Say Goodbye To Acne

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Say Goodbye To Acne

Save 10% when you bundle!


Look no further, we give you “The Goodbye Acne Bundle” Created for you, by skincare experts.

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Starter Kit – Oily Skin – with Benzoyl Peroxide

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Team up with Ninja’s Secret Agent Benzoyl Peroxide 10% and Revolutionary Facial Cleanser Extra Strength

For Oily skin and no sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide. A very basic skincare routine that provides the minimum treatment for fighting acne. We ask you to check in with us every 2 weeks with an update, as we may need to make changes to your daily regime to make your treatment stronger.

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Starter Kit for Oily Skin – Not Sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide

You won’t find a more effective treatment to thoroughly clean your oily skin and prevent future acne breakouts. Ninja Skincare’s Oily Skin Starter Kit replaces your current acne treatment and gives you proven results. Guaranteed.

Your Kit includes:

1. Revolutionary Cleanser Extra Strength

This acne cleanser is specially formulated without clogging oils or fragrance. Use it several times a day to reduce oil buildup and shine. Contains White Oak Bark – one of nature’s strongest natural astringents.


  • Non-irritating and non clogging ingredients
  • pH balanced for oily skin
  • Fragrance and paraben free
  • Contains White Oak Bark – a natural astringent

Size: 5.5 oz

2. Secret Agent Benzoyl Peroxide 10%

Suitable for all skin types not allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Secret Agent 10% is extremely effective at preventing future breakouts and clearing existing pimples. You will not find anything stronger on the market today. Explicit instructions will be included with this product. Avoid sun exposure when this product is on the skin.


  • Contains benzoyl peroxide – the strongest acne topical medication available
  • Treats existing acne blemishes and prevents future breakouts
  • Reduces marks from previous breakouts
  • Ideal for all skin types not allergic to benzoyl peroxide

Size: 3.5 oz

3. Abolishing Mask with Sulfur

Formulated specifically for acne-prone skin, this therapeutic 10% sulfur mask combines kaolin and Bentonite, the highest-quality natural earth clays, to decongest pores and remove impurities.


  • Reduces inflammation and fights bacteria
  • Non-irritating, paraben free and recommended for all acne prone skin types
  • Exfoliates dry, dull surface cells and decongests pores and absorbs excess oil
  • Highly recommended for first time clients to accelerate clearing process

Size: 2 oz

Unlike other online anti acne retailers, we strongly encourage you to check in with us every 2 weeks during the first 3 months of treatment. We often need to adjust your daily skincare routine for maximum results.

Ninja Skincare has been the anti acne industry leader since 1989. Over 96% of our clients return and report much clearer skin. Prepare to take charge of your breakouts and look forward to your clear skin future!

For best results, please contact us for your free consultation—we recommend pairing this starter kit with a sunscreen or a moisturizer.

Become an anti acne Ninja today!

22 reviews for Starter Kit – Oily Skin – with Benzoyl Peroxide

  1. Abby Fedal

    This kit has worked wonders on my teenager’s skin. I have noticed a big change since he started using it a month ago and can only imagine how well it would work if he actually used it daily, as they suggest. I am definitely hoping this will be the trick to clear his skin before he gets out of high school!

  2. tashag183

    I use to spend hundreds of dollars on treating my acne every month and I would still breakout. Recently came across Ninja, not sure how but very thankful I did. I am saving a lot and seeing far better results than other brands I have tried in the past. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks but happy so far.

  3. tashag183

    I use to spend hundreds of dollars on treating my acne, but not anymore! I am saving a lot and seeing far better results than other brands I have tried in the past. I am seriously shocked no one has ever even heard about this brand before. I am telling everyone I know.

  4. Charisse T

    I came across the ad for this product and I figured, why not? It’s affordable and it might help me with my issues. I noticed it beginning to work after the first 3-4 days and now, 2+ months into it and I am nearly entirely clear. About to start trying their anti-aging line too. Very excited to have found my “go to” product finally.

  5. tashag183

    I use to spend hundreds of dollars on treating my acne, but thanks to my friend’s recommendation, I am saving a lot and seeing far better results than other brands I have tried in the past. I don’t know why more people don’t know about this company but hope they stick around for a long time!

  6. Christie78

    This is the most reasonably priced skin care line I have tried. With long lasting results, highly recommend.

  7. Colin

    I’ve always had stubborn acne that products did little to nothing to. Until I found Ninja, it’s the only product out there that I’ve tried that actually made a difference at all for my skin but after three months of using it, I had little to no acne and now a year later same story. Couldn’t recommend this product enough. 5 stars.

  8. SunshineGirl

    For 12 year old major acne problem. Different things work for different skin. Had son try all kinds of things then realized they were ALL salicylic acid based. Acne forms for many reasons (oil, dirt, dead skin block the pores, bacteria grows). So maybe the salicylic acid mainly combats the blockage not the bacteria while the benzoyl peroxide also takes on the bacteria directly. Anyway we now use their salicylic wash and this as spot treatment and it is definitely looking better than the salicylic alone.

  9. Ruthie B.

    I have never seen such improvement on my tough skin in such a short period of time. Even Accutane, which is supposed to be the best at drying you up, didn’t touch what this medication did for me within a couple of weeks. I am a true believer in this stuff. Loving my skin for the first time in a decade!

  10. Donna

    Really loving everything about this kit. The process/routine is fairly straight forward, not too many complicated steps, which I have hated in some of the other routines I have tried to follow. I have to say that my favorite product thus far is the mask… I can almost feel it going to work when I have it on my face. My skin is drier than it has been before, which is a good thing for me with the most oily skin in the history of the world. My face is finally calming down, less blemishes than I can remember having for the last 10 years. So far so good. Will try to report back again in another month but for now, consider me a very satisfied customer!

