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Revolutionary Extra Strength Facial Cleanser for oily skin

(31 customer reviews)

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Your perfect deep-cleaning daily facial cleanser for oily skin. Removes oil and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean without leaving behind any residue.

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The Extra Strength Facial Cleanser for oily skin is specially formulated without irritants or fragrance, so it may be used several times a day to reduce oil buildup and shine. Contains White Oak Bark – one of nature’s strongest natural astringents.


  • Non-irritating oil removing cleanser
  • Fragrance and paraben free facial cleanser
  • Contains White Oak Bark – a natural astringent

Size: 5.5 oz.

31 reviews for Revolutionary Extra Strength Facial Cleanser for oily skin

  1. Sarah

    The wash work fine.
    My 1 star is for the EXTREMELY SLOW shipping process! It takes over a week to get products shipped every single time. Shipping isn’t free unless you spend way too much. If I have to pay $7 for shipping, I don’t think I should have to wait over a week. Even if I spent enough to get the free shipping I should have earned faster service!

  2. mmorton002

    I have used this cleanser for 6 years now. It has helped stop my breakouts, but it does not dry out my skin. I love it!

  3. Reign Goldman

    My genetics blessed me with oily skin, thanks Dad! I struggled for years to find a cleanser that would take the excess oil off but didn’t happen upon Ninja until recently. So happy with this cleanser really. I can wash my face in the am and it still feels “normal” by 5pm which is unheard of. Got all my siblings to use it as well.

  4. Tonya Sinclair

    I have really oily skin. It used to embarrass me because I always looked sweaty. And if I did actually sweat, forget about it!

    Now I feel like my skin has changed to being almost “Normal” – in fact, I have thought about trying out their “Normal” cleanser to see if my overall oil production has really reduced or if it is just this awesome cleanser. Regardless, I am a Ninja for life. Loving my skin finally!

  5. Chris Wayz

    I take this at work or when I go traveling. I cannot go on a day without using it as my skin will feel oily and dry. I love it. My only complaint/suggestion is that they sell a travel size but they are kind enough to send empty smaller bottles if you are in a bind.

  6. ChrisW

    I take have one bottle at home and even keep one at work for the late day wash. I love this product! I recommend it to everyone I know.

  7. Kerstin

    It took me time to find the best cleanser for me, I think I have tried probably about 40+ in my lifetime. So happy to say the search is over with this awesome acne cleanser. I was able to see immediate results, and my oils are not as severe as it was before. I don’t even use blotting papers any more!

  8. Jenni B.

    I have incredibly oily skin, which can be uncomfortable, especially when I get sweaty. It can be pretty gross. But since using this cleanser, I can feel my skin become less oily regardless of what sweaty activity I do. I use it in the am and pm and rarely have any oily, shininess in the middle of the day.

  9. Breanna

    I have been using this cleanser for the past 2 years and I can’t recommend it enough. I have it shipped to the Ireland and its with the postage costs. I’ve suffered with my acne breakouts for over 30 years and there isn’t a treatment orally or topically that I haven’t tried, but this Ninja product has cleared my skin up. I use it twice a day and I don’t have any breakouts or acne at all. I would recommend it to anyone who has tried all the alternatives for their acne. It took about a week for it to make a difference.

  10. Taylor

    This stuff is life-changing!! I am 25 and had such oily skin that I used to glisten by the end of the day. It has solved my oily skin and my acne troubles. Most efficient cleanser I have used to date and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Fellow oily skin people, you will not regret buying this!

  11. Jitka

    Super oily northern european skin. Used to have to blot and use powder multiple times per day. Now I use this in the am before I go to work and then again at night to wipe off the day’s gunk and so happy to say that I no longer use any makeup at all. I try to stick only to Ninja products and nothing else, except occasional eye liner. This cleanser and their sulfur mask are my go to saviors!

  12. J. Lindsay

    This product is fantastic! I will use it for the rest of my life probably, my skin has never been clearer!

  13. Francie_franco

    Never ever did you ever see oilier skin than mine. Blotting papers, cleansers, no moisturizer, sun exposure, you name it and I tried it to get rid of the oil dripping from my skin, almost literally. But this cleanser really managed to finally dry up my skin in a good way. I know too much dryness is a bad thing, but after using this about one month, I noticed that my skin wasn’t as oily but still seemed healthy. Extremely impressed and very happy to have discovered it!

  14. Jake2123

    Ya its good. Noticed that my forehead isnt as oily and arund my nostrils either. Which is pretty cool. Oh and my temples too I have noticed those are drying up, not as many blackheads there as before.

