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Special Agent Salicylic Acid  3

(20 customer reviews)

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Special Agent – Salicylic Acid 3 is only intended for clients who have used Special Agent Salicylic Acid 2 on their faces and back/body acne. This paraben free and lightweight acne medication effectively treats existing whiteheads, blackheads, and other acne-related blemishes, while preventing future breakouts. Salicylic acid is a proven acne-fighting ingredient that exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and helps to reduce marks from previous blemishes. Suitable for all skin types.

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NOTE: If this is your first time ordering from Ninja Skincare, start with Salicylic Acid 1 for your face and Salicylic Acid 2 for your back/body acne to avoid irritation and redness to your skin.  Your order will be reviewed before processing and we may contact you to ensure you are ordering the best products for your skin type.


  • Treats existing acne blemishes and prevents future breakouts
  • Reduces marks from previous breakouts
  • Paraben free and ideal for all skin types
  • Recommended as a next step after using Salicylic Acid 2

Size: 4 oz

20 reviews for Special Agent Salicylic Acid  3

  1. GH676

    not drying like other salicylic acids i’ve used, and applies very nicely. lasts a long time, and the price is very affordable in my opinion! the #s 1 n 2 werent strong enough but this one seems to be

  2. Kat The Truthseeker

    So you know how you get those painful under-the skin red bumps that are kind of warm and you’re like, “yup, that’s going to be a giant pimple when it erupts” or just those normal small red bout-to be tiny zits? The little buggers around your hairline? Ok, that’s when you pull out This MAGIC stuff, especially for the giant under-the-skin super painful pimples. As soon as you feel one, dip a cotton swab straight down into the bottle, and then dab your problem areas. Do it at night. Sleep like that.

    Seriously, it’s stopped most of volcanic pimples from erupting. My hormonal acne is so much better. But it is different from most spot treatments in that you don’t wait until there’s a breakout, which I like.

  3. amazing.jetta

    Because of the excellent results I got from their Salicylic Acid 1 and 2, I decided to try this one out and as expected, it was amazing! Effective and immediate results. Hoping I don’t ever need anything stronger since this is the top level!

  4. stephholmes84

    Everything in their line of Special Agents has been nothing but amazing! My sister and I have had problems with acne since we were teens but these have been great and effective on our skin. Their products are now a huge part of our routines.

  5. Chiu

    I LOVE this stuff. It dries up pimples and even cystic acne in just a couple nights! My bf has started using it, and was amazed at how much smaller, less inflamed and less red his was, even though it looked massive the day before! I use this as a spot treatment when i feel one coming in and it literally disappears within 1-2 days. It smells a bit chemically when applying it but once it dries the smell goes away so it’s not a deal breaker at all especially for how well it works! I have pkt acne prone skin and my bf has sensitive combination skin so it works for all skin types

  6. Dee Dee Hargrove

    I have pretty oily skin when I’m not wearing makeup. So I often get little breakouts. This has worked so well on those little spots. It dries them up so quickly. You only need a little bit for it to be effective!

  7. ChuQue

    I’ve used literally everything I could get my hands on. I was so scared at first because I’ve never put acid directly on my face but after reading reviews on the site, I finally decided to purchase this product. I read up prior that this could cause purging (increased skin cell growth, raising impurities to the surface), so I wasn’t surprised when I got a few pimples when I started using it. I already had an acne botched, rough textured skin anyway so a few pimples wasn’t making me go crazy. At first I started doing this once, every other day. When I saw that I wasn’t having any crazy reaction I increased my usage to once a day, and now twice a day. My skin is so freaking smooth, and clearer, I literally cry out of joy every morning when I apply this because my skin is so much noticeably better. This is a holy grail product! I think this product is best for dry, rough textured acne prone skin. If you use it correctly, you will literally get slow but amazing results! I’ve been using it for about a month now. My skin is so FREAKING SOFT I recommend this product till I die.

  8. PinkLady82

    I have very oily skin and I tend to get pimples alot. This stuff is magical! I noticed results two days after. My skin has gotten very clear and I have finally found something that works for my acne. I’ve tried a bijillion things and I’m happy to find that this stuff works! I also reccomend using the Abolishing Mask they have here. I use it 3-4 times a week like they told me to and I think the duo is what really made my skin clear! I use both morning and night, first mask then the acid. Now i have clear skin. woo-hoo!

  9. thatssomeguy60

    OK, people. I’m a 60 year old guy, and this product really helps clear up the blackheads and large pores on my nose that I’ve lived with most of my life. I experienced a lot of peeling when I first used it, so I stopped. Then I gave it another try. After several weeks, the peeling problem seemed to resolve itself. I guess that I had a lot of old dead skin layers to remove.

    It works best when I apply it every day…and twice a day, both morning and night. Pores are much smaller, and most of the clogs are eliminated. My skin still flakes a tiny bit, but it’s a small trade-off.

