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Invisible Makeup – Loose Setting Powder 1oz

(12 customer reviews)

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Ninja Skincare’s Loose Setting Powder is triple milled and micro-fine; perfect for setting the custom-blended Liquid Foundation.

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Loose setting Powder absorbs shine while keeping makeup fresh and natural looking all day. Fragrance free and non-irritating, it is available in three universal colors. For best results, apply with our kabuki cosmetic powder brush.

Available in:

  • Neutral: Light to medium Beige
  • Nude Beige: Medium to medium/dark beige
  • Translucent Powder: very light/white


  • Three universal shades available to ensure a correct match
  • Absorbs shine and keeps makeup fresh all day
  • Fragrance free
  • Perfect for daily use

Size: 1 oz

12 reviews for Invisible Makeup – Loose Setting Powder 1oz

  1. missylo3307

    This is my favorite powder! Doesn’t feel too heavy and sets my makeup perfectly! This is my go to powder every time!

  2. Lori

    I don’t wear makeup very often but when I do…. it is this stuff. Hahahaha. Seriously the best. Lightweight and really helps even out liquid makeup when I wear it. I highly reccomend it.

  3. Kim Chang

    I have trouble finding a setting powder that’s suitable for my face because those found in drug stores often irritate my skin. This so far seems to not irritate my skin which is a big plus for me. Really liking it so far.

  4. Mah-honey

    I’ve been looking for a powder that wouldn’t migrate into every winkle that I have. This is it. It gives me a soft even base for the rest of my makeup. I love it. And added bonus – no acne because of it!

  5. Christy Taylorson

    I used this for the first time this morning and I have to say, it works winderfully. I will be purchasing again.

  6. Nicolette B

    Works magic on super oily skin with large pores, really covers it up for hours and hours.

  7. cjcotovsky

    Love this powder! On regular weekdays, I use it alone, just to tame the shine, but for more formal occassions, I brush on a couple of layers of this powder over the liquid foundation, and my make-up looks just as finished as it did when I was using fancy department store brands (that made my cystic acne flare up). It’s also a good value– I ordered it several months ago, and I still have a lot left.

  8. Naomi_ME

    I recently got married and although I never wear makeup I knew this would be an exception. I asked my makeup person what they needed then I called Pam to see if she had it. She suggested I try this powder and then the liquid foundation. I just was really scared of breaking out or causing a breakout like what I JUST got over before I started Ninja. I had probably an entire week of wearing more makeup than I have used in the last 20 years. And here I am, a month later and NO zits. Not a single one. I feel like a whole new world of looking good has opened up to me!

  9. Laura Prebble

    My all time favorite setting powder! This really gives you a flawless finish after applying your makeup and helps it stay all day long. I have combination skin and it keeps my oily spots matte all day long and makes my skin look perfect like no other product has done! Your daily routine is not complete without this product. Such a great deal compared to other brands and it definitely doesn’t make you break out like everything else!

  10. Gabby O’Neil

    I have been addicted to this stuff for the last 6 months! It is crazy how I can use it multiple times a day without feeling like it is building up and being caked on. I hate that feeling! It evens out my skin really nicely and I always am getting compliments on my skin now!

  11. Lucille

    I am not really a makeup person but I do have a lot of oil production in the late afternoon in my Tzone. And ultimately, I guess I am vain. I use it 1-2 times/day – great coverage, no shine, no zits and it lasts me forever. I probably only have to buy it twice a year which is a great deal!

  12. tammy

    I tan pretty easily in the summer and in the past have had trouble finding a setting powder that would be good throughout the year no matter my skin tone at the moment. Everyone I have ever been to for my acne tells me that not wearing makeup is best but unfortunately that is not an option for me. I do try and keep it light – just to keep the afternoon shine away. The translucent powder is a god send. Year round and no acne as a result. hip hip hoooooray.

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