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How Do You Take Care Of Your Lips?

April 13, 2023

After All, Lips are Skin Too!

We don’t always think about the skin on our lips when we do our daily skincare routine, but maybe we should!

Lips are definitely ‘out there’ in the elements, more so than other areas of our body which are protected by clothing or slathered with sunscreen. Unlike other body skin, the skin on our lips is thinner and lacks a stratum corneum which is a protective outer layer. And anyone who licks their lips can’t help but notice there’s no salty taste, which is because lips have no sweat glands. Lips also have no oil glands, so lip skin can’t naturally hydrate. This leads to licking your lips and coating them with saliva, which is their only source of moisture. When it comes to natural sun protection, lips have less or no melanin, which is the natural skin pigment that protects against harmful UV sun rays.

(As if on cue) We recommend applying sunscreen to your lips if you’re planning to be in the sun. You can even use your Daily Defender Sunscreen SPF 30! And don’t forget, a wide brimmed hat will shade your lips too!

I digress….back to lip care and avoiding cracked, chapped and sore lips.

No doubt, daily moisturizer applied to the lips is needed. And while you’re at it, add some additional protection in the form of Vitamin C.

Topical vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant. It scavenges and neutralizes free radicals and other environmental factors to reduce the risk of early aging and skin damage. Using Vitamin C also improves skin texture by increasing hydration and cellular turnover.

Of course, as with any skincare program, eating a healthy, well balanced diet is paramount for good-looking lips. Certain vitamin deficiencies may cause uneven skin tone and dryness. Eating foods high in B and C vitamins are beneficial because of their rolls in the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue.

Dehydration also leads to dry and chapped lips, so drink your water and lay low on caffeine and alcohol which have diuretic effects on the body.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, winter or summer, your lips will benefit from year-round care. A good lip care routine can lead to lips that feel soft and look healthier.

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