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Invisible mineral Makeup – Loose Mineral Foundation Makeup

(14 customer reviews)

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This incredibly unique cover up is a foundation, concealer, and powder all in one. It offers exceptional, high-performance coverage, is easy to use, paraben free and will not clog pores. The mineral foundation glides on all skin types beautifully to give natural, healthy coverage with no shimmer. It is water resistant and provides a flawless finish.

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To make your perfect match with our Loose mineral Foundation Makeup, we ask you for a brief written description of your skin color telling us of any undertones your skin has (some people are more yellow or red, while some are more olive or fair). We also would like the brand name and color of the makeup color you’re currently using (a web link is useful too!) Of course, a picture is worth 1,000 words, so send us a snapshot! Your true color shows best when you take a picture without a flash and next to a window on a sunny day (not in direct sunlight). Make sure you verify the color of your skin in your picture and then email or text it to us.

To figure out your correct color for the Loose Mineral Foundation, we’ll send you a few different color samples for you to test on your skin at home. Once you figure out what color (or combination of colors) you are, let us know and we’ll custom blend a mineral makeup foundation just for you and indicate your personal ‘recipe’ on your file before sending it out. This incredibly unique cover up is a foundation, concealer, and powder all in one. It offers exceptional, high-performance coverage, is easy to use, paraben free and will not clog pores. Ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica powder, may contain ultramarine blue.


  • Foundation, concealer, and powder all in one
  • Gives natural, healthy coverage with no shimmer
  • Water resistant and paraben free
  • Perfect for daily use

Size: 5 grams

14 reviews for Invisible mineral Makeup – Loose Mineral Foundation Makeup

  1. CAmmy Houston

    easily my favorite makeup ever. So many things I love about it. Pretty cheap compared to some of the makeup I used to buy, the color matching to my skin tone and it lasts forever.

  2. PattyKim

    I really only use powder to cover up, never got into the liquid stuff. But most powders don’t do a very good job at blending or really covering up the active breakouts, which has really bothered me. So far I have been really happy with this powder. It gives me excellent coverage and I swear it looks like I am not wearing makeup at all!

  3. Clear skin for reels

    I have used Ninja make up for over twenty years now, and I will never use anything else. It’s foolproof and flawless. It looks so natural. People always complement my skin – which is nice, but I’m sure it has something to do with the makeup. 🙂

  4. carla provone

    This has been a real hot summer and I have been glowing big time! Got this and have loved it for the last month. The best part? They assured me that even in the winter they will match my skin color, when I am not as tan. I know I know, tan is bad but I work outside so it;s pretty inevitable.

  5. Dina McBride

    I started using this about a month into my treatment with ninja. I was so impressed with the rest of their products, I thought I couldn’t go wrong with this either. They matched it exactly to my skin tone which was a total first for me. It is light weight which is what I wanted. And provides good coverage. And is a lot cheaper than what I used to buy at Nordstrom’s!

  6. Ammie

    In addition to it not causing breakouts, I really love the coverage. I ditched my beloved Clinique for this and I even love it more at this point because my skin is clear! Still have to cover up some scarring but I feel like soon that will be clear enough that I won’t even have to wear makeup at all!

  7. Josie Kim

    I initially started using the Bare Minerals formula that Ninja recommended to me at my consultation with them. I don’t know why I chose this rather than just trying the Ninja brand – I think I just wanted a brand I had heard of and I really didn’t know much about Ninja at the time. I liked the BM version ok but thought that the combination of not having the exact right color for my skin color (Asian skin is tough for American companies I think!) and the coverage wasn’t the best… I always had to reapply. Anyways, so I decided to just ask them for some samples and immediately like it more than the BM version. Have been a big advocate of it ever since!

  8. Morgan Miller

    The coolest! I got these sample baggies with my first order – all these different colored powders and they told me to come up with a combination of powders that I liked for my skin. I played around a little and got a good combination of 3 colors, sent them my “recipe” and the next order, it came just like I had asked. I have never heard of another company doing that!! The best part is that they told me if I ever got tanner or something, they would send along some darkener so I could modify it myself. No more wasted makeup!

  9. Diana

    I really like this stuff. I expected not to, that it was some sort of gimick – like buy all of our stuff. But at first, I just bought their starter pack, and kept using my makeup. I noticed some clearing but not everything. I called and checked in, like they asked me to and after a while, it came out that I was using my own makeup still. They offered to send me some samples, saying that most other makeup has lots of oils and stuff that make acne worse. So I did that and ended up totally loving what they sent. Next order, I ordered 3 of them just so I could keep one in my bag, one at work and one at home. Very cool company!

  10. Tina Ready

    It is a good powder. Especially impressive that they can match your skin tone from a picture. That said, the color is not 100% correct all the time, requiring me to alter it with some of the colors they sent along for this purpose. It has good coverage and I feel like it is “clean”. Ideally they color would be perfect every time but I continue to use it because it is still a better match for my skin than the store bought ones I have tried.

  11. Linda Tamey

    I have been using these products for roughly 30 years and have recently put both of my daughters on them as well.

    The one thing I couldn’t convince them to stop using was their Sephora makeup. They each spent so much money on it, caked it on and as a result, their skin was still not clearing up. I called Ninja and explained the situation. They graciously offered to send samples so that my daughters could both try them out and thank the heavens above, they both begrudgingly admitted that they liked it. And at half the cost! And better for their skin!

    Within, I don’t know, 3 weeks of using purely Ninja products, both of their skin was acne-free. We are now a completely Ninja obsessed family!

  12. Melanie Neely

    My custom blend is PERFECT! I use it as a consealer with a small makeup brush and then as a powerder to finish off. It is light and blends beautifully. This is a VERY good deal for a custom product!

  13. claudia

    I have never before had loose mineral powder custom blended to match my skin type. Aside from the luxurious feeling of knowing you are getting a one-of-a-kind blend and such personalized treatment, it really is the most superior loose mineral powder I have ever tried. I used to use another brand but something changed in their recipe and all of a sudden, it felt oily and matt-y. Since discovering this product, I have been very pleased and acne free.

  14. rosy

    I used to use BM loose mineral powder for years. Then suddenly, i was breaking out and I narrowed it down to that powder. I think they must have changed the formulation – Pamela said she had heard that too. Oils were added for extra coverage or something. So I moved to Ninja’s. I had been wanting to for a while but just kept with BM because I had always used them. anyways, now I feel like I get the coverage I need but without the breakouts. So a win win.

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