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Revolutionary Balancing Facial Cleanser for combination skin

(30 customer reviews)

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Your perfect daily facial cleanser for combination skin that gets moderately oily by the end of the day. Removes oil and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without over drying.

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This facial cleanser for combination skin contains just the right balance of oil-removing ingredients to gently clean the skin without irritation and may be used several times a day if needed.


  • Non-irritating ingredients
  • pH balanced cleanser for combination skin
  • Paraben and sulfate free cleanser
  • Removes excess oils without irritation

Size: 5.5 oz

30 reviews for Revolutionary Balancing Facial Cleanser for combination skin

  1. Gihan

    My oily forehead and chin and my dry cheeks have always responded the best to this cleanser. From what I can tell, they haven’t changed the formula in the last 25 years I have been buying it – wish the price was still what it was 25 years ago though!

  2. jeffrey Gomez

    good cleanser. my wife got it for me and I have been happy with it. Definitely recommend.

  3. Ginny LaPoint

    Hands down my favorite cleanser ever. Very happy to have come across it. It leaves my skin feeling clean and not stripped like most cleansers I have tried do. Will start to try some of their other products shortly.

  4. Merit 87

    I absolutely love this cleanser. I’ve got combo skin, and my husband deals with some eczema. This cleanser has absolutely helped both of our skins get back to a clean base; it’s virtually eliminated the red splotches on my husband and has balanced the color of my skin. I’ve tried a handful of high end cleansers to really do the job, and ones that are even pricier than this haven’t done a thing. With this, I really feel luxurious and I know I’m now taking deep care of my skin.

  5. Heather Kane

    I have normal to dry skin and this is perfect for me! Its an amazing formula that cleanses my skin and dulls out the redness and helps with dryness by moisturizing deep into my pores. Also has a lovely soothing and calming effect. The bottle is huge so it lasts a long time! Plus a little goes a long way! My skin is absolutely glowing. It’s Insanely smooth after washing my face and neck with it. You can see not just feel the physical effects but can see a visible difference too! Highly Recommend!

  6. Katherine Linnel

    28 year loyal customer here! And yes, I have tried other stuff in those 28 years but keep coming back to you. Please never go out of business because there is nothing like this out there.

  7. Julie

    This is the ONLY cleanser I will ever use on my face! I love it, it cleans very gently, and it leaves my skin feeling really good.

  8. Leslie19

    I have been using this product for almost a year and you would not believe how much it improved my skin. I used to have to cake on makeup just to feel ok to go outside and now there are days when I don’t even use a scrap of makeup. Think of just the cost savings in that! Starting to get my family and friends hooked now too. Love this stuff.

  9. Leslie19

    I have been using this product for almost a year and it’s incredible how much it improved the appearance of my skin. so far I have gotten my mum and sister on it as well!

  10. cherrysu

    I cannot get through a day without this. I need it to feel good and clean with my face continually. I always have a bottle anywhere I go so I can wash my face. First thing in the am, middle of the day and night. Or I start to feel gross! So happy I found Ninja. My new obsession.

  11. Brittany

    I love this cleanser. It foams up so that it gets the grim off my face from the day. I don’t really wear makeup but when I do it doesn’t take it all the way off so if you wear a lot of makeup you will need to double cleanse. A little goes a long way so it takes me about 3-4 months to use up a bottle. It is very gentle and causes no irritation with my skin. The only problem is the packaging. I have to keep it wedged in between things so that it is not sitting on its cap because it leaks everywhere if I do. I would also like to see more sustainable packaging. It is claimed to be recyclable but even if it does get recycled (a lot of plastic actually doesn’t) it can only be remade into something else once, maybe twice. Glass or aluminum can be recycled endless amounts so they are a better alternative. I would be willing to pay more to get something that harms the Earth less. I have tried switching to more environmentally friendly brands but my face always breaks out so I keep coming back to this cleanser. Even reformulating to make this into a bar would be great! Just a thought for future products for the company!

  12. Erika Rogerias

    Love this cleanser! Balanced my skin very quickly.. will buy again!

  13. warrior4life

    Patchy dry skin, especially in my TZone and jawline. I used to just use a store bought cleanser that was for sensitive skin because I didn’t know what else to use. When I called Ninja the first time and described my skin type, they immediately recommended the balancing cleanser. Within days of use, I could sense that my skin was starting to react positively. Now, I hardly have any dry areas and my oily nose never needs any blotting in the day time any more.

  14. MTFLove

    Used this forever since my skin was so patchy, oily all around my nose and dry AF on my chin and cheeks. It truly works! Skin tone and oiliness are even now but I still keep using it. Think I will use it forever!

  15. lorensonbrittnee

    This cleanser, and along with the other products combined that i was recommended in my consultation have been absolutely wonderful!

  16. Billi Chapman

    Love this product, I’ve been using it for 6+ years. I’m 41 years old. I first found out about it from my dermatologist. I just recently started purchasing the product online. I do feel the company has changed the thickness of the product slightly as it feels a little thinner than before. I love that it’s gentle, not drying on my skin (never feels tight or dry after use), AND removes my eye makeup (mascara, eyeliner). The only issue I’ve had is with the packaging – when you are traveling, it passes through my checked luggage no problem, but be sure to use the cap it comes with and place in a zip lock baggie. The cleanser can tend to leak during a flight but if the cap is on it will just leak into the cap.

