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Teenage Acne – How to Avoid Breakouts

March 5, 2020

Ahhh…. the joys of being young.

Lazy summer days, homework deadlines, hanging out with friends…. and acne.

We all remember when we got our first pimple and thought, “No big deal, I will slap some Clearasil on that bad boy and we are done with that!”

Yeah right. If only teenage acne were that simple.

We all know now a lot more than we did back then. We know that 1/ clearing our skin takes a lot more than an overnight “miracle” serum. 2/ unfortunately for most, even after our teenage years pass, we may still experience acne breakouts well into our adulthood.

But why does acne just magically pop into everyone’s life right around the age of 12? It’s pretty simple really: puberty. Yup – puberty, the growth spurts, the body hair, the deeper voices, the mood swings… the hormones. Those hormones do a lot of GREAT things for us, but they can also throw our skin into a tizzy. Those same hormones that help us “grow up” also stimulate the sebaceous oil glands to make more and sticky oil. An excess of sebum (oil) and a genetic predisposition to retain dead skin cells that line the hair follicles result in acne. Joy.

But seriously, nothing is worse than seeing your teenager suffer from unnecessary spots on their face. So what can you do to help them?

First: Make sure your teen is 100% on board to have clear skin as much as you want it for them. Because we promise you, if they aren’t ‘all in,’ they will NOT be consistent with a daily skincare routine and as a consequence, they will not get clear skin. We have seen this hundreds, if not thousands of times. Mom or dad calls asking for help, we recommend products and poof – 2 months later, we get their call again saying that their teen didn’t wash their face every day and still has pimples.

Yup – that isn’t a big surprise.

If your teenager is not consistent, washing their face 1-3 times per day and applying topical medication 1-2 times per day, their skin will not get clear. 

We really want to stress that last point because clearing your skin is a process that takes dedication and consistency. Pimples take roughly 3-4 months to form so it will take at least that long to clear your skin. Every day that you wash your face, use your mask and apply your topical medication is a day that you are preventing pimples from forming. Every day you skip that routine is a day that you are allowing pimples to form… pimples that will likely appear in 3-4 months.

So what is the take away message of this blog post? TALK to your teenager, explain that acne leaves more than just visible scars. Explain that acne can be prevented… but they need to WANT to prevent it. Once they are committed to participate in their skincare routine, please call us (925.933.8425), text us (925.933.8425), email us ( and we will put together a routine that fits your teenager’s needs.  And we will get their skin clear.

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