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Revolutionary Facial Cleanser Mild

(31 customer reviews)

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Your perfect daily cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. Removes impurities and makes your skin feel clean and fresh without over drying.

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Revolutionary Facial Cleanser Mild is gentle enough to be used several times a day, this non-irritating cleanser balances pH and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.


Size: 5.5 oz

31 reviews for Revolutionary Facial Cleanser Mild

  1. Constance Schwimmer

    let me start this off by saying i have very dry and sensitive skin. I have tried so many cleansers and none were hydrating enough. this cleanser has a consistency that is so soothing on the skin. it feels refreshing and has calmed down the dry patches on my skin. it doesn’t dry out my skin or make it burn! usually my face will burn when putting on moisturizer after washing my face, but this hasn’t caused that problem! loving it every time.

  2. Patrice L

    After a recent allergic reaction to something…. doctors weren’t sure if it was the sun or if I got bit by something, my skin didn’t tolerate anything for about a month, other than this wash. I was really thankful to have found it and will probably continue using it even now that my face is back to “normal”.

  3. Belinda W

    Super mild. Perfect for my skin but my daughter who has oilier skin said it was too mild for her and has moved up to their balancing cleanser. Most other washes I have tried that say they are mild are still too harsh for me but this one is a keeper.

  4. Jan Weeks

    perfect for my grandbaby’s young skin. She is 10 and just starting her skincare routine. I got this for her for a little gift and she is loving it!

  5. Shayleen Rocklin

    No one ever really believes how sensitive my skin is. I remember I once went to get a facial and the lady assured me that what she was putting on my skin wouldn’t make it react. Um wrong! I think I have bought every “mild” or “gentle” cleanser there is and every one has either made me break out or made my skin get red and hivey. For a while I was just using water which wasn’t super helpful for my acne. So thankful for this product and this brand because I finally have a cleanser I can use (MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!) and my skin feels normal. Still in total shock about it. Hoping they are around for-evaaaaa!

  6. tanya marie

    I remember going to get facials and telling them I had super sensitive skin and the lady saying “I have the best product for you” and then me walking out with my face all inflamed for days. Taught me to always be suspicious of things when they say they are mild. But this one truly is! never had any issues at all with it and now have been using it thrice daily for nearly 4 years. Best product I have found to date.

  7. Miyah86

    Skin dryness has always been my number one problem. No matter how much I moisturize I always end up flaking which is so annoying, but when I started using this cleanser, I noticed that my skin is no longer as dry as before. I have now started on their other products too and loving them as well.

  8. Sachiel

    I used this for the first time today and I loved it! It made my skin feel clean and refreshed without it being harsh on my skin, nor did it irritate my rosacea. It doesn’t leave behind a residue that clogs pores and it didn’t overdry my face and leave it feeling tight. I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.

  9. HC12988

    I’ve been using this cleanser for the past 6 months and it’s the best! I have the kind of skin that is oily for no reason and is sensitive and will break out if I try to use harsh soaps/cleansers. I love the gentleness of other gentle cleansers such as Cetaphil but they do not take off all the dirt, oils, and make-up from my skin which leads to breakouts. This product is really tough on dirt and oil but super easy on my sensitive skin. My husband for the first time in forever said that my skin looks GREAT without any make-up! My Mild cleanser is just perfect!!! It’s a definite keeper. Don’t EVER stop making this stuff!

  10. Martina Leechman

    I love love love this product. I am so glad I found it online. My dermatologist told me about this product a few years ago and it works wonders. My face doesn’t normally breakout but at one point it did. I went to the dermatologist and found it was cystic acne (adult) I received meds and hated them! Since I have such sensitive skin, I asked her if she knew of any good topical products and was honestly just a little shocked when she actually gave me a name that wasnt a prescription. A few months later and voila my face was back to its normal complexion and marks were completely gone.

    I stand by this product because it really works

  11. Sam Young

    Love this product. Cleans very well without being harsh, does not dry the skin and a little goes a long way. Definitely will continue order.

  12. Charliez_ion

    I’m one of those ‘I’ve never written a review before but had to because this is amazing. The efficacy of this face wash has prompted me to speak out for the first time. I’m not a teenager and have had occasional acne throughout my adult life. I’ve tried SO MANY washes and treatments and was blown away by how immediate the results were with this wash. I use it morning and night and splash a toner on my face afterwards with no noticeable drying. Over time, the cystic acne that I’ve struggled with for most of this year is finally receding. I just bought the moisturizer and their SPF 30 and will add those to my routine. This is definitely something to try if you’re dealing with mild to moderate acne.

  13. rd22

    I’ve been using this face wash for a few months now and am pleased with the quality. It is truly scent free which is great for those with sensitive skin. I suffer from eczema around my eyes and have struggled to find something mild enough to use for washing my face. This suits my needs perfectly. It has not aggravated my eczema at all.

  14. Junie

    I had 2 facials in my life and both ended up with the worst results even after explaining about my super sensitive skin. Red, burned that lasted 2 weeks. I was so hesitant to try anything but after doing loads of research I decided to give Ninja’s a try. So happy I did. I use it twice a day and have never had a problem with it. I even use their medication and my skin is clear and has never even turned pink after using it. Love love love.

  15. BARB95

    So mild I use it on my 5 year old and 8 year old. Nothing can be gentle enough for those babies’ skin… but this is! And for my super sensitive skin also. I will never use anything else.

