Does your skin get worse before it gets better?

August 15, 2017

A frequent question: Does acne get worse before it gets better? A recent text from a client was cool enough that we thought we would make it a blog post! Hi! I was talking to some friends about skin care and they brought up the whole belief that skins gets worse before it gets better. […]

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The Importance of Masking

July 27, 2017

Why masking is important when combating acne During a free consultation with a potential client, we typically recommend the following 4 products (makeup too if it’s needed): A cleanser A medication A moisturizer A mask For best clearing results, we highly recommend using Ninja products exclusively. This is because other skincare products regularly¬†contain clogging oils […]

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The most effective acne product

May 23, 2017

Why is Ninja the most effective acne product available? Happy clients have asked us why our products are so much more effective than anything they’ve tried in the past to clear up their skin. After a couple of weeks on Ninja products and seeing positive changes, people’s reactions are often similar. “Why aren’t you more […]

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Sugar and Acne

April 27, 2017

How does eating sugar affect acne? Easter was yesterday. ¬†And around here, we are still recovering from the lingering effects of the extreme sugar overload that we all experienced. For some of us here at Ninja, those effects were primarily the result of our kids consuming an obscene amount of refined sugar and chocolate from […]

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