Preteen Acne – How to get your preteen’s skin clear

September 11, 2020

Being a pre teen is a trying time   Relationships are becoming more complex Hormones are starting to affect your mood  School is getting more intense  More responsibility doesn’t necessarily equate with your freedom, as if you were an adult  And…your skin is starting to break out The teen and preteen years are difficult navigation […]

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Shaving and Acne

August 12, 2020

We often get questions about shaving and acne. Is it ok to shave if you have an active acne breakout? Does shaving CAUSE acne breakouts?  If you need to shave and have acne, are there any tips and tricks to avoid exacerbating the breakout? These are all very valid questions and ones that require a […]

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Makeup and Acne

July 24, 2020

Should people with acne wear makeup? Makeup is often one of the key products for people suffering from acne. Why? Well, for anyone who has had a pesky pimple or two, the answer should be clear. With active breakouts, most people want to tone down the redness or scarring by covering up with some makeup. […]

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Best Active Ingredients to Fight Acne: Focusing today on Glycolic Acid

July 10, 2020

Glycolic Acid – How it works and why. We have now explored the benefits of using benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur products on your skin to treat and prevent acne breakouts. We have one more active ingredient that is also a proven anti-acne fighter, Glycolic Acid!Both Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid, when used alone, […]

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