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What is acne rosacea?

April 10, 2021

Two Types of Acne: Acne Vulgaris and Acne Rosacea

Most people think acne breakouts are open and closed comedones with some blackheads too. These breakouts, depending on size and number are what typically define acne.  

But there is another skin condition called acne rosacea (commonly just referred to as “rosacea”) and it is an entirely different skin condition. It is very common – over 14 million people in the US alone reportedly suffer from it. Rosacea is a relapsing condition, meaning that periods of flare ups will repeatedly happen to the same facial areas followed by relatively clear periods in between.

It is normally identified by an intense reddening of the skin, normally on the cheeks, forehead and chin areas. There are papules and pustules, but the overwhelming visible characteristic is a rashy, and inflamed look to the skin.

Over time, the reddening becomes more intense and the papules and pustules become hard, creating a bulbous, swollen appearance primarily on the nose, called rhinophyma.  Additionally, rosacea may affect the eyes, causing them to be irritated, bloodshot and even create styes.

Who gets roasacea?

Little is exactly known about why some people get roasacea and some don’t. It is thought if you blush easily, you are more prone. Also a family history is a huge factor. But the actual root cause is not known. Of course there are many theories, including (but not limited to) blood disorders, skin mites, fungal infections and psychological factors. Women are more likely to suffer, but men have more severe symptoms.

According to an article published by Stanford Medicine, flare ups are triggered by a number of things including sun exposure, strong emotions, alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods.  

How do you treat it?

There are 2 primary treatments for rosacea: medicine and surgical treatment.

Once you are diagnosed with roasacea, your doctor will prescribe topical and oral medications to control outbreaks and reduce redness. Additionally, if you have persistent redness, there are various surgical procedures to remove visible blood vessels on the skin’s surface or remove disfigurement that sometimes occurs in severe cases.

Can we help?

Of COURSE we can! Ninja Skincare has a number of products to help control acne rosacea flare ups.

Acne rosacea is helped with sulfur medication and benzoyl peroxide.  Sulfur reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria and also prevents breakouts associated with acne rosacea.

Our Sulfate free cleanser, Balancing Cleanser reduces inflammation and potential irritation. Vitamin C is a topical antioxidant, which will reduce irritation/inflammation and lessen redness.

And of course sunscreen. Folks with acne rosacea can not be in the sun without inflaming their skin condition. Don’t forget your wide brimmed hat!

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