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Special Agent 1 Salicylic Acid Medication for Acne

(28 customer reviews)

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Special Agent Salicylic Acid 1 is a lightweight acne medication that effectively treats existing whiteheads, blackheads, and other acne-related blemishes, while preventing future breakouts. Salicylic acid is a proven acne-fighting ingredient that exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and helps to reduce marks from previous blemishes. Suitable for all skin types.

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NOTE: If this is your first time ordering Salicylic Acid Medication for Acne  from Ninja Skincare, start with Salicylic Acid 1 (this product) for your face and Specail Agent 2 With Salicylic Acid  for your back/body acne to avoid irritation and redness to your skin.  Your order will be reviewed before processing and we may contact you to ensure you are ordering the best products for your skin type.


  • Treats existing acne blemishes and prevents future breakouts
  • Reduces marks from previous breakouts
  • Paraben free and ideal for all skin types
  • Strongly recommend starting with Salicylic Acid 1 for first time orders

Size: 4 oz

28 reviews for Special Agent 1 Salicylic Acid Medication for Acne

  1. Gailia

    I pair this with the ninja skincare vit c serum and my skin has never looked more even, smooth, or plump. My texture has decreased significantly. It works best when I use it at morning and night.

  2. Geofry Kintz

    I had thick, scaly skin around my nose and jawline and this product, along with the discolouration serum, cleared it right up. I’m so impressed. I’m 50 and have tried a ton of different products. I’ve never had results like this. Can’t recommend these products enough!!!

  3. Kit Nathans

    Pamela has told me for years that I should consider using Salicylic Acid as I am getting older and I have just held off for so long. Started finally using it about 4 months ago and I am kicking myself I didn’t start sooner. I definitely can notice smoother skin and the black heads around my nose have pretty much disappeared. I am 35 now but wish I had started using it in my 20’s.

  4. Jenny Burke

    15+ years ago, Pamela told me that Salicylic was great not only for acne but for aging skin. I have kept that tidbit of info tucked away and now, even though I don’t have acne breakouts anymore, I use this every day and get compliments daily on how good my skin looks. 45 years old and no wrinkles in sight.

  5. deanna41

    I’ve always had problems with products with salicylic acid because of my sensitive skin but this one has been mild enough for me but super effective. Definitely adding this to my routine! Bonus they told me that it is good for aging skin. 2 birds one stone. Love it.

  6. Paulie

    I never used anything like this before so it was very new to me but I have to say it worked out great! I applied it to areas I have issues with and it really got rid of my blemishes, redness and now my skin feels a little bit smoother which I’m very happy about since I always stuggle with getting rid of them. it’s a really good product that I plan to continue using it.

  7. Kelly Rae

    It clears my acne and make my skin smooth.
    I tried hundred of acne treatments over the years and this is my favorite.

  8. StefAni

    This stuff is AMAZING. I’ve struggled for years with mild acne. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have the worst of the worst, but anyone with zits can tell you that even a few ruin a good day. I’m now 30 with skin that is more combination than oily, so I use this once daily during my nighttime routine and it’s made a drastic difference in my skin. Other products containing salicylic acid have been too harsh on my skin, causing me to over-exfoliate and breakout more. This is gentle but potent. I’m on my “monthly” right now and I usually get a flare up of breakouts but I’m happy to announce that I have ZERO blemishes! I ordered 3 bottles because I never want to run out of this product. Dedicate yourself to this and you’ll see results.

  9. BrideME

    I was wary of purchasing this line because I thought the prices for the individual products were a bit steep, but now I know why – because they WORK. Rather than throwing money away on useless products, I was so happy that after one – just ONE use of the extra strength cleanser with the salicylic acid my face looked and felt dramatically different! I’m getting married in October and I’m so happy I found a product that can take my bride-to-be breakouts away!

