I’m post-menopausal and still breaking out!

November 13, 2019

You are over 50. And you have a pimple. Maybe 2. Maybe more. And here you thought acne was only for teenagers. Or maybe you HOPED acne was only for teenagers. So WHY, in your 50’s, are you still breaking out. WHY? Turns out, acne is caused by the same things no matter how old […]

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Eye cream – why you should be wearing it

October 18, 2019

Why using an eye cream is important: A good eye cream/gel is one of the most essential products in your beauty arsenal. The skin around the eyes is 40% thinner, loses moisture 50% faster, and is also the least elastic skin of your face. Because of its fragility, the skin around your eyes shows fatigue, […]

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Aging Skin and What You Can Do About It

July 30, 2019

Aging: How Do You Stop or Reverse the Signs of Aging? “How can I get rid of my wrinkles?” The truth is, not much! Sorry, we know other companies have told you otherwise in their fancy commercials and pseudoscience graphics, but that’s all in the name of selling their products. It is not possible to […]

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Best Active Ingredients to Fight Acne – Benzoyl Peroxide

May 7, 2019

Best Active Ingredients to fight Acne:  Benzoyl peroxide We did a blog post on Benzoyl Peroxide about 3 years ago but thought it might be time for a quick refresher! Benzoyl Peroxide is… in many personal and professional opinions, an incredibly effective anti acne topical medication. In fact, it is on the World Health Organization’s List […]

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