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Abolishing 10% Sulfur Mask for Acne 2oz

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Formulated specifically for acne-prone skin, this therapeutic 10% sulfur mask combines kaolin and Bentonite, the highest-quality natural earth clays, to decongest pores and remove impurities.

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Sulphur Mask is formulated specifically for acne-prone skin, this therapeutic 10% sulfur mask combines kaolin and Bentonite, the highest-quality natural earth clays, to decongest pores and remove impurities.


  • Reduces inflammation and fights bacteria
  • Non-irritating, paraben free and recommended for all acne prone skin types
  • Exfoliates dry, dull surface cells and decongests pores and absorbs excess oil
  • Highly recommended for first time clients to accelerate clearing process

Size: 2 oz

40 reviews for Abolishing 10% Sulfur Mask for Acne 2oz

  1. LeahH_88

    This has become my new holy grail body product!! I have super sensitive combination skin and my body is prone to breakouts. This product calms my active body breakouts without drying out my skin, and also seems to be preventative. My skin looks far better since using it.

  2. Smithy_89

    This mask is great because it can stop certain pimples from fully forming and when you remove it, your face isn’t all red and irritated, it truly calms and evens skin tone. It’s actually not that bad of a smell for a sulfur mask.

  3. Parker11

    I bought this mask for my son and didn’t really have high hopes that he would actually use it long enough to see a difference (he is 14). But to my surprise he did use it about two times a week and that, in conjunction with him actually washing his face daily(!!) and using the medication that Pam recommended, his skin has cleared up so nicely, in about 3 months. He likes the mask for a spot treatment which is a nice double use option.

  4. Kindra_Eyes56

    I love this mask as a weekly treatment. It has helped my texture so much! After use my skin feels very soft and my tiny bumps are nowhere to be seen. As an esthetician I have recommended this product to several clients who have stubborn texture issues or acne that does not respond to typical acne treatments.

  5. Lowell_56

    Like so many before have stated, this is a great mask. I have used it for years on the odd occasion that I actually have a pimple. When that happens, I use it as a spot treatment over night and 99% of the time, it is gone by morning. I always make sure i have this mask in my cupboard for an emergency!

  6. Jamie Kline

    Pretty sure I will use this product forever. Even if my acne goes away (which I have great hopes for with Ninja!) I will keep some on hand for a random pimple and definitely will get my 9 yr old daughter on it once her skin starts breaking out. Great find! I am thrilled to have come across this company!

  7. Teresa89

    I have never tried any mask before for my acne so I dont have anything to compare it to but so far I am really loving this one. I try to use it 2-3 times a week and even have had my 12 year old daughter do it with me once a week or so. Never too young to start with skincare!

  8. Robert Caviness

    There’s not a ton more to say than what everyone has already said. Best acne product I have ever tried, hands down.

  9. Ali Chacon

    I have been using this product for a few years now and this is my go-to mask for spot treatment. I put it on after I cleanse my face at night, sleep with it, and wash it off during my morning shower. It clears up any blemishes that appeared the night before. I have repurchased so many times, I can’t keep count! I will continue to buy this forever 🙂

  10. moogiedlr

    I absolutely love this mask. I have been using it for more than 20 years and every time I do, it feels like I just left the spa.

  11. linny55

    I was going to return this bc I was originally looking for a 2x week mask mask and they told me to wear it 3-5 times a week. Leave on 15 min. wash off. This is a different kind of mask. Anyways a big under the skin pimple formed, and I thought WTH. Give this a try. Immediate results. Practically overnight.

    I’m older and have developed adult acne on my chin. Tried other product that has worked but dried out my lips. I kept using that product bc it worked but this one – no dry lips. Definitely worked for me. A little goes a long way. Also, not a pretty smell but it goes away fast and really small inconvenience for have clear skin at 50.

  12. Babykins

    I love love love Ninja! I just started it and I can already see results! The first time I used it, I was so impressed with how soft my skin felt and how great it looked! The customer service is also super amazing! Thank you, Pam!

