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Commonly Asked Questions: T-Zone Oiliness, Cystic Acne, Wrinkles and More!

September 23, 2021

What to Do With Your T-Zone, Acne Flare Ups and Aging Skin

We recently got a check in from a long-time client, Melanie. She touches on a number of factors that affect many of our clients – aging skin, hormones, hyperplasia, pore size, acne breakouts – you name it. Because of this, we thought it would make a good blog post so that if any of you have any of these issues, you can check out Pamela’s response.


I have been using your products since 1998 when you were the Acne Treatment Clinic in Walnut Creek.  

Thank you!! Seems like that was just last year. Time is flying by way too fast.  


I am now 52, and my skin is out of control with oil.

have you had any hormonal testing? do you know where your progesterone/estrogen and testosterone levels are? are you using HRT? 


The pores on my nose and t-zone are large. 

that is a genetic thing – sorry to say – bummer!! So the best thing to do is to keep them as cleaned out as possible – using topical medications to get flaking and peeling deep into the follicles to prevent them from getting clogged with dead skin cells/oils which causes the follicles to stretch out. As we age, our skin loses elasticity – which can make those follicles less likely to bounce/spring back to where they once were.


I am getting more sebaceous hyperplasia on my cheeks below my eyes. 

you can get those removed – either by extraction or by using a heated pin (doctor does this) – and they literally burn/melt them off your face. You’ll have scabbing for several days after – as they heal.


When covid started last year, I stopped wearing makeup since I wasn’t going anywhere. My oil production has increased during this time.

wonder if it’s from more stress this last year? Have you been healthy? Did you get Covid? I’ve noticed some folks who got it end up w/ more oily skin. It must upset some regulator. However since you’re home more  you can wash your face more often…obviously AM and PM but add in a mid – day – that helps to remove that oil and that will make your skin less likely to clog up.


Fortunately, my acne is starting to slow its production.  I do get the occasional cystic bump and white heads on occasion especially when my period decides to come once every 2 or 3 months.  

aha! Lovely hormones – that progesterone and testosterone are giving you their last gasps – which is what happens w/ menopause…no biggie, just have to suffer through it. So washing more often and applying meds more often will help.  

Here are the Ninja products I’ve been using: Morning, wash with extra strength cleanser or salicylic cleanser, salicylic 3, glycolic 10%benzoyl peroxide 10%.

make sure you are not in the sun w/ the benzoyl on your skin! and if you are in the sun- skip all topicals and wear your sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat.

At night, I repeat the above steps.  

I use the sulfur mask 2x a week. 

as much as a pain as it is – use the mask up to 7 x a week…the clay removes topical dead skin cells and the sulfur kills bacteria. Also – when you wash mid-day/early evening – apply just the benzoyl, as using the SA and GG too often can sometimes make your skin get irritated. If there is no flaking on your skin with this treatment 3 x a day, then we will have to add the Elite Agent – which has sulfur in it – and having it – I recommend using it after the mid day/early evening wash so you don’t get the sulfur odor on your linens. Also when you wash your face – really scrub – NOT hard, but lather vigorously for a full minute…make lots of bubbles – that remove the oils too. 

As far as aging, the oil has helped with wrinkles!  I do have some crows feet, some minor lines on my forehead and around my mouth.  

great. But to be honest – oily skin doesn’t help w/ wrinkles – since the wrinkles form in the dermal layer of the skin and the oil never gets there – it is expressed on the surface/epidermis – so what you’re most likely seeing (when you compare yourself to others your age) is SMART sun protection when you were younger. 🙂 GOOD job – reap the benefits of it.  

If you could give me any recommendations, I’d appreciate it.  If you want to call me, that works also.  

I forgot to mention that I am on the blood thinner warfarin since 2009 when I had a DVT and will be on it the rest of my life. I have Factor V Leiden which is a genetic blood condition that causes excessive blood clotting. 

I don’t think Warfarin is an issue w/ acne – after consulting Dr. Google – so that’s good!!! Please let me know your thoughts – Pamela

If you have any of the issues that Melanie mentions above or don’t see any mention of what you are currently battling – let us know! We would love to help you. And if you keep waiting for a blog post about a specific skin concern – also let us know! We are always looking for ideas on what to write about!



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