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Preteen Acne – How to get your preteen’s skin clear

September 11, 2020

Being a pre teen is a trying time  

  • Relationships are becoming more complex
  • Hormones are starting to affect your mood 
  • School is getting more intense 
  • More responsibility doesn’t necessarily equate with your freedom, as if you were an adult 
  • And…your skin is starting to break out

The teen and preteen years are difficult navigation times for both for the child as well as their parents. While we can’t help reduce mood swings and angst, we can help clear your teen and pre-teen’s skin. And hopefully by improving their skin, it will help Improve their overall perception of life, attitude and self confidence.

At Ninja Skincare, our motto when it comes to young kids is KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly.  Consistency is difficult for youngsters. And they won’t be consistent with a routine that is too complex. 

So what are the steps to help clear your pre-teen’s skin?

The first step is to have them develop a routine of washing their face twice a day, which can be difficult. Be patient, supportive and maybe even wash your faces together….team work! Select a cleanser that removes oil without stinging their eyes. All of Ninja Skincare’s non-medicated cleansers fit this bill.

One they are on board with twice-daily face washing, your first hurdle is over.  Success! 

Next step is introducing a topical medication to treat their acne breakouts. Being consistent with applying a topical medication to their skin is key, or they will not be preventing new pimples from forming. 

Typically, pre-teen acne is not too severe, which is nice because it doesn’t require a strong medication to clear it up. Using a topical medication such as salicylic acid is a great starter medication because it is so easy to use. Additionally, it is the least likely to cause any type of reaction to the skin… which means it is MORE likely that your pre-teen will be consistent with the medication just when they need it most.

TIP: One thing we have learned over the years is that if the pre-teen’s parents or siblings are willing to wash or even mask with them, it makes it more of a “party“ and they are more willing to use the Abolishing Sulfur Mask on a consistent basis.

If anyone knows anything about Ninja and about Pamela, it is that NO ONE is exempt from wearing sunscreen.  And that clearly includes our youngest clients. Also encourage kids to wear wide-brimmed hats, because good sun hygiene results in a lifetime benefit. Don’t forget sunglasses that block harmful UVA/UVB rays as well! Macular degeneration sucks!

Last PRO TIP: Don’t make it an argument. If they want their skin not to have pimples, then proceed with treatment. But if it turns out they are resisting, do not force them. They will come around eventually… the desire has to come from them, otherwise they will not be consistent and the treatment will not work.

Have any questions? Just give us a call or send us a text at 925.933.8425   We would love to help your pre-teen’s skin stay clear during these tumultuous life times! 


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