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How Do I Transition From Fighting Acne To Fighting Aging Skin?

February 6, 2020

Your skin changes over time so your daily skincare routine should change as well!

A while back we received this letter from a client asking how to transition her acne treatment plan into an age-defying treatment plan.  If any of you have asked this before, you won’t be surprised by Pamela’s response…. Salicylic, Vitamin C and…. SUNSCREEN!

“Good morning,

I have been using Ninja for about 6-7 years and it has eliminated my acne problems that started in my early to mid-20s. I have used the normal cleaner, salicylic acid, benzoyl, and sulfur masks most of those years.  About a year ago I eliminated the salicylic acid step all together and have not noticed any negatives from doing that.  I also switched to 5% Benzoyl instead of 10% years ago, and I do the treatment just at night, once a day with perfectly clear skin still.  I am now 31 and I’m noticing fine lines and would love to switch my plan of attack for my skin but I also don’t want acne to come back after all these years.  Is it likely that I will not struggle with acne now if I stop using benzoyl all together and just cleanse, moisturize moisturize moisturize? …and use a mask now and then to deep cleanse?

Appreciate your advice! 

Kimberly M. “

From Pamela:

“Wow. You’re so lucky to be outgrowing an acne condition. That’s awesome!

If you want to transition off of the Benzoyl Peroxide, I would change to using just the Special Agent Salicylic Acid 1. You can use it under moisturizer at night, and then in the daytime as well if you think your skin needs it. It’s an anti acne topical and has been shown to thicken the collagen layers for the duration that you use the product. It is not an age reversal product, nothing is, sadly. Don’t get lured in on that stuff – all marketing!

If you want to do some slowing down of aging, I highly recommend the Age Defiant with Vitamin C Gel, you can use that at night over the salicylic and in the daytime, make sure you wear your sunscreen!

Let me know if you have any more questions!


If you have any questions about how to address aging skin OR if you want to incorporate age defying products INTO your acne treatment plan, please reach out to us. Remember – we are ALWAYS here for you! Call/text us at 925.933.8425 or email us at clearskin@ninjaskincare.com.

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