  13. Crysalis

    Started this about a month ago and I was not sure at first but I went ahead and gave it a try. Ever since using this stuff loved it!! I am so glad I am using this stuff I would highly recommend Ninja to anyone looking for getting rid of acne this is the way to go!!

  14. ninja lifer

    I’m really loving this product. I used to use the ProActiv 6% sulfur mask; I’d put it on at night and hope the zits were gone in the morning. I actually like this one better. It’s 10% sulfur and i can really tell the difference in the percentages. But mostly, I love how it makes those little not-quite-there-yet-but-coming blemishes dry out and go away instead of drawing them to a big red, ugly head… which, for me, often then turn into a scab/scar I’ve got to use scar treatment on for the next few months.

    It doesn’t look like it when you first take the mask off, but come morning… the blemishes are gone. Love it.

  15. Martina Leechman

    I have tried many, many different acne products, spent hundreds of dollars and this is by far the BEST product I have ever used. I would highly recommend it. I am 45 years old and could not go without foundation due to my acne, not now! It’s crazy cheap, easy to use and it works, not much more you could ask for!

  16. Taylor

    I’m convinced this stuff is MAGIC. It’s my favorite product from Ninja and I use it probably 4-5 times a week and I have never loved my skin as much as I do now. I can’t speak highly enough of this acts fast and leaves my skin feeling so cleanses without irritating it or making my skin feel super tight. Ninja has saved my skin.

  17. RyderHo

    This product came with my initial order and I wasn’t sure I would actually use it, not much of a mask user. But after I first gave it a try, I was hooked. Saw immediate results. My active breakout disappeared nearly overnight. I have to admit I don’t make the time to use it as often as I should but now I do use it as a spot treatment here and there.

  18. Nando

    My mother bought this for me for a holiday, my birthday? I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately and when I ran out and forgot to get more for a week, my skin was not happy. I try to use it every other night and since starting, my breakouts have gotten much better.

  19. hippi_rose

    Been using Ninja for at least 10 years and I continue to buy this product. I haven’t found anything that has been able to keep my skin as clear. The Abolishing Mask will help reduce a major breakout overnight; make it disappear in 2-3 days.

  20. Amelia

    Folks – they told me when I first ordered to try this that it was some miracle product. I thought it was a marketing scam and said no. They sent me some samples of it anyway and after 2 tries I was hooked. Now I literally buy it in bulk. My 2 daughters use it as a spot treatment (because they are too lazy to do the entire routine) and I religiously do it every night before I go to bed. I have never seen a product that works so well at preventing pimples, treating existing pimples and I swear to god, even though they say it isn’t for exfoliating, my skin is so smooth after I use it. It is the one product I cannot live without.

  21. Rebba

    Such an amazing product. I have tried other cleansers, other medications, other makeup over the years but have always stayed true to this mask because there is nothing I have ever found that even comes close to it. Clears up the zits, if they come, within hours. Love it!

  22. Amber

    At first I was going through about a jar a month but felt good about it since I saw the results. I was using it almost every night of the week. Now 6 months in, I still use it occasionally, probably 1-2 times per week, just for maintenance. I wish I had found this product years ago.

  23. Jasmine

    I didn’t get this on my first purchase but they sent me a sample of it because they said I needed it. I was pretty skeptical, I kind of thought it was just a scam to get me to buy more of their products. But they weren’t jokin. The sample lasted me 3 times and I was super bummed when it ran out and I was even more bummed out when I realized that they weren’t pulling anything on me and I was stupid and didn’t listen to them. So I ordered right away and had to wait another week for my next mask. They tell me every 4-5 days but I do it every day and my skin loves this stuff. I swear, it is the miracle stuff I needed 15 years ago!

  24. Elizabeth Larkin

    I expected to come here for my acne breakouts but in the end, Ninja has solved not only that but also my roasacia. I use this (I call it my miracle) 3-4 times/week and wear it for about 10 minutes at night.Within a few weeks, I noticed my acne breakouts stopping but with the side benefit of my rosacea becoming MUCH less noticeable, which was something I never thought I would get rid of!