  15. 25withAcne

    have been using this for a couple months now and it has made me fall in love with everything Ninja! I was using this with my clairisonic, but have since ben using it on its own and have seen much better results. It is very gentle, it isn’t even really a foaming cleanser at all. Doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or irritated at all and I have noticed it clearing up my skin and leaving my skin looking refreshed and healthy. Ive tried more expensive cleansers (Philosophy’s Clear Days Ahead Line) and I would recommend this over that all day! I want to try all Ninja products now. They are the best by far.

  16. GemmaBear

    my oil is nearly gone. For the most part. Thanks largely to this product. I use it twice a day, sometimes three times. I rarely if ever have the need for medication any longer cuz this cleaner just gets all the oil off. Won’t ever use anything else!

  17. Shannon_B

    When they say extra strength they mean it! My skin almost instantly became less oily from using it, and I have NEVER seen a cleanser do that. Normally I have to add a whole lot more than a cleanser to get this oil from dripping off my skin.

  18. Alice

    This really is the most effective anti-oil cleaner I have ever used. My skin literally used to DRIP oil after around 1pm and now, with this and the medication I use from them I dare say my skin is nearly “normal”. I hate to even use that word because I am worried I will jinx it. But I have never found a product that actually says what it says it does. My 3 sisters are all on it now too because we all have the same oily skin!

  19. Allison Thorpe

    Super strong cleanser. Love it. Normally cleansers haven’t really helped me kill the oil production on my T zone. I immediately noticed a reduction in oil around my nose and chin after a couple of days of use. Now I use it 3 times/day and have found that I no longer even need blotting papers around mid day, which is amazing. I used to have a stash in my office, my purse, my bathroom… everywhere! And now I have none. It is incredible.

  20. Lindsay

    This face wash has made such a huge difference for me! I’ve used countless face washes over the years… I mean countless. I’ve tried all the big brands and nothing has really ever seemed like it’s made a difference on my face. I’ve had breakouts for as long as I can remember.

    I was skeptical before trying this face wash. This skepticism was mainly because I was going to be paying twice the price of most of typical face washes I get at the store. After a few weeks of using it, I noticed a huge difference in my complexion. I went from having breakouts constantly to having one or two spots every few weeks. Also, while this face wash is more expensive than typical store brands, it lasts a whole lot longer than any other face wash I’ve used. You only need to use about a dime sized amount of face wash each time you wash your face. This has allowed me to make one bottle of this wash last me 3 months! That’s huge. In that sense, it’s really no more expensive than your typical store brands.

  21. DeBrinne Ferguson

    I am new to the Ninja craze and I have to say, I am buying into it BIG TIME!!! My skin has been oily and gross my entire life as I remember it and now it is what I consider “normal”. I am so thankful I found this company! Best wash ever!

  22. Melina

    I have oily latin skin. My nose gets all shiny and it is embarrassing. My forhead is always oily and I really brakeout on my jaw and chin. I end up wearing a lot of makeup all day to try and cover it up but you can still see the bumps. The oil gets through my makeup and at the end of the day, the makeup is cracked kind of. It is gross.

    I started this stuff about 2 months ago and I really like it allot. My brakeouts arent even coming very much now and the oil is pretty much gone everywhere on my face. I still wear makeup but to cover the scars I have. The lady there tells me soon the scars will fade too. I cant wait for that.

  23. Derek Nawl

    I have suffered from acne on my face and body since I was a teenager. It has always caused me a great deal of angst and embarrassment. I am now 49 and am embarrassed that I still have not found a solution. My kids are now showing signs that they inherited my skin and my wife immediately started investigating solutions. She came upon this after much research and ended up buying it not only for my 2 kids but for me as well. I was extremely skeptical since nothing has ever worked. But this did. It worked. After 30+ years of battling this, my skin is now “normal”, not dripping in oil and miraculously, not breaking out. I still have scars but after using it 5 months, even the scars are starting to fade, get less red. I am hopeful if I continue doing the treatment, they will fade even more drastically.

  24. Bella B

    This entire product line has changed my life for the better. I had severe cystic acne which was so painful, it would take months for one cyst to heal, sometimes requiring visits to the dermatologist to drain the cyst multiple times. This lasted years.
    As with everyone else here, I was very dubious about a product actually doing what it said it would do. This particular cleanser is super strong, hence the name. It made my T-zone feel non-oily for the first time that I can remember. I feel clean afterwards. There are times when it is actually a little too strong (depending on the time of year it seems) but it is then that I apply a small layer of their wonderfully light moisturizer and it goes back to perfect. Never in my life had I actually had skin that would occassionally feel dry and even though it sounds weird, to me, it is the best thing that could have ever happend to me after years and years of having extreme oil on my T-zone.