  11. Anne Cohan

    I call this “my miracle”, my miracle find. Clear skin and my bank is not broke. A total miracle, right? I tell everyone I know about this find in the hopes that I can save someone the struggle that I went through.

  12. Jordan

    5 years of acne and every ointment, medicine everything you can think of. Nothing ever worked. My skin looked like hell and I felt like hell. I wore really heavy makeup everywhere. I look back at it, and at pictures from just a year ago and I just can’t believe it was that bad. In pictures, I look just totally ridiculous. My makeup is so caked on. Gross! Good news is that now I don’t even have to wear makeup which is something I still cannot believe. Yesterday I actually got a compliment on how beautiful my skin was. I owe it all to Ninja. I hope you stay in business forever!

  13. Rick Bayers

    I have tried a lot of products on my skin since I was a teenager and had pretty much given up hope that I could get clear skin. Until I found Ninja Skincare. This kit combined with one of their masks has me feeling the most confident in my skin and face than I have in years and years. I am a believer!

  14. Niki

    This product works on my boyfriend who has tried every product under the sun. He didn’t have any negative reactions on his skin but the product did bleach some of our towels so beware of that. I ended up buying white sheets and white bath towels. Extremely impressed with the customer service following up via emails.

  15. Erica Stevens

    This is a miracle worker. I had the worst acne ever and now my face is so clear! yes, in the beginning your face will get red and start to peel, which is why I recommend that when you first start it, follow their instructions carefully! I didn’t and got redder than I should have. They tell you to build up resistence over a period of a couple of days, first and hour, then two and gradually go up. But then the peeling goes away and you are left with beautiful bright skin! I definitely recommend it for everyone!

  16. Tim Ready

    Amazing… It Took Around A Month Untill I Saw Results But Wow Huge Improvement.. Use It Twice A Day, Morning And Night… You Really Must Start With Using Only A Small Amount For A Week Then You Need Increase The Amount And After A Month You Need To Be Using It Overnight!

    Love It

  17. Reese Klein

    Started this bout 4 months ago. My skin was clear before I even finished the first starter kit. Am now on my second (it lasts a long time) and a true believer. Anyone on the fence should definitely give it a shot.

  18. Kelly Renee

    This product combines all that is good in the world. First and most importantly, it works, which is steps and bounds ahead of most 99% other products out ther. Second, it isn;t too expensive. I tried Rodan and Fields and it was just so super expensive, it was painful to buy. Then on top of all that goodness, the people there are so nice and helpful. Like I said, all is good. And for once i don’t feel bad or jipped giving someone my money.

  19. Charlie B

    This gave me my confidence back. I am a pretty poor college student so my mom got it for me and I would say within 1-2 weeks, I could see a big difference. Now, my skin is almost back to normal. Lasts a long time too which is a double bonus.

  20. Marcy

    I was pretty hesitant when I first bought this product. First of all, I had never heard of it before and second of all, I was desperate. normally when I make desperate decisions instead of well-thought out ones, they backfire. I had read a couple of reviews on other sites about Ninja Skincare then I found it on this site. I thought, worst case, it doesn’t work and I am out $35. Lord knows I have spent MUCH more than that over the years on acne products. The first thing that happened was unlike anything else I have ever experienced – someone from the company actually reached out via email and asked if they could call me to verify that what I had ordered was right for my skin. I thought it was a joke or something. I said ok – they called and after chatting for a minute, I knew it was legit. They actually determined that the starter package I had originally purchased would not be the right one for my skin and suggested this one. I got it, followed their instructions and within… I don’t know… 5 days, I could tell that this stuff was some of the most powerful product I had ever used. My existing breakout got smaller, less inflamed and over the course of the next 2 months, with consistent check ins with the company, my breakouts ceased altogether. I am now a total believer in Ninja products!

  21. Charles Barnes

    I started with these 2 products individually about 10 years ago before they came as a nifty kit. The kit is slightly less expensive than buying individually and you only have to add one thing to your cart. I have never strayed from these 2 products and I am happy to say that my skin is clear clear clear. No one believes me when I tell them I used to have horrific acne. I have my son and my daughter on variations of the kit (their skin is not as oily as mine) and the entire product line is extremely reliable.

  22. matt

    I was unable to find a good cleanser to clean my face before applying my benzoyl peroxide treatment until I tried the extra strength cleanser in this starter kit. Now I order this kit every 3 months or so instead of buying them individually.

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Ninja Skincare’s easy Acne Starter Kits prevent breakouts!

We offer 6 different Acne Starter Kits to give you the best option to match our products to your skin type. Not all skin types can tolerate benzoyl peroxide so we offer an alternative topical medication which contains sulfur and resorcinol.

Three of our Acne Starter Kits include benzoyl peroxide and three are for skin types with sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide. Pick one of our Acne Starter Kits below based on the amount of oil your skin produces and its tolerance to benzoyl peroxide and start successfully fighting your breakouts.

The Ninja Skincare difference:

    • Anti acne industry leader since 1989 means our products are proven and effective
    • Cleared thousands of men, women and children worldwide
    • Over 96% client return rate
    • Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
    • Small batch product production with no clogging oils added as preservatives
    • Personalized attention and service unlike *other* anti acne product companies
    • Free individual consultation from a licensed esthetician

We are here to help you achieve better looking and smoother skin. You have nothing to lose except your breakouts, guaranteed.


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