  25. Laurie

    This is a like a miracle drug or medication or whatever. I didn’t order it initially but they sent me a sample of it that lasted like 2 applications. Even after 2 times, I knew it was working… I don’t know I just felt it working. So I ordered a container of it and it just zapped my pimples like nobody’s business. After 2 weeks of using it, with my cleanser and benzoyl, I was just dealing with old pimples but new ones weren’t popping up as much. Love it and recommend it to everyone.

  26. Paula

    I have had inflammatory adult acne for years. I put it on a few times a week overnight and the next morning my pimples have shrunken, redness less, and overall clearer. This is the only acne product I use currently. I don’t use any acne cleansers or spot treatment (this is my spot treatment as well). (This might sound really like a no-no but I sometimes squeeze painful, bulging pimples and then I put this mask on.) It also works on large pores with junk in it. I got off my 2nd round of Accutane over 2 years ago. My coworkers and friends have commented on how much smoother, clearer my skin is. I recommended this mask to a teenage son of my colleague and her son’s skin after a few weeks using it he improved too and he stopped having bigger whiteheads. I also told a friend about it and it also worked on her cystic acne. Totally worth it! A tub lasts for months.

  27. Michele

    I am in LOVE with this mask. I am 40 and have had moderate acne since my teens, so I’ve used everything over the years from over the counter, prescription antibiotics, natural–home remedies, to accutane. Everything. I’ve been using the Ninja line for a little over 2 months and have loved it. The sulfur mask is my favorite though, as it has improved the quality of my skin as well as helped clear it. It’s less dull, has more glow, and evened out my skin tone. It is a workhorse product, that doesn’t dilute its active ingredients with unnecessary ingredients. It’s not the best smelling mask I’ve used, but it is the most effective by FAR. I don’t use as much foundation makeup either, which is great (and saves me $$!). I’m on the site today to reorder this (though I still have 1/2 my jar left) and some product for my sons, and I thought I’d stop by for a review as well. 🙂

  28. Catherine

    If you really want your skin to clear up quickly, you need this. .

    When I first started using Ninja products, I used this mask 5-6 times per week, religiously, after the cleanser and before the “Secret Agent.” I was battling terrible cystic acne at the time, but within a few uses, my skin just looked cleaner and brighter. Within a month, I was almost entirely cleared up, and I haven’t had a cystic breakout since.

    I don’t use the mask daily now that I’m cleared up, but I still try to stick to 2-3 times per week. If I’m busy and skip a whole week, I can tell. My pores just don’t look and feel as clean, and all of the same ole’ trouble spots start to clog up again (nose, chin…. you know the ones). I consider this mask a skincare staple that I don’t ever let myself run out of.

  29. Hylda

    If I were stranded on an island, and was allowed one item to bring with me, it would have to be this mask.

    This miracle mask will do everything it promises! Pores – say no mores. Zits – down to bits. Acne – well, there’s a reason why no one likes this word as I can’t find something to rhyme it with.

    My skin has dramatically improved after religiously using this product. Your skin will be left feeling so soft and exfoliated, and gradually over time, your breakouts will lessen too. Now tell me, who doesn’t want that?

  30. Doriss

    I am a middle-aged woman with acne for the first time. When I stumbled upon Ninja Skincare, I did not have a lot of expectations. I started on Normal cleanser and 10% Benzoyl. My acne diminished considerably within the first two weeks. After 2 months, I was nearly clear except for the small whiteheads I would get around “that time of the month”. I wasn’t bothered by them because they would heal much quicker than they did before I started Ninja.
    But in one of my check ins, I mentioned them and the esthetician suggested I give this mask a try. I was so surprised because after a month of use, I got no more blemishes… at all. No white heads at all. Blackheads are a thing of the past and my old blemish marks are fading. This mask should definitely be a part of everyone’s treatment!

  31. Lisa

    This mask is amazing! The key is consistency and I’ve found with using this at least 5 days per week along with the rest of my regimen, inflammation goes away quickly and it helps to keep any other congestion from going crazy. This is great to tackle a recent breakout and aggressively get your skin back under control.

