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Revolutionary Salicylic Acid Cleanser for Acne

(26 customer reviews)

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Specifically formulated for acne-prone areas of the body and all facial skin types that are more resistant to anti-acne treatments and/or allergic to benzoyl peroxide.

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This Salicylic Acid cleanser for acne is a medicated wash that contains salicylic acid, an FDA-approved acne treatment. If using on your face, use this medicated facial cleanser with salicylic acid before you cleanse with one of the Ninja Skincare’s facial cleansers suitable for your skin type


  • Salicylic acid cleanser unclogs pores and removes impurities
  • Acne cleanser is Suitable for inflamed acne lesions on face and body
  • Fragrance, paraben and sulfate free
  • Treats existing acne blemishes and helps to prevent future breakouts

Size: 5.5 oz

26 reviews for Revolutionary Salicylic Acid Cleanser for Acne

  1. Kathleen Krague

    My skin feels incredibly clean after using this cleanser!

  2. Janelle Crawl

    I use this product on my face and back consistently and have for nearly 5 years. Any time I go off of it for whatever reason, I instantly regret it and see the difference within days on my skin. 5 stars for sure.

  3. Crystal

    Needed to go back to using a salicylic cleanser. Love this one. Works fast on any healing blemishes

  4. Senaf

    Calling a cleanser revolutionary is a bold move. I knew I was either gonna love it or hate it and think it was bad marketing. Love it it is! I’ve had acne since I was a teenager and I have tried a lot of cleansers, both medicated and not medicated, but none have been as effective as this. It truly lives up to its name. Rock on for truth in marketing finally.

  5. Annanna Christine

    I have always been insecure about the blemishes I have on my face. When I started using this product, most of them slowly disappeared. I still have a few blemishes today but I know they will be gone too since I have only been using this for 2 months. I have stayed in good touch with the company and they keep me on the right track. Very grateful for all their advice and so happy it is working!

  6. Sena Girl

    I’ve had acne since I was a teenager and I have tried a lot of cleansers meant to treat acne but none have been as effective as this. It truly lives up to its name. Revolutionary for sure. Never using anything else.

  7. Annanna

    I have always been insecure about the blemishes I have on my face. However, when I started using this product, most of them slowly disappeared. Although I still have a few blemishes today, I am confident they will be gone too since I have only been using this for 2 months.

  8. Mikameh

    I went to a dermatologist for my adult acne brought on by extreme stress and she told me to use this brand so this is the only brand I use now. It may be pricey (for me anyway) but it really is worth it 🙂

  9. KLH

    bought this when I lived in NYC years back and my facial skin was never better. I stopped using it for several years due to a lack of availability locally and laziness to go online to buy and switched to the more commonly used facial cleansers (Clean & Clear, Neutrogena Deep Clean, etc). I noticed how much worse my skin got over that time. After just getting sick of the texture and feel of my skin, I repurchased this last month and I already notice a dramatic improvement.

    I have very sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts and bumps and easily dries up. I use Ninja products twice daily now. This has the best combination of ingredients to control those breakouts while leaving my skin feeling smooth and shiny.

    – Very effective at treating bumps and blemishes on my sensitive skin
    – Does NOT dry out my skin as opposed to other salicylic acid based cleansers I’ve used in the past
    – Solid size which should last for several months using it once or twice a day
    – No scent that overwhelms me.
    – Reasonable price for a high-end, high-quality cleanser

    – None

  10. Nando

    I’ve never used a medicated cleanser before but now I don’t think I will ever use anything else. I love that it saves me a step in my nightly routine and more importantly that it has helped clear my skin considerably.Very happy.

  11. CeciliaLuv

    I have acne and am pushing 40 and this is the best face cleanser I’ve ever used. It has a subtle scent and a light feel and lasts forever. Worth the money for sure.

  12. Warriors89

    This stuff is awesome. I’m 33, have normal to dry skin with some blemishes and this is the first stuff I’ve used that didn’t cost a fortune and actually cleared up my skin without drying it out. I also use the sunscreen in the am and the benzoyl medication in the pm . Great stuff.

  13. BamburyRoad

    Honestly this is one of the best cleaseners I have used. It’s very gentle on your skin, but definitely leaves you feeling clean afterwards. And no, your skin isn’t left feeling dry afterwards. If you’re looking to try a new face wash, definitely buy from this brand. You will definitely notice a difference between this and your last cleanser.