  16. timberline778

    My skin is so sensitive for years I washed with water only because everything else would make it break out into a rash. I didn’t like doing that because I never felt like my skin was clean. My dermatolgist actually recommended that I look into Ninja Skincare which I actually thought was super weird but since they did tell me about it, I decided to give it a chance. Lo and behold, it is the first mild cleanser that is mild enough for my crazy sensitive skin. I love it!

  17. Elizabeth Larkin

    I have incredibly sensitive skin. In fact, up until this point, I can’t recall ever having found a cleanser that doesn’t have an adverse affect on my skin. For a while. I was washing only with lemon juice and water to avoid store cleansers. But you can imagine that didn’t do much for my acne! I have thanked god multiple times that I found this brand. This cleanser is so mild, that my skin finally feels what I think “normal” is. My rosacea has diminished considerably thanks to a combination of this product along with their sulfur mask and occasionally administering salicylic acid. I cannot say enough about this product.

  18. Michael

    I suffer from acne and I am an adult. I did not break out like this as a teenager. I have tried so many products and nothing ever helped. My sister-in-law told me about this brand so I decided to give it a try. I was very reluctant at first since nothing has ever really helped but I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product really worked on my skin. I will never try another product to help battle my acne because I no longer suffer from it at all.

  19. Monica

    I have the most sensitive skin, with rosasea and sun irritation.
    For me it has been really hard to find a cleanser that cleans without irritating my skin.
    I have been used this gentle cleanser for a month and I feel my skin smooth, clean and perfect!


    I’m 48 and have fought acne since I was 13! This facial cleanser is the ONLY face soap that has managed to clear up my acne within a couple days. I don’t like buying face soaps online and prefer to buy one while doing my other household shopping so I regularly try drugstore options but after I do, I end up going back to Ninja every time! I don’t know what is the ingredient that works for my skin but I know I will keep buying it forever.

  21. Debbie Howard

    I did really like this product initially because I have extremely sensitive skin and thought that it would be the only thing my skin could handle. But it was in fact so mild that after a while, I wondered if I was exagerating how sensitive my skin was. I felt like I needed a slightly deeper clean. I asked them to send me a sample of the balancing cleanser with my next order and I found that to be the perfect cleanser for me – still very gentle on my skin but seemed to get down deeper a little, left my skin feeling perfect and the oil production lessened considerabley.

  22. Kaly Douglas

    I have been using this for about 5 months. I love it because it is not making my skin too dry or red. In the past, I have had a lot of problems with that – I have pretty sensitive skin especially on my cheeks.
    I have tried other cleansers that make me look sunburned. This doesn’t, easy to wash off and doesn’t have a really perfumey smell which I appreciate.

  23. Marni French

    I have been using this product for nearly 10 years. My skin is clear enough that I no longer need medication but I do have my 2 teenagers on the entire gambit of products and we are all pleased with the results. Slowly but surely, I am getting everyone I know to try Ninja, there is just no other way to go IMO.

  24. Yanet S

    I love these products. I have nothing bad to saw about them at all. I was frustrated at first because I didn’t see the results as instantly as I would hope but Ninja consultants kept telling me to be patient and the results would come.

    I did (be patient) and they (results) did come. My skin is clear, I am very dilligent about doing my routine and my face tells the story. I don’t trust many companies in general and I rarely trust people with my skin 100% but finally I can say that I trust Ninja consultants and products 110% and will do whatever they tell me to do.

  25. Melina G

    My skin is very sensitive to most cleaners. It is hot here and the cleaners I try make my skin dry and sometimes red rashes. Last one make my skin around my eyes red and dry and my mouth. My husband say I look like a mexican raccoon. This one my friend give me to try and I love it. No red skin, no dry skin. And no pimples now too.

  26. Megan Jones

    As I get older my skin is getting more and more sensitive. I used to use Normal cleanser for years but recently switched to Mild formula when I noticed my skin felt a little drier than normal. I love it. Love love. You can’t go wrong with anything from this company.

  27. tamara jones

    This product used to come in a bottle that had a pump top. When they rebranded, they changed packaging, which I don’t like nearly as much – I liked the “hands free” aspect of the previous packaging. That doesn’t stop me from buying it though! Best cleanser I have ever tried – no residue left on my skin, non-abrassive and causes no discoloration like every other cleanser I have tried.

  28. Nat

    I have a hard time finding cleansers that are actually mild enough for my skin. Normally when they say mild, they end up being just a touch too harsh/full of chemicals for my uber sensative skin. This one actually did not make my face turn bright red right after use, so I knew it was a winner. because I have had so much trouble finding something good, I actually called them before ordering and asked if I could have a sample of it first and their customer service is truly great – they said no problem and I got the sample within a couple of days. I have moved on to use some of their other products and like them just as much.

  29. Meghan R

    I have the most sensitive skin ever and have never found a product that is truly gentle enough for it. Before I tried this, every single cleanser I used would make my skin bright red and blotchy. On a whim I tried this and have used it ever since. I have zero residue on my face after I wash, skin tone stays normal. really pleased with it. I don’t have acne so I didn’t buy it for that reason but I would recommend for people with sensitive skin, absolutely.

  30. Linda D

    I am 72. I haven’t had acne for decades thankfully but I have had trouble finding a cleanser that is mild enough for my skin, which has become very sensitive the older I get. My granddaughter uses this product and told me I would like it.

    She gave it to me for my last birthday and for once, I have found something that does not set my skin on fire. Very impressed with this brand.

  31. Jaime P

    My 10 yr old son has started using this recently and loves it. Suds well, cleans off easily and combined with the little yellow sponge they sell here, it seems to really exfoliate as well. Has helped his skin immensely.

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