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Hydrating Eye Replenisher (Cream)

(11 customer reviews)

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LumiPlexion’s Hydrating Eye Replenisher nourishes and plumps the skin. Antioxidants neutralize damaging free radicals and help prevent premature aging. Hyaluronic acid delivers moisture-holding compounds to the skin, making it feel hydrated and soft.

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Formulated for the delicate skin around the eye area, LumiPlexion’s Hydrating Eye Replenisher nourishes and plumps the skin. Antioxidants neutralize damaging free radicals and help prevent premature aging. Hyaluronic acid delivers moisture-holding compounds to the skin, making it feel hydrated and soft. May be used under makeup. For all skin types.


  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Antioxidant therapy neutralizes free radicals
  • Excellent for delicate skin around eyes

Size: 1 oz

11 reviews for Hydrating Eye Replenisher (Cream)

  1. Scotti Yamasaki

    I switched to this eye cream after I tried some of their other products and liked them. I had some trouble finding an eye cream I liked because all the other ones I have used always seem to be really oily and just sit on the surface of my skin, not soaking in. This one still feels hydrating which is what I wanted but does soak into the skin fairly quickly, allowing me to wear it in the am and still wear light makeup. As with all the other products I have tried, I like this one as well and have been telling my friends and family about it.

  2. CatLady

    I noticed such a dramatic difference after using this cream, I decided to ditch my old favorites permanently. I guess I’ve never thought much about products like this because they weren’t working well enough for me to notice a change. Well, I definitely notice a change in my under eyes. Less lines, hydrated and smooth. I have very dry, sensitive skin that often reacts to products, but have had no issues with this one after 2 months.

  3. GMgabby

    Eye creams used to fall low on my list of skincare priorities but late nights at work have made my eyes puffy so I tried this one. I was surprised how effective it was! And pretty well priced compared to some other ones I have seen advertised. So now it’s a part of my regular routine and I can really tell a difference.

  4. Joline Davison

    Turned 63 this year and have been using the Hydrating Eye Replenisher Cream for over a decade and other products for more than double that time. I get compliments frequently about my skin and youthful appearance and I chalk most of it up to these amazing products. I am forever outside in the elements and in the sun so the consequences of an outdoorsy lifestyle would have produced quite a different result – Thanks Pam, Staff and Ninja Skin Care.


  5. Emily78Po

    I used to never use eye cream consistently, just here and there when I felt like it – they just never felt dry. But recently, I did start to notice they are (gasp!) getting a little saggy so I am full on using anything I can get my hands on to stop those wrinkles! I started using this about a month ago and what I like about it compared to other creams I have tried in the past is that this soaks into my skin and still allows me to wear eye makeup without it pooling in the creases. And now that I have been using it for a while, I have really come to enjoy the feeling of having moisturized eyelids. If I skip a day, I really notice it and notice that my skin looks more haggard.

  6. Mollie Mc

    I used to buy my eye cream at Marshalls… what a joke! It was always oily and would kind of sit on my face so I would only use it at night before I went to bed. This one I can use in the am and at night, because it soaks in really nicely. For that reason alone, I love it. But it also makes my skin feel a lot healthier which is important to me. Love it!!!

  7. Lauren McCall

    Love these products! I use the eye cream twice a day, in the am when I wash and then at night before I got to bed. I swear it has slowed down my wrinkling around my eyes! Someone even commented on the fact that I am nearly 50 and have no crow’s feet! Thanks Pam… I will never use any other product!

  8. Catherine

    I have used a lot of eye cream in my day. I am kind of obsessed with not getting crow’s feet. I really like this stuff out of all of them. It goes a long way, goes on very easily and isn’t greasy. It really seems to soak into your skin and doesn’t sit on top like most other eye creams.

  9. Payton Wells

    Most eye creams I have tried (and I have tried a ton) leave me feeling kinda oily around my eyes and so I only use ’em at night when I don’t care how I look. This one is so smooth I can even wear makeup and it won’t smear or smudge. Love it and I don’t feel like am all crinkly around my eyes any more!

  10. Suzanne O’Reilly

    I have used plenty of eye creams over the years and frankly, never really saw a positive difference in my skin. Some would actually make the puffiness and fine lines almost seem worse, some would make me break out at my temples. Most eye creams I have tried are extremely oily and seem to just lie on your skin without penetrating it.

    Not this one! Love it and everything about it. It actually does what it says it is going to do which is a miracle, isn’t expensive AT ALL when compared to some of the other ones and seems like it really soaks into the skin. Overall review- I LOVE IT!

  11. Kelly Anne

    I am faithful about this stuff. Put it on every night before bed. Doesn’t seem to travel too much, into my eyes when I sleep. Doesn’t sting. And I wake up without the heavy bags that I used to have. The fine lines have noticeably diminished.

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