    Finally, the price seems high at first, but you need only a tiny amount for each use, so one container lasts literally for months. Well worth the money. Advice: don’t use a cotton swab to apply. Pam told me to pour a little in my hand and just dab it around my face and that makes the product last a LOT longer.

  10. shinygalFriday

    I have tried them all, the 3 salicylics they sell here and love them all. Recently just sent my sister one for the blackheads on her nose. I am on #3 now but have loved each level and seen radical differences on my skin tone and clarity with each one. #3 is treating me right and I am holding strong and clear for about 6 months now!

  11. uniqueness

    I am absolutely in love with this product! I have random spurts of hormonal acne that won’t go away no matter what I do, that was, before I used this! I have basically used everything under the sun, including topical prescriptions from my dermatologist, when that seemed to stop working, I did my own research and I came across Ninja. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle, within a couple days my skin began clearing up! It is not too harsh on my skin, I use it as a part of my nightly routine and put it under my Benzoyl med (also from NS). If you are debating on getting this, do yourself a favor and just buy it.

  12. Cynthia Gerrard

    First off this bottle lasts forever. One trick I learned was to not use a cotton ball or it goes a lot faster. Just put a small amount in the palm of your hand and it will spread over your entire face pretty easily. I have always loved their salicylic products… I have now used all 3 plus their wash. My skin looks even younger than it did 5 years ago and best of all, it is clear of zits!

  13. Mel Baker

    I started on 1 then went to 2 and now am on 3. Every step has shown a big improvement on my skin over the previous one and I can now say that my skin is the best it has been in nearly 15 years. I really love the product too because it isn’t heavy, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a bunch of stuff on your skin. I really hate it when it feels like that. And it works! Win win!

  14. Meg Karrey

    At first I started with the Sal 1 and Sal 2 but after I had my last baby, what worked before wasn’t working any more. Don’t know what happened to my skin but I guess all those crazy hormones got the best of me! Moved up to Sal 3 on Ninja’s recommendation and it seriously worked amazing. I doubled up on it, twice a day – once in the am after a wash and then another time at night. Incredible results. Seriously very happy.

  15. Rylan

    This stuff is great. It’s the perfect consistency, almost like water. I’m a young African American male and from time to time i suffer from breakouts sure to ingrown hairs from shaving and hyperpigmentation as well. This has cleared my skin up completely! I can’t stop taking selfies and touching my face (back of the hand of course!). This is my routine, I say my face with raw African black soap, apply the salicylic, then I moisturize with their amazing moisturizer! There’s a bit more but i can’t tell all my secrets lol! This is one of my must haves when it come to skin care. It’s so important to me that anyone at this company can tell me what is in the product and what it will do to my skin – with all the chemicals in cosmetics, it’s risky trying “top” brands ‘coz they can’t tell you what they will all do to your skin! For ingrown hairs, smooth skin, even out hyperpigmentation, and shrink your pores…. BUY THIS STUFF ASAP! I am one deadicatd customer. 🙂

  16. Lilly Potts

    I have gone through the entire gambit of their saliclyic products. Initially, it was just because I am so active and have to wear a helmet in most of my outdoor adventures. I found that where my helmet was, I produced small whiteheads that I couldn’t get rid of. So at first, the saliciclic 1 worked great for that. But then as I got older, I experienced acne that was moving down to my T Zone, seemed more hormonal in nature. So I progressed to Sal 2 and finally now to sal 3 and I am clear! I am very dedicated about its use. It is so easy to use! And the bottle lasts a while. I find that I only have to order a couple of times per year. So a product that works and doesn’t break the bank – awesome in my book!

  17. Kary McMullen

    I no longer have acne breakouts very frequently (THANK YOU NINJA!) but when I feel something coming on, I will put this on every night for a week or so and the breakout is extremely minor. I like it that it is easy to put on, a light moisturizer and doesn’t stain my clothes or sheet.

  18. jim Bocks

    I have used salicylic in the past with moderate results. When I started with Ninja, I explained my past products I had used and their effectiveness. They suggested I first start with #1 then progress. With each progression, I noticed a considerable change in my skin. Now I am using #3 and am incredibly impressed with the product and my skin. I feel like I finally look healthy and I know I am finally happy.

  19. Jose Manuel

    I start on Sal 1 for my back problems then move to Sal 2 and finally at strongest percentage my back is clear. I also use cleanser with saliclyic acid. the combination makes my skin very clear. and I am very happy.

  20. Deborah

    Since growing out my hair I’ve started breaking out again. Because I have to wear nice work clothes, I can’t use anything with benzoyl peroxide in it because it totally ruins my shirts, so I thought I’d try the strongest salicylic acid product I could get and this definitely has helped my back immensely. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I go through it relatively quickly because I use it twice a day. But hey, if twice a day keeps my back clear, then I’m really ok with it. Highly recommend this product!

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