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Say Goodbye To Acne

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Special Agent Glycolic 10%

(14 customer reviews)

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Special Agent – Glycolic 10% is ideal for all facial and body acne-prone skin types that do not turn red or blush easily. First time users should start with 10% to avoid irritation and redness to the skin.

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A lightweight paraben-free gel formulated with alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate the skin for a healthier appearance and smoother texture. Glycolic acid lifts impurities from the skin and helps to aggressively treat acne breakouts, razor bumps, hyper-pigmentation and keratinization of the skin.

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  • Strongly recommend starting with 10% for first time orders
  • Not suitable for light-complected or inflamed skin


  • Contains alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce acne breakouts, razor bumps, and hyperpigmentation
  • Leaves skin looking radiant and feeling smooth

Size: 2 oz

14 reviews for Special Agent Glycolic 10%

  1. Em Dietre

    it helped me with texture and made my skin really smooth and a shiny look. it helped me to get rid of a lot of little bumps and it also feels like it tightens your skin

  2. msbrenna03

    I was on the fence about trying a new product but I was really impressed when I noticed the results. My skin is now smoother than ever. It’s now part of my regular skin care routine and I have told everyone I know about it.

  3. Andy_hoora

    This Glycolic Acid is amazing. My nose looks like it’s never seen a blackhead in its life & my skin’s texture has improves tremendously thanks to this. I have very sensitive skin & this doesn’t irritate it. Chemical exfoliation is the way to go & this product is perfect for it.

  4. CindyLouWho

    My skin is very odd. I have great, almost flawless skin for most of the time throughout the months and years, with some cystic pimples in my jawline around my period. Birth control has helped with these, along with retin A from my doctor (which I only use when a problem arises). Every few years, its like everything that gets clogged in my pores over the years decides to come out at once and I end up have hundreds of little tiny flesh colored bumps all over, mostly on my cheeks and chin where the pores are a little larger. Previously, this happened and my only saving grace was apricot scrub and an oil free moisturizer. A few years later, AGAIN. My regime had stopped working. My derm gave me all the typical medication and nothing worked. After months of these bumps and no improvement, my doc told me to try Benzoyl Peroxide (BP)… magically within days, the bumps were “dissolved”. I continued to use the BP daily and my skin was amazing, then AGAIN… the bumps came back with a vengeance. I tried everything under the sun, then I came across Ninja and decided that i had nothing to lose, other than $20 and some bumps. With in a few days there was a noticeable difference, and NO irritation (BP is very harsh). Its been 6 weeks and almost all of the bumps are gone and staying gone! Plus all of the scars from when I picked at the bumps are fading more and more everyday. It really says something when I wake up in the morning and can look in the mirror without crying PLUS actually SEE a difference from when I went to bed.

    You only need to use a little and it does feel a little weird at first, but it soaks in over night and feels wonderful. I am so happy!

  5. Junie

    I just wrote a review for the mild cleanser. I just couldn’t be a bigger fan of these products. I have had bad skin for so long, I had kind of given up hope that anything or anyone would be able to fix it. Thanks to Pam and her crew and her amazing products, I have skin that I don’t even need to cover up with makeup! It is a miracle!

  6. Cindy

    I had to let go of a lot ideas I had about acne and what was best for my skin before I finally found Ninja. I always thought that the most expensive product was the best and as a result, I spent countless thousands of dollars on useless, expensive products that did nothing for me. When I finally found Ninja, I was desperate and convinced nothing would ever help me. This product combined with a couple of other ones (cleanser and benzoyl) helped clear my skin to the point where I just can’t believe it. I don’t even have to wear makeup any more! Thank you Ninja!

  7. Valerie Reed

    I recently started this product when Pamela felt that I could “amp up” my routine a little bit. I was already actually really happy with how my treatment was going but Pamela wasn’t happy that I was still getting an odd pimple here and there. I was like ok whatever you think. So I started this, which was pretty easy because it isn’t stinky or stain anything or anything. And she was right! I did it for like a month and all the odd pimples here and there just totally stopped. Right now, I can’t even remember the last pimple I got and all my scars, pretty much, are completely gone!

  8. Ray Blovan

    I have acne-prone and sensitive skin and this product didn’t irritate me or break me out at all. It also helped to fade some old hyper-pigmentation marks left over from old acne blemishes after about 2-4 weeks of use. I started out using this 3 nights a week to about every other night a week.

  9. Paige Smith

    I ordered this product 3 weeks ago. I suffer from melasma and need to use AHA creams to keep it under control. Although my melasma is still noticeable, it is not as dark as before. The plus side is my pores are noticeably smaller and the overall texture of my skin is is smoother. I use it every other night after I wash my face followed by my moisturizer. I would definitely buy this again.

  10. Lucille

    First time I had ever used glycolic acid for acne and I love it. It is gentle on my skin, not as harsh as the benzoyl was and just as effective. I have been using it for about 4 months now and have already got some for my boys (14 and 17) and my sister is about to start on it too. I hated being a grown woman with acne. So happy that is a thing of the past.

  11. Megan Jones

    I use this product for a two reasons. First, I battled acne in the past and have the occasional breakout so this kind that acne at bay. But I really started it because I have started to notice fine lines and wrinkles. I asked Ninja for advice and they actually recommended this product for me, that it would provide slight exfoliation and allow new skin cells to appear quicker. I was a little dubious but now have to report that many people have commented that I seem to be “glowing”. A firm believer now!

  12. tammy

    this product gave me hope. I mean it. Before I found this, i honestly thought that I should just accept that I would have acne forever. After I started this, I can’t even explain it. My outlook on life changed. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it didn’t get me “all the way” there to clear skin – I would say like 75% of the way. only when I went to 15% did I get the skin I had always dreamed of.

  13. Adriene

    This is a really great product for smaller breakouts. I used it for a long time when I only really experienced small breakouts until my 2nd child was born and out of nowhere, I got cystic acne. That is why it is only 4 *. I would have loved to use only this product for my “new” acne but it just wasn’t strong enough to zap those suckers. So I had to move to a mix of sulfur medication and this (I am sensitive to benzoyl). But for years, this was the only product I would recommend to people.

  14. Drew A

    I’m using the Elite Agent 10% Benzoyl Peroxide with Sulfur on my face and wrote a review for that just now.

    I’m also using the 10% glycol on my back twice a day and it’s working great…no smell, doesn’t ruin my clothes or my sheets. Easy.

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