  17. Rosey

    Truly balancing. Evened out my skin very quickly. My dry patches are now “normal” and in my Tzone, where I was super oily, is now “normal” as well. I am tempted to switch to the normal cleanser but don’t want to rock the boat!

  18. Angela Bookman

    5 out of 5 for this product as well. I just have nothing bad to say about this company. Love this cleanser just like I like every other product I use from them. Has managed to even out my skin tone when nothing else ever did. Very very impressed.

  19. Corrine

    This stuff is great. It has really helped in evening out my skin. I used to have splotchy skin, my chin would get super oily and my cheeks would be so dry and chapped they would be visibly dry. Now it is so “normal” I can’t even really remember how bad it used to be. I have been tempted to move to the “normal” version of the cleanser but am scared it won’t be as good for my skin.

  20. Nancy Avery

    This product is truly incredible. First of all, it lasts forever. I have bought similar sizes of other cleanser but somehow this one tends to last me 2-3 months. And that is with my daughter stealing it every once in a while!
    But also it just FEELS good. I finally feel clean. No irritation, no film on my skin and finally my skin feels like it has stopped being oily in some place and dry in others. I truly love this product and would recommend it to anyone who asks me.

  21. Alicia Harkin

    The single best cleanser there is. I use it, my mother uses it, my 2 daughters use it. I recommend it to anyone I can. Your skin feels incredibly clean after use.

  22. Marcia

    This product worked great for me. I have combination skin, which is also very sensitive, so I always look for gentle cleansers but most of the time they are not what they say they are and I end up red-faced. This one cleans thoroughly while maintaining a pleasant moisture balance: not too dry and not oily. I experienced no breakouts from using it either. The scent is pleasant. It smells fresh and clean but isn’t overpowering and doesn’t linger on your face after washing. You don’t have to use a lot of product, which saves money. I really like the consistency. It feels soft and silky on your face. Every time i see the bottle with the word Ninja, I feel kind of bad ass, which brings a smile to my face each time I use it. That fact alone is worth 5 stars in my book.

  23. Debbie Howard

    There is no better cleanser out there IMO. I tried the Mild cleanser from this brand before and although I liked it, it never gave me that totally clean feeling. But when I tried a sample of this one, wow, I was convinced. Now I can literally go all day without feeling oily and gross, my breakouts (with some medicine from Ninja) have all but disappeared. I am over the moon with this product!

  24. Kay Lynne

    I don’t even have acne! Never have but I love the way this cleanser feels! I used it once at my sister’s house when I was visiting and instantly fell in love. I can’t really describe it but it just feels clean and pure. The bottle lasts a really long time. I also love their sunscreen!

  25. Wendy Diggins

    I’ve been using this cleanser for over twenty years and I swear by it. My combination, extremely-sensitive skin in the Bay Area got harder to manage when I moved to dry Colorado but this cleanser kept up – my skin feels clean and looks great and doesn’t get irritated.

  26. Tori White

    I live near the beach and throughout the year, the weather can be pretty harsh year round. As I have gotten older, my skin has become more complex, dray patchy areas, oily areas. I never seemed to be able to get it under control after trying nearly everything for “combination skin”. I can’t really remember how I heard about this brand but I love it. For once, my skin feels “normal”. I tell everyone I know to give it a try. Such a high quality product at a reasonable price.

  27. natalia

    Nunca en mi vida habia usado productos de limpieza porque no tenia mucho interes en esto puesto que ninguno servia para nada, todos eran mitos costosos para tratar de vender a la gente. Una vez empece a usar NINJA me enamore de sus productos, pues no solo es algo con lo que te sientes conforme sino que tambien es algo que vale la pena comprar y es ahi donde empiezas a tener mas importancia y darle sentido a tu cara y sus cuidados… creo que jamas cambiaria este producto por ningun otro, no hay razon para hacerlo y soy feliz usandolo para que mi cara se vea cada dia mejor. Gracias NINJA!!!

  28. Tara Stone

    Revolutionary. I have very combination skin and have never been able to control it. I am extremely oily in my T Zone but almost scaley on my cheeks. I try to only put moisturizer on my cheeks because they embarrass me but then my TZone almost gets oilier if possible.
    I have found after about 6 weeks of using this product that the combination element of my face is nearly gone… to the point where I wonder if I am now “normal”? But I don’t dare stop using this cleanser… I am loving the results.

  29. Lisa Tellis

    The product itself is awesome. I definitely give that 5 stars. The stuff that comes IN the bottle. My only complaint is that the packaging used to be a pump, which made it really easy to get a dollop in your hands without a lot of fuss. Last year when they re-branded, they put it in this new bottle which I don’t find as easy to use. Thus the 4 stars. But I still buy it and I always will. Nothing has ever made my skin feel quite as wonderful as the NInja products.

  30. Keira K

    I have never really liked many cleansers as much as this one. Actually I just havent seen a difference between any of them. Some bar soaps make my skin drier but most of the time, the over the counter stuff seems all the same. My bff gave me this for xmas last year because she knew I was strugling with acne and swore by it. Anyways yeah great cleanser. My dry areas are less dry and my oily areas are less oily. Like a miracle.

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