  32. Nicole

    This mask is a must have! I’ve been using this consistently for over three months now , recently started using it about 5 days a week and it shows. It’s helping to fade acne scars and dry out any little spot that wants to show up on my face. It is also a great spot treatment. A little goes a long way and one container can easily last a few months. It’s definitely worth the price and even more.

  33. David L

    I am 18 years old and never thought I would use a mask. I really thought they were for chicks. When I started using Ninja products, I was recommened this mask but I didn’t want to use it. My mom bought it just in case. My skin cleared up but I would still get random breakouts. By this time, I was feeling pretty good about my skin, maybe getting a little more vain or a little more hope that I would stop having acne. So one day I gave it a try. I think they told me to start using it 3-4 times a week or something. That week, I did 4 times, the following week I did 5 times and by the end of 2 weeks, my skin was “over the hump” as Pamela has told me since. Since those 2 weeks, I have not had one breakout and that was 5 months ago. I now use it about 2 or 3 times per week and really can’t say enough about this product. I guess I am a mask guy after all.

  34. Melanie Neely

    This mask is a game changer! 🙂 It works wonders when it is used over the Secret Agent as a spot treatment overnight. I wake up and the pimple is either gone or greatly reduced in size and irritation. I use it every evening for a deep cleaning as well and my skin is the clearest it has been in years!

  35. Mandy P

    Pamela had told me for a while that if I felt that I had reached a lull in my skin clearing process, that I should think about using this product. I resisted for a while mainly because I am cheap. Finally, I broke down and got it and just wow. It really did take my treatment to a whole new level. I was happy with Ninja products before I tried this but now, I just never knew my skin could look as clear and glow-y as it does now. Will not ever stop using this mask.

  36. Tamara Hawk

    After about 2 months of using my starter kit, I was really pleased with my skin but there were still some imperfections. I contacted Ninja Skincare to see what they would recommend and they recommended me this product. I was dubious but gave it a shot. Within 2 weeks of using it 5 times/week, even my imperfections went away. I don’t need to use it as often now – just like 2-3 times/week and I find now that one jar lasts me about 6-8 weeks.

  37. johnnie R

    The people at kept telling me that if I wanted to kick my skin into the next gear they would recommend that I give this mask a try. But I just can’t get into masks – seems like too much of a chick thing for me. Finally they sent me a free sample – I guess they knew I would never order it. So I tried it (my GF made me lol) and I have to admit, although I can’t see myself using it all the time like they say to, if I were to use a mask consistently, this would be it. I actually did notice a change in my skin after one week of using it and in the end I did buy it. I am not as religious as I should be about using it but would definitely recommend to anyone interested in wearing masks.

  38. Jenna Trudeau

    Ive been using this for like 3 months now. Bout 2-3 times a week. Sometimes its hard to find time to do it after a long day when all I want to do it climb into bed but I noticed that the difference from just using the medication alone vs when I used this too was pretty astounding. So now, I try to plan a little better and mark it on my calendar when to use it and when not to. Nice consistency, spreads evenly and lasts a considerable amount of time, I guess depending on how much you use when you use it. but mine lasts a good 6 weeks which is great for the cost.

  39. Tiffany M

    When I started breaking out, I thought all I would have to do is put on some clearasil and I would clear up. But unfortunately, it didnt work that way for me. I went down a lot of different product paths until I stumbled on Ninja Skincare. I first tried their cleansers and while I liked them, my breakouts weren’t going away. So I gave them a called and they got me on some benzoyl medication and recommended I try this mask, for an extra zap. They insisted that I be consistent in using it, and then i would see the results. Within 2 weeks, my skin was clearer than it had been for the last 2-3 years. I am so happy with this product. Just got my little sister to start using it too!

  40. Jose Manuel

    I use cleanser and medication from Ninja for last 3 years with great success. Then I notice more pimples than normal. I write them and ask for advice. They recommend I try this product to improve skin. It works very well. I am very happy with results. My skin is very clear again.

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Use our Abolishing Mask with Sulfur 10% nightly to reduce inflammation, dry up existing pimples and exfoliate dead skin cells. Gentle enough for those individuals suffering from rosacea.

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