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Age Defying Rejuvenating Trio

(11 customer reviews)

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One of LumiPlexion’s premier antioxidant formulas, which neutralizes free radicals on the skin. Plumps dehydrated skin and improves skin texture.

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This lightweight serum is one of LumiPlexion’s premier antioxidant formulas. It contains three special ingredients: hyaluronic acid, which holds over 1,000 times its weight in water and significantly plumps dehydrated skin; betaglucan, a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the skin’s immune system; and alpha lipoic acid, which is an extremely aggressive antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Age Defying Rejuvenating Trio is suitable for all skin types.


  • A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals on the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Plumps dehydrated skin and improves skin texture

Size: 2 oz

11 reviews for Age Defying Rejuvenating Trio

  1. Scotti Yamasaki

    I have been using this for about 5 months now and have noticed a pretty drastic change in my skin. It looks (and feels!) fuller and more hydrated. Just healthier. I am very pleased.

  2. Evelyne Costurous

    At 45 I recently really started noticing my skin texture just looking, old. I was pretty bummed to see it honestly. I spoke with Pamela and she recommended a couple of changes in my skin care routine, including adding this into my morning lineup. I am feeling so much more positive about things now, 6 weeks in because my skin is looking noticeably younger, less papery and crinkly. Very happy!

  3. Ranajh

    My mother finally got me to start watching out for aging and I am happy I started when I did. I started using this product nearly 3 years ago and get complimented all the time on my skin, which never happened before. I am 44 but have been told I look 30 which is the biggest compliment I could think of.

  4. Savannah

    Have totally noticed a difference on my skin since starting to use it. I am adding in the eye cream next week and hopeful that will be as effective as the trio has been.

  5. Olive Gann

    I added this to my skincare routine after seeing the positive reviews and it did not disappoint. My skin doesn’t only look softer, it FEELS softer as well. Definitely recommending this.

  6. Ruthie B.

    I really like this product. Who knows if it works fir reals (or any of these things work) but from my experience, I feel like my skin is MUCH softer and my wrinkles that are starting are less obvious. I’m sticking with it.

  7. mmy89_dawg

    I’m 44 and recently started getting really annoyed with the crow’s feet around my eyes and the lines around my lips and in between my eyebrows. I called Pamela because I had never used the age defying part of her line before. This was about 2 months ago. She recommended this to me and the vitamin c gel. I really love them both. I am not sure which one is responsible for the better skin tone and less noticeable wrinkles but I definitely have noticed a decrease in them, which makes me so happy. I am not one for surgery so having a solution that comes in a bottle is AWESOME!

  8. Wendy_Diggins

    I just finished having babies and have started to focus on myself for the first time in 5 years. I called up Pamela and asked her for some recommendations and she sent me a sample of this stuff. I don’t have a lot of experience with anti aging products but so far, I really like this one. My skin feels plumper, like she said it would, less wrinkly and just more young. So far so good! As always, love anything Pamela tells me about!

  9. Mollie Mc

    I am 41 and finding that i am more interested in anti-aging than ever before. When did those wrinkles appear?! I have used NInja products for 20+ years for anti acne so it was a no brainer that I would try this line. I am really pleased with the results. My fine lines are noticeably less noticeable – haha. And I would also say that overall my skin looks healthier and younger. I can’t really describe it but I am not noticing the wrinkles as much. I don’t know what that means, maybe they aren’t appearing as fast? Maybe they have disappeared?! Maybe my eyesight is affected? haha… anyways, two thumbs up on this product (and all of them really)

  10. Lindsay

    Ninja products are relatively new to me, and I have been extremely pleased with almost everything I’ve tried. The Trio is one of my favorites. I just turned 34, and I’m starting to see fine lines under my eyes, as well as patches of rough, flaky skin. These issues are so frustrating: treatment feels like an uphill battle, and trying to cover these imperfections with makeup tends only to magnify them. I had read that hyaluronic acid was effective for both wrinkles and dryness, so I started experimenting with different products. I found a serum that seemed to be working fairly well, and it contained a decent amount of sodium hyaluronate (though it was only midway down the ingredients list). But it was expensive – more than $70 for less than one ounce, and its water-like consistency and clumsy container meant that I wasted quite a bit in trying to apply it. Fortunately, I found the Ninja line before I reordered the pricey serum. That product doesn’t hold a candle to this product. I absolutely love the texture. It plumps up my skin and calms any redness in dry areas, and it dries to a dewy finish, unlike the serum I was using, which soaked in without leaving a lasting moisturized feeling. I don’t waste a drop with this container, which I found easy to use it’s not watered down, and I’m spending considerably less for a product that visibly works.

  11. Sadi Jenkins

    I got this for my mom who has dry and sensitive skin. After using this for a month she said the redness on her face has gone down. It never stings her skin like other anti aging products did.

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Try the award-winning age defying products, originally from LumiPlexion Skincare!

Our specially formulated age defying products deliver key antioxidants to your skin. These antioxidants interfere with the free radicals that cause damage to your skin, and therefore help to slow the aging process. This gives you a line of defense against premature aging.

Round out your regimen with our non-acne aggravating sunscreen and use one of our Special Agents to gently remove the top layers of skin. As we age, our skin slows down the ability to exfoliate, so daily use of a topical exfoliator helps to improve texture and appearance.

All of our Age Defying products are non-comedogenic and may be used in conjunction with Ninja Skincare’s acne fighting products.


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