How to Use Your Ninja Skincare Products

Because our topical acne products are made with the fewest number of ingredients, they are extremely effective and potentially very strong. When using our topical acne products, we do not want your skin to get red, irritated or overly dry and chapped. Those are negative side effects and will not only slow down your clearing process but also will ultimately cause new pimples to form for the future. Therefore, we have a proven routine for starting your Ninja Skincare acne products to allow your skin to gradually become accustomed to the topical medications.

For best results, it’s important you are consistent with your daily skincare routine. It takes up to 4 months for a pimple to form, so it will take some time to get your skin under control. Skipping days and nights will result in decreased results.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (925) 933-8425. We are here to help you get clear skin once and for all!

We encourage you to click on the links below and print out the directions.