  10. Yazala

    I absolutely love this ! I was kind of skeptical at first but seeing all the reviews I had to try it. I will say my face isn’t all that sensitive but for my cheeks.I have to be extremely careful what I put on my cheeks or they will get fried..With that being said , I was in the bathroom standing by the sink , just in case I had to immediately rinse the product off.I started with my forehead to kind of get the feeling and then nothing really happened so i tried it all over.There is a slight tingly sensation , almost refreshing.There was no burning what-so-ever and the smell isnt bad either , almost none at all.I am very very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone , sensitive skin or not! I give this product 5 stars and an a+ I will def. be buying this again.

  11. Paul Manford

    This really does make a difference. I don’t break out much, but have large pores that just always seem to be staring at me. I don’t have black heads but on my nose and chin I get little white things you can see close up. My pores are finally looking smaller. I started using the salicylic liquid twice a day only 1 month ago because I had always thought that glycolic is the choice for dry skin. Wrong! Salicylic is what finally balanced my skin and I’m noticing a huge difference in the pore size through my t-zone area. I think this particular product is great as part of a good skin care routine if you have stubborn pores. My skin is still on the dry side but not as much as it was.

    I always take before pictures if I’m starting to use any sort of targeted treatment. I think it’s a good idea because then you can compare and see progress. I’ve been using this on my chin, nose, and forehead and spread a little through the part of my cheeks closest to my nose. I have had zero dryness or sensitivity.

    I also had a major breakout bump and I dabbed this on at night and it is much less noticeable overnight. it usually takes a full 2 days to stop being tender.

  12. 4kids plus acne

    I have always had clear skin but I recently switched birth control which caused me to break out. Its been about 8 months but the last 3 months have been terrible. I had cluster spots but I started using this and its great!!! I dab it on my spot area overnight wait for it to dry and then do another full layer all over my face. My skin has cleared immensely every since. Highly recommend x

  13. ACNE_SUX

    Now that I am on both benzoyl and salicylic I have to say, I can’t wait until I am clear enough that Pamela deems me worthy of cutting it out altogehter and me relying on Salicylic alone. It is so much easier to use and best of all no staining! But until that happens, I am happy with the combination since my skin is clear!

  14. Gia98

    Everyone before has already said what I would say too. Super easy to use and great results. And great price. I couldn’t like it more. I will use it until I am old and grey.

  15. RickiLuvs

    My favorite acne treatment I have ever had far and away. It seriously lasts forever and I just feel clean every time I use it. I now wear it in the night and during the day, which I love that I can do. My white heads and blackheads on my nose that I have battled since I was a teen have pretty much disappeared completely ever since I started using it.

  16. Alice

    I have used Salicylic products for years and have always liked them because they never seem as heavy as other anti-acne products but I have to be honest, I haven’t always seen a ton of results. I guess I just always felt like as long as I was using something, I was at least trying and that made me feel better about myself!

    I started using this recently, maybe a month ago? I definitely saw nearly immediate results and they were not joking when they said that their products are stronger than most other products. I didn’t flake using this, but I did see my blackheads, mainly in my nose, disappear within maybe a week of using it religiously. Now after 5-6 weeks or so, I have no blackheads on my face at all. I still am getting some cysts which stinks but after reading more, I now understand that I have to be a little more hard core than salicylic on cysts, so I am now adding some benzoyl into my routine. based on the effectiveness I have seen with this product, I am sure the benzoyl will be a miracle product too!

  17. Elizabeth Larkin

    I love this product because it doesn’t feel like you are putting on medication. It feels like you are putting on water! But there is a slight moisturizing element to this… not sure if someone else on here has mentioned that? Anyways, I use it every night before I go to bed. if I am feeling really dry, I will add a light layer of their moisturizer and boom! No more pimples and I feel great!

  18. Michael

    If you have enlarged pores and blackheads especially on the nose and t zone, this is what you NEED. Remember to wear sunscreen after this 🙂 BTW after a few months of peeling about every 5 days I think it had a permanent effect on my pore size 🙂 (smaller)

  19. Danna Fields

    I was nervous that this would be drying and/or irritating since I tend to have sensitive skin. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the product smoothed out facial imperfections with no irritation or drying. I dispense a drops of the fluid into the palm of my hand and then pat this over small blackheads and/or under-the-skin blemishs. I also dab it over rough patches of skin. I can use it 1-2 times a day and have had zero irritation. It has worked so well with so little irritation, I am actually moving to #2 my next purchase to see if I can “push” my skin to the next level, as Pamela always tells me to do!

