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Invisible Makeup – Powder Blush

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Ninja’s Powder Blushes are rich in color, long lasting, and packaged in a convenient compact black container with a view-through cap.


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Ultra satin and lightweight powder, brushes on to a smooth finish. Richly pigmented, color never looks dry or flat. Layer on for stronger color, or tone it down by using less product.


  • Available in 3 universal colors
  • Gives natural and healthy glow to cheeks
  • Smooth finish
  • Perfect for daily use

Size: 3 grams

2 reviews for Invisible Makeup – Powder Blush

  1. Camilla W.

    The winter here is brutal and I am as pastey white as they come. My skin is almost translucent! When I go out and feel like I need to look less deathly, I put this on and I love it. Adds just enough color without being obvious that I am wearing blush. And doesn’t feel like I am wearing makeup either which is a huge plus!

  2. Kjersti H

    My mom said I needed to use blush because I’m so fair and fade away in photos. I use just a little bit of chameleon blush on my cheeks and it looks very natural.

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It’s a tough dilemma – you have pimples but covering them with makeup leads to more breakouts. At Ninja Skincare we’ve got you covered… literally! Our non-pore clogging acne makeup is available in both Liquid Foundation and Loose Mineral Foundation. We custom-blend each batch to specifically match your skin tone without all of the oils that cause more breakouts. We also offer a wide variety of non-acne aggravating pressed and loose setting powders and blush to match your complexion perfectly.


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