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Invisible Makeup – Pressed Setting Powder 1oz

(11 customer reviews)

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Ninja Skincare’s Pressed Setting Powder is attractively packaged in a black compact that fits easily in your purse. This pressed face powder absorbs shine and keeps your makeup looking fresh and natural all day. It’s fragrance-free, non-irritating, and available in several colors. For best results, apply with our kabuki cosmetic powder brush.

Available in:

  • Matte Beige: For light to light/medium skin tones with red undertones
  • Matte Cocoa: For medium/dark to dark skin tones with red undertones
  • Matte Ginger: For medium/dark to dark skin tones with yellow undertones
  • Matte Ivory: For light to light/medium skin tones with yellow undertones
  • Matte Natural: For medium to medium/dark skin tones with yellow undertones
  • Translucent Powder: shine-absorbing, blotting powder for light skin tones


  • Several colors available – ensuring a perfect match
  • Absorbs shine and keeps makeup fresh all day
  • Convenient purse size
  • Fragrance free, non-irritating

Size: 1 oz

11 reviews for Invisible Makeup – Pressed Setting Powder 1oz

  1. Desi Artes

    This is my second purchase of this powder. Their translucent light powder is amazing on my nature skin. I lightly apply, with a fan brush, on my forehead, down the center of my nose and in my chin. I even apply on my upper cheeks for an evening look. This powder does not settle in lines. Instead the lines diminish and my skin has a fresh very slight glow. Thus stuff is my magic

  2. Ashley Anne

    Very lightweight for a setting powder. I used to have to use a lot of different types of makeup to go out and now I am down to just this one – no liquid foundation or anything! I don’t have to use it very often because my skin stays fairly clear for the most part but when I want to even out the skin tone, this works well. Such a nice feeling to not have to lug a huge case of makeup around with me everywhere!

  3. Ladybugsyp

    Proudly a longtime client of Ninja Skincare! This makeup doesn’t take much as my skin is smooth and clear that I use this as a finished look and only use it for church or special events/occasions. Pamela really has always match the color perfectly with my pigment. The commercial makeup folks can’t touch what I get from Ninja Skincare. For this I am eternally grateful! Get this makeup and find out how worth it – it is! THE BEST …. EVER!!!

  4. RedRose91

    I loved their loose setting powder but this is more convenient and more travel-friendly so I keep one in my purse at all times. It stays on really well, doesn’t cause creasing or anything like that – seems like every other pressed powder I have tried eventually cracks on my skin which looks strange. Highly recommend and at half the price of other ones I have tried.

  5. sxsw

    I feel strange posting this bc I havent used this product in about 6 months bc my skin is finally so clear I don’t need to use it!

    But when I was in the throws of clearing my skin and still using makeup, this was definitely my go-to. Provided enough coverage that I didn’t need liquid foundation which I love because I have never liked to cake on makeup even when my acne was at its worst. If you are on the fence, give it a shot bc its better than any other setting powder I have tried from big names to OTC.

  6. Billi Dreamy

    One of the best pressed foundations I have used. It is light, yet gives great coverage. If you want even fuller coverage, apply one layer, wait a few minutes, and then go in an apply another layer. It’s very buildable and does not get cakey unless you REEAALLY pack it on. Didn’t break me out so it is great for sensitive skin!! I have veeery fair skin, and the porcelain matched my neck but the color ‘light’ was a true fit to my face tone color. Doesn’t run orange or oxidize. Highly recommend and is a decent price for a higher end product!

  7. Sheri Gonzalez

    I use this with the liquid foundation for a perfect look! I’m very happy with this powder.

  8. Amber

    I don’t use makeup a whole lot but I like having one in case I have to go somewhere fancy (not too often). Normally by the end of the day, I feel pretty greasy and dirty if I am wearing makeup but just kind of power through until I can get home and wash my face.

    I can wear this every day (even though I don’t!!) because it is really light but it makes me feel good about myself if I am a little shiny mid day.

  9. Shaylynn

    I love, love, love this foundation! I always thought I had to find a foundation that was heavy to so it would cover but boy was I wrong. This feels and looks so good on and yet covers. If you thinking about trying this I’m confident you will not regret it.

  10. Brianda Gomez

    I get shiney around noon every day since it is always hot here. I keep one in every bag and love them. It just feel light and not bad for my skin.

  11. Lisa L

    I really hate makeup normally but I have super oily skin so I really need something to stop the shine I get around 2pm. Normally, I have found that these types of powders aggravate acne no matter what they claim. I got this in my stocking from Santa 🙂 and really love it. It’s been over 7 months of using it and I feel like I finally found my perfect blotter.

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