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Will Wearing A Face Mask Cause Break Outs?

April 16, 2020

Many people are now required to wear a mask at work. If you are wearing a tight-fitting and layered mask which is required in most healthcare situations, that long term (up to 12 hours) moisture and pressure on the skin can aggravate acne. Pressure and friction push trapped dead skin cells farther down into the hair follicles, making deeper pimples form. Add to that the stress of working in the industry at this time and it can be a recipe for increased breakouts.

We do not advise using the Benzoyl Peroxide or the Sulfur Formula Medications when you have a mask on your face, it can be too irritating. However you can use salicylic or glycolic during that time. Also, as we always harp, please check in so we can make your treatment stronger when you are not wearing a mask.

For the rest of us making short trips to the store and errands in public, wearing a mask will not affect our skin.

The increased stress, fear and worry of this pandemic are definitely taking a toll on all of us. Physically distancing from family, friends, colleagues, classmates and neighbors is adding a feeling of unease and strangeness to an already difficult time. We all know the feeling. Please concentrate on taking care of yourself by getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating a well balanced diet. Exercise is also very important. This time will pass. And together, we will get through it!

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