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Recent Survey – Our Response

April 22, 2021

We recently sent a survey to a subset of our clients to gain feedback and suggestions on our commitment to making our customers happy. We’re proud to report that we received many responses and the majority of them were positive (THANK YOU!).

We’d like to share some of the highlights with you.

A general theme that we heard was regarding product pricing and packaging.

Pricing: We do everything possible to keep our products affordable. We are very stingy with our paid advertising 😃. Instead, we primarily rely on referrals from our loyal clients to continue to grow and expand our business. To save on shipping costs, we use the United States Parcel Service (USPS) versus UPS or FedEx which are 2-3+ times the cost. We don’t sell individual products in small boxes because 1/ it’s environmentally wasteful and 2/ because it would increase the cost of the product. 

We DO run sales quite frequently and offer several ways for existing clients to save their money. (Remember we’re consumers as well and we love getting deals on our favorite products too!)

We advertise our sales via email (if you aren’t on our email list, please sign up!) and on our social media pages (FACEBOOK, Instagram).

Other ways to save include: 

  • Refer a friend to us ($10 off your next order)
  • Write a review on our Facebook page ( ($10)
  • Submit a site testimonial with before/after pictures ($10)
  • Submit a site video testimonial ($20)

Packaging: We read through ALL of the packaging suggestions. Some people didn’t like our branding aesthetics. Some people wanted a pump on one kind of bottle and a different kind of top for a different bottle.  Several people asked about selling larger sizes of certain products as well as offering small travel bottles. Many comments regarded leaky Salicylic Acid bottles. (Yes! We are aware of this issue and are working on it.) 

To address some of the above-mentioned concerns:

Branding aesthetics.  We spent many hours and gobs of money with a graphic designer and print shop to come up with our brand colors, logo, and our overall design. Our survey revealed feedback about changing these. Thankfully, even if the outside of the container isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing to some, it’s what the packaging contains that is the most important! 

Regarding different bottles, pumps etc. If you have a request for a specific container size or type and we have it in stock, we’re more than happy to send along an empty one in your next order  

Leaking salicylic acid bottles – yes this is DEFINITELY an issue to solve. We are currently testing a new style cap which we hope will solve the problem. Updates as we have them. In the meantime, we will continue to overfill the bottles to insure you receive 4 oz of product, we will continue to use orifice reducers and foam liners under the cap and we will continue to send in ziplock bags  

One very timely comment – since today is Earth Day – was about our use of plastic packaging.  We do use plastics and while we hope to source containers made from recycled materials, we ask that you recycle our containers in your local area.  We are transitioning away from styrofoam packing peanuts to compostable packing materials.  All packaging material you receive in your order is re-used from the packaging our chemist uses to ship our bulk products to us.  

Last year, we stopped using plastic sleeves to affix shipping labels to packages (except international orders) and greatly reduced our use of plastic shipping tape.

We are very aware of our responsibility to our planet and all living things, and we work every day to improve our practices.

We hope this post sheds some light on the questions and comments we received.

.We truly appreciate you, your voice, and your feedback. Having an open dialogue for many years to come is our goal. If you have additional questions or input, please let us know!


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