  20. Renee Dubois

    I just wrote a review for salicilic 2 – it was the stuff that finally got me clear. This was great and it worked but didn’t clear me entirely. I would recommend it for people with mild acne, from my experience.

  21. Maria

    I never though a product could prevent the fact of getting pimples, but once I started using NINJA, my face changed a lot, but the important thing i noticed about this product is that I have to use it everyday, otherwise i can keep getting those pimples that can really ruin my face.

    I’m really happy to have found this product!
    Thank you NINJA!

  22. Marni French

    I used to use this product back in the day and now my 16 year old son uses it. I never had a problem with it, it worked great and seemed to last an incredibly long time. That said now that my son, who has whiskers all over his face and is somewhat careless, having a product that has the consistency of water is dangerous. He has spilled it numerous times. I don’t fault the product, it still works great and we will continue to use it. But I am frustrated by how much he has spilled. I have yelled at him enough now that I think he is being more careful but you do have to keep that in mind. But the resulst are fantastic.

  23. Tori White

    I wear this about every other night. It goes on extremely easily feels lightweight and is pretty inexpensive. I noticed my skin clearing within a matter of days. My only concern with this particular product, even though I love the results, is the packaging is concerning to me. The product looks and feels like water and if you happen to knock over the bottle, you could stand to lose a lot of product. I always think about this when my toddler is around so I try to make sure that I close the top asap after using and put it away. I would hate to lose the product down the drain!

  24. natalia

    Hace unos meses me salieron unas grandes y feas espinillas en mi menton, no sabia que hacer, ni que usar puesto que nunca he creido en productos para el acne o para la limpieza, me siento muy feliz de haber encontrado este producto para mi problema porque despues de 1 mes no tengo nada y mi cara esta totalmente limpia y saludable. Nunca habia estado tan feliz de usar un producto. Gracias NINJA!

  25. Liza Walker

    When I turned 40, I went from having no acne since I was 16 to full blown bad skin. It was embarrassing. At first I tried to pretend it was going away but after about 2 months, I was sick of it. That’s when I called my daughter’s company – Ninja – to see what they thought about adult acne. They suggested I give this a try. I have to admit, it is difficult for me to stick to the plan that they gave me – wash face nightly + application of the salicylic – but I have noticed that when I am dedicated, my skin is remarkable. But when I lapse, go out too much and dont do it at night, I flare up again. Knowing this, I try to be as dedicated as I can be. As I type this, my skin as crystal clear and I am loving it.

  26. Tara Stone

    I decided to go with this product over benzoyl because I know that even though I am not “sensitive” to benzoyl in the normal sense, it will make my skin crawl and tighten up, which is a sensation I don’t like. This is the perfect solution. I apply it twice daily, in the morning under my sunscreen and then at night before I go to bed and the change in my skin is amazing. people actually comment on how youthful I look which is not only flattering but shocking coming from where I can from with acne.

  27. Jaime P

    My son recently started breaking out so young. I don’t remember having acne so young and I was really concerned about most anti-acne products being too harsh for his baby skin. I called up Pamela right away, since I have been using Ninja products for the last 25 years. I knew she would know the best route. She recommended this to me as well as the mild cleanser and that was it. She explained that it is the most gentle medication they have and it should start the process off nicely. It is great because it doesnt stain the sheets like BPO and is really easy for him to apply – it doesn’t feel like he is wearing medication at all. And his skin is clearing up! I knew Ninja would save the day!

  28. Brad K

    I would probably give this a 5 star rating if I took into account how much I like this company and its customer service. It worked better for me than any product ever had before which is definitely saying something. But ultimately it just wasnt strong enough for me, I have come to realize. I moved onto their benzoyl product and that did the trick but this is definitely a great first step for anyone who is looking to get rid of their acne.

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