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Out of this world customer service
Out of this world customer service
6 Month Money Back Guarantee
6 Month Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders over $65
Free Shipping on Orders over $65
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International Delivery


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Watch their videos or read success stories and testimonials below to hear about the lives Ninja Skincare has changed! Our success has been driven by your acne improvement.

Alex P. from Bismarck, ND

Alex P. has tried everything under the sun to combat her painful, cystic acne. Prescriptions, over the counter, Proactiv, R&F.... and nothing worked until she tried Ninja Skincare. Check out what she has to say!...

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Alex P. from Bismarck, ND


Charlotte O. from San Diego CA

I’ve been using Ninja Skincare for 10+ years. My mom, who has been battling clinical acne her whole life actually started me on these products when I hit puberty. As my skin type changes, Pamela & her team are always just an email away to help me ada...

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Charlotte O. from San Diego CA


Loissa O. from Pototan, Philippines

My life has turned around. I don't need to hide anything under thick layers of foundation anymore. I also received compliments on my skin. Everybody was wondering what kind of miracle product I stumbled upon! And I can praise Ninja Skincare the whole...

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Loissa O. from Pototan, Philippines

Ninja Skincare has fixed what (literally) thousands of products couldn’t. Acne has made me suffer since I was in my late teens, and at 30, I have clear skin, FINALLY, thanks to Ninja. 

I had tried all the acne products in the market: from popular skincare brands, prescribed meds (by several dermatologists in my home country!), pearl powder, fruits & veggies facial (which felt awesome but sadly didn’t clear my face even if I religiously applied them for months) and even the SUPER EXPENSIVE AND PAINFUL AGNES Treatment. If you don’t know AGNES, it’s a device that allows Selective Sebaceous Gland Destruction. And if you’ve tried it yourself, you’d understand how desperate must I be to get rid of acne if I had resorted to this pricey, tormenting treatment. (Did I mention I have a very LOW pain tolerance?)

Many of these products worked for a few weeks, then the acne would be back–with a vengeance. I got depressed, and my self-confidence was at its lowest point. I always told everyone that if I sum up all the money I’ve spent on achieving clear skin, I could buy a submarine. 

I explored Asia looking for the answer to my skin problems until a Google search led me to Ninja Skincare. What makes Ninja Skincare different from everything I had tried in the past is the expert consultation that I was provided before anything else. The products claim to get to the root cause of the problem, and it’s true. It takes discipline to apply each product as instructed, but you won’t believe the results! It also helps that Pamela has been with me every step of the way. 

My life has turned around. I don’t need to hide anything under thick layers of foundation anymore. I also received compliments on my skin. Everybody was wondering what kind of miracle product I stumbled upon! And I can praise Ninja Skincare the whole day. Pam, I can’t thank you enough. I feel beautiful and confident in my own skin now, and before I found your products online, I didn’t imagine I’d ever get to this point. You and the Ninja Skincare products are a blessing! 



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Why we are different

Small batch retailer means no oils and fillers
No oils and fillers result in a more effective set of active ingredients, stronger than most other products
Personalized customer care - talk to your own esthetician any time you have a question
Free consultations to start and free bi-monthly check ins to keep you on track
6 month money back guarantee!

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About Ninja Skincare

Ninja Skincare provides the best acne product on the market today. Successfully treating acne since 1989, Ninja Skincare has thousands of clear-skinned clients with every imaginable skin type. Because we are a boutique acne treatment center, our focus is on YOU, something the large acne product retailers can’t offer. We focus on each individual clients’ needs, because we know when it comes to the best acne treatment, the solution is never a one size fits all approach.

Everyone deserves nice looking skin that is free from out-of-control breakouts. Finding the right anti-acne treatment plan, that is formulated just for YOU, is frustrating with so many options and promises. It’s tough not to give up hope. Don’t! At Ninja Skincare, we hear you loud and clear and we’re here to help you with proven results and loads of happy, clear-skinned clients. It’s time to dispel the myth that you’ll never have clear skin.

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