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Agile Applicator Face Mask Brush

(6 customer reviews)


This reusable, high quality stiff-hair fan brush makes mixing and applying Ninja Skincare facial masks convenient and easy.

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This Face Mask Brush Minimizes product waste and reduces application mess. Wash well this mask applicator with warm water and let dry thoroughly between uses.


  • A necessity for easy at-home mask application
  • Reusable mask brush
  • Minimizes product waste and mess

Size: single brush

6 reviews for Agile Applicator Face Mask Brush

  1. Gihan

    Good brush for mask coverage. I have never found one that I like more. So I keep coming back to this one.

  2. Robert Caviness

    I tried to use the mask without the brush and it just doesn’t spread on as well. If you are getting the mask, I definitely recommend that you get this brush as well.

  3. Jaimee

    This brush isn’t exactly revolutionary but since I got it here at Ninja, to me it just represents another quality product they supply. At first I didn’t use it and ran out of the mask in 2 weeks – I guess I was over using it or something. But once I started applying it properly, the product lasted me nearly a month. With the same results. So I now rely heavily on it. Great cheap product to buy.

  4. Meg Karrey

    I’ve bought brushes like this before but I definitely like this one the best. The bristles are strong without poking and no matter how many washes, I really have experienced none falling out, which is uncommon for these types of brushes. Each brush lasts me about 2 years and that is with near daily applications. And the price point is about 1/3 what I have bought in the past at least!

  5. Payton Mills

    Love this brush. I use it pretty much every day so I tend to go through them real quick. That’s the only bad part. But they are cheap so I just buy another

  6. Melanie Neely

    Spreads my mask perfectly. Helps my mask to last longer as I add a bit of water to the jar and apply with this brush. Definitely a wise investment!

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