  22. momof4

    Does not leave skin feeling greasy or gross after application and it smells amazing. Not shiny or oily, and it feels like it instantly soaks into my skin, leaving it silky smooth. I purchased as a replacement for Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer for combination skin, which was watery, made my skin look greasy and dried it out severely (even with one application per day). Soooo pleased with this purchase…

  23. Dina McBride

    They sent me a sample of this in my initial order and just fell in LOVE with it. It is light weight, totally not greasy and soaks into my skin almost instantly. They say it is not frangranted but I notice a really subtle fragrance that reminds me of any time I have gotten a facial. Overall I just really love it.

  24. Nadia82

    Best moisturizer ever. I started on me over a year ago and now my 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son are on the regimen. Both use this moisturizer every day – our whole family is hooked!

  25. BARB95

    This is theonly moisturizer I have ever used that moisturizes without leaving a layer of gunk on my skin. It like soaks into the skin, like I always think moisturizer should do. But most of the time, they just kind of sit on the surface and make me feel even worse about my skin. Not this one. Love it.

  26. Mollie Mc

    I’ve used this product for years, maybe 15-17? It never changes, never causes acne, I feel like i can apply it multiple times per day and still not feel greasy. For acne people, we all know the non greasy feeling is SO important. I have multiple containers in my house and have given one to each of my daughters to keep in their morning routines.

  27. Mel Baker

    I wear this every morning in the winter (I wear the sunscreen for moisturizer in the summer). The bottle lasts a good long while, I would say nearly 3 months. And like all their other stuff, when you put it on you skin feels good but it doesn’t feel heavy and gross.

  28. Janice

    This is such the best moisturizer ever. I just wish they sold it in a bigger size coz I would for sure get it. I wear it All.The.Time. I even put it on my baby’s face because it is so smooth and I just know it isn’t doing anything bad to her baby skin. I wear their sunscreen during the summer as my moisturizer but now, in the freaking cold ass winter, I put this on like 3-4 times a day and I never feel bad about it, or greasy or whatever.

  29. Rosie

    I don’t have acne any more, thanks to Ninja. but I still use their moisturizer and cleanser on a daily basis. I don’t trust any other brand out there, after having tried nearly all of them! My daughters both use it too!

  30. Anisha Greene

    First off let me say I’m one of those women that has bought hundreds of moisturizers through the years (I’m in my early 50’s) but have never found one that I truly love…until now. A little bit goes a long way too, so the product will last at least a couple of months maybe more. At first application it will feel a bit greasy but it soaks in nicely to your skin. I have to wait about 10 to 15 minutes before applying makeup; probably just because my skin leans more towards the oily side. So someone with dry skin probably wouldn’t have to wait that long

  31. Veronica

    I live in the high desert so my skin is always dry even though I have always been extremely acne prone. Such a weird combination since everyone associates oil with acne. Anyways, it has been tough to find a moisturizer for my dry, acne prone skin because most moisturizers are not aimed at not aggravating acne. As a result, most have a lot of oils that make my acne worse.

    This has been the very first one I have ever found to be non aggravating to my skin. What everyone said about is dead on – it is the best.

  32. Sara Waters

    I use this at night when I hop out of the shower but only if I am not using Salicylic. I find that salicylic provides me enough moisturizer so I dont need more. I also will use it on my pre-teen’s amazing beautiful face whenever she will let me. Gotta start them on the anti-acne stuff as early as possible right?

  33. Marni French

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It lasts forever, there is no annoying smell to it and I get the sense of a deep moisturizing without feeling oily. It is a hard combination of things to ever come by. And the best part is that my skin can feel soft and nice without the worry of acne breakouts. I give this to everyone as presents all the time!

  34. Linsey Anne

    I live in a very arid environment. My skin is always dry. Most products I have tried from the drug store make my break out and feel oily. Not this one! I was so shocked to finally find something I liked that didn’t feel like an oil slick on my face. Shocked enough to write this review which I never ever do.

    I have tried “gentle” moisturizers, the “oil free” ones but my skin never feels moisturized after that. Like I am putting on water but when it dries, my skin is dry again too.

    This moisturizes so well that I give it to everyone I know. I just ordered 5 for stocking stuffers!

  35. Melanie Neely

    Perfect product for my combination skin! It hydrates where I need it and does not clog pores. I use it every day over the Ninja SPF and at night on my neck and forehead…where I am not using the Secret Agent. I just wish I had a bigger bottle of this liquid gold!!

  36. Rob C

    My girlfriend got this for me to use on my back because the Cetaphil lotion I was using gave me a bunch of blackheads.

    I use their Salicylic Acid Wash in the shower and then use this moisturizer over their Salicylic Acid 2.

    Works great!

  37. Eva Englert

    For me it is essential that moisturizers dont feel like they are sitting on top of the skin. And for me, most do feel like that. I feel like I can actually FEEL the pimples starting to form. Not this one. Light just definitely moisturizing. A must in my arsenal.

  38. Shelly K

    I can’t say enough about all of the products from Ninja Skincare. They have kept my skin clear for the last 20 years. In particular, I have always loved this moisturizer. It is light, not greasy and has never made me break out, which says a lot. I always try to keep a couple of bottles in my house at all times, one packed in my travel bag etc. As they say, Don’t leave home without it!

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