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Should I modify my skincare routine during quarantine?

April 3, 2020

With pretty much the entire world in self-quarantine, we’ve been asked by many clients if they should change their daily skincare routines since their normal activities are different AND they have lots of time on their hands – inside and not in the sun.  Well, it depends of course on how things are going now with your skin.

If your skin is doing well, staying clear, and you’re happy with it, then stick with your current treatment plan.

Looking at the glass half full, now is a unique opportunity to amp up your routines if your skin could use a ‘boost’ while you are staying home.

How would you increase your treatment strength?  One way is to wash your face mid-day and apply your medication(s) and keep your same AM and PM routines. In the past, you probably didn’t have time to do this, but now being home (silver lining!?) you can definitely fit it into your daily routine. By adding another cleanser/medication application – it makes your skin treatment much stronger and will help combat new pimples from forming.

As always, we love to hear from you on a regular basis by filling out our quick check in form. Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t email (clearskin@ninjaskincare.com), call or text (925) 933-8425.

Finally, we express our most heartfelt gratitude to our essential workers who are braving the front lines during this worldwide pandemic. We all have friends and family, or we are the ones who are among the brave people going to work each day. Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, grocery workers, delivery folks, USPS personnel, law enforcement, first responders….THANK ❤ YOU.

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