  14. Gia98

    I use this in the am and pm, then use Salicylic Acid, straight up, both in the am and pm too. I never had really bad acne but definitely consistent. Now I can’t really even remember the last time I had even a minor pimple.

  15. Cynthia Gerrard

    I used this for years then because my skin was clear, thought my skin could handle something else, maybe something a little cheaper. So I bought something at the drugstore, I forget what the brand was… maybe Neutrogena? Anyways, not better. Immediately went back to Ninja and saw the difference. Never switching again!

  16. Mel Baker

    I have an allergy to benzoyl and really hate the sulfur option, cause it smells so bad! I started on a normal cleanser then moved onto this one when I felt like I needed a little more oomph. I started with the salicylic 1 medication, then to the 2 and now the 3 and I was almost clear but still had some blackheads here and there. This did the trick! Now, I am on Salicylic 3, which I wear day and night, use this wash day and night and my face is so super clear. The routine is so easy! Love everything about this brand and this product.

  17. Melissa Rose

    I know people use this on their backs a lot but I found it to be perfect for the breakouts I got on my neck, like right under my ears. I am in customer service and so I am on the phone a lot and I think the oils from my hair and grime from my headset really cause a lot of gross stuff to accumulate down there. This has been the only product I could find that would combat it.

  18. mark

    Best stuff I have used for the acne I have had on my back since I was a teen. That plus the actual Salicylic Acid I use from this company have managed to completely clear my back.

  19. Edna Ivy

    I am a 49-year old with oily skin. I absolutely love this product. It helps control the oil, without being too drying and feels very refreshing.

  20. Dasa Langely

    I had painful acne on the back of my arms. It was not only super duper painful but I couldn’t wear short sleeve shirts in public and I got into a bad habit of picking a lot. Especially bad because I couldnt really see the results. When I did suck it up and look I was generally pretty horified. Normal stuff I got didn’t work, I tried over the counter stuff, Mario B, Proactive, R&F and a ton of everything else. What I loved about this product, aside from it working, was that I really got a sense of support and community from this company that I have never experienced anywhere else. They directed me not only to the right products but also were there to hear my progress but also to help me figure out how to improve my routine and make it stronger. My arms are finally clear and I am wearing anything I want!!

  21. Alexi T.

    When I turned 37, all of sudden, my skin decided to act 15… hormones I guess. My friend’s son had been using Ninja products and it was working miracles, so I gave it a shot. I love having clear skin again!

  22. Payton Mills

    I never would say I have “acne” but I do have breakouts that pop up every month. When I started using this and the mask, after about 2 months, those monthly breakouts stopped. So happy.

  23. Joanie Bancroft

    I never really suffered from acne until recently – well into my 30’s. My jawline and beneath my lower lip really seemed to breakout at “that time of the month”. I noticed my nostril pores were more pronounced as well with larger blackheads than normal. I called Ninja and was blown away by their customer service. This was recommended to me along with the Salicylic Acid 2 and some moisturizer. I am very pleased with the results. My pores are greatly reduced and my monthly breakouts are gone. This product itself is non-abrasive, easy to wash off and I feel very clean after I use it. Very happy I came across this company.

  24. Sal Casteneda

    I wasn’t really sure I needed it. I wouldn’t even say I had acne… just like a pimple here and there pretty consistently. My wife uses these product and bought this for me as a gift. What the heck, might as well try it. Well I am happy that I did. Those periodic zits like never happen any more like ever. I am really pleased and only now realize how much they bugged me.

  25. Jose Manuel

    I use this for last 3 years with other Ninja products. At first I use normal cleanser for my back but they recommended me this instead. My skin gets very clear very quickly after this. I would like very much to recommend this product to as many people as I can.

  26. Warren

    I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide, and I needed an extra boost to my face treatment. I could not use the wipe out wash because it has benzoyl in it, so I started using this cleanser twice a day, along with my secret agent sulfur formula overnight and my oily skin has improved! I *finally* don’t feel like oil is just dripping off my face like I used to!

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Small batch production means the cleanest Acne Cleansers on the market!

The first step to clear skin is using a cleanser specifically matched to your skin type, oil production and acne severity. Ninja Skincare makes that easy with six different acne cleansers for face and body, including two that are sulfate-free.

Not all acne cleansers are equal. Most over the counter cleansers have added oils that stick to your skin and clog the hair follicles where pimples form. All of Ninja Skincare’s cleansers get your skin squeaky clean, leave no residue and they’re pH balanced too! We recommend using your Ninja acne cleanser in the morning and night and after perspiring.


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