    I gladly recommend this product.

  25. Amy K

    I have used this for the last 20+ years and have stayed true to it. Recently, my daughter, who I had on the mild cleanser, started to experience heavy oil production in her Tzone and was constantly powdering, using way too much makeup IMO. I knew this wasn’t good for her skin, asked her to give my stronger cleanser a try … and she LOVED IT. Way less oil, WAY less makeup… we are all happy.

  26. Carley

    I have spent a small fortune trying to find the perfect acne solution. I used to get tiny bumps all over oily areas of my face. After only a few months, this product has nearly cleared all of the little stubborn bumps. At first it was very drying, but my skin got adjusted and it has been working wonders. I am so impressed!

  27. Tabitha H

    I live in the high desert and have oily oily skin. It has always been a mystery to me how my skin isn’t dry when everything else around me is. But that’s life’s big mystery, I suppose.

    Nothing I have tried has ever made me very happy. I have found a couple of products that will temporarily get rid of the oil, like in the am right when I wash, but by noon I am back to a shiny oily face (with loads of pimples). It has always been extremely embarrassing for me.

    I came across Ninja quite by accident and it was very fortuitous. Like many before them, they promised me clear skin and “Normal” skin. I did not think it was possible but gave it a shot – I liked their money back guarantee.

    Within a month of using this product, my skin was near “normal” in its oil production. I would wash twice a day, as advised, and throughout the day, my skin remained “normal”. I don’t need to use blotting papers throughout the day any more, no more powdering my nose every 2 hours. It is wonderful!

    Aside from that, my skin is almost clear, which is another story altogether. I am a teacher and I tell everyone I can about this product. Oh and it does last a long time – I find that a bottle of this lasts me about 2 months, with constant, twice daily usage.

  28. Barb Fulton

    I use this product twice a day, once first thing in the morning when I wake up and once right before I go to bed. In the morning, I do not use any medication but I do use their sunscreen immediately afterwards to replenish some of the oils that I take off when washing. I was hesitant to do this because I abhor oil but they assured me it would not exacerbate my acne at all. Then at night, I use their benzoyl 10% and sometimes a sulfur mask. So far with this combination, I have found that the oil production on my face seems to have dissipated, I really never feel overly oily and I never feel dry. For once in my life, my skin feels “normal” and it is a glorious feeling.

  29. Vikki James

    Great product. Kills the oil on my face no problem but without stripping it. Oil production seems to have gone down too since starting it. So happy with my skin and I never thought I would be able to say that.

  30. Chris K

    I wake up and my face is dripping in oil. Almost literally. I wish I was exaggerating. This product has been a god-send to me – I wash my face in the morning and feel human for the rest of the day. Then at night, I wash it again, put on the meds they recommended me and I almost believe that my skin isn’t oily any more. In fact, I got to the point where I thought I didnt need them any more, stopped for a week and realized nope! my skin hadn’t changed – it was just this awesome cleanser helping me out everyday.

  31. Cindy A

    I have been on every prescription drug made. I have tried every over the counter option and my acne has just plagued me my entire life. I cannot sing the praises of Ninja Skincare enough. I read about it on a blog and took a leap of faith. I got in touch with them and they got me on a very aggressive treatment program, taking into account how long I had been battling it and how nothing had ever worked.

    I have tried the Xtra Strength Cleanser and the Secret Agent Sulfur Medication and between the two of those, I just cannot even put into words the almost instantaneous difference I saw in my skin. Even as I write this, there are tears in my eyes thinking about how long I suffered needlessly, simply because I didn’t know about this product. My skin is now the best it has been in 20 years and I am so happy I took that leap of faith.

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Small batch production means the cleanest Acne Cleansers on the market!

The first step to clear skin is using a cleanser specifically matched to your skin type, oil production and acne severity. Ninja Skincare makes that easy with six different acne cleansers for face and body, including two that are sulfate-free.

Not all acne cleansers are equal. Most over the counter cleansers have added oils that stick to your skin and clog the hair follicles where pimples form. All of Ninja Skincare’s cleansers get your skin squeaky clean, leave no residue and they’re pH balanced too! We recommend using your Ninja acne cleanser in the morning and night and after perspiring.


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