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How Do You Know When It Is Time To Change Up Your Skincare Routine

March 29, 2023

The Importance of Checking In

How many times have you heard us say, “Please check in every two weeks with an update on your skin!?”

At this point, if you’ve been a client for a period of time, it may be approaching 1000+!

In case you were wondering why we sound like a broken record, here is a short list of why we do NOT ask this question: ????

1. For our own personal mental and physical health.
2. Because we absolutely love typing!
3. To interrupt your day and annoy you.
4. Because we don’t care if you get results with our products.
5. Because we love to be bossy! (Ok, I admit, there is some truth to that – just ask our husbands!)

All kidding aside, we ask you to check in every two weeks so we can reevaluate your skin care routine and make changes as necessary to expedite your clearing process, as well as answer any questions you may have while using our products.

Obviously!! It is far more important/prudent to check in with greater frequency for the first 4-5 months at the beginning of your treatment so we can make needed changes. Once your skin is stable and reliably better, check-ins do not need to be every 2 weeks.

However! I cannot tell you how many times in the past 34 (gulp) years I have talked to long term clients who started off having fantastic results and maintained them for many years, who are now struggling with their skin.

Sometimes, in an effort to change things up dramatically, they start using other products, go to the dermatologist, take medication, use what their friends use, try any of the skin care fads you find online and they end up more broken out and more desperate. Or, they increase the application of their Ninja Skincare products which causes irritation and burning on their skin, excessive flaking and peeling and sometimes swollen eyes!

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It is normal and predicted that your skin will change over time. As you know, many factors affect your skin, and as life progresses, those factors change as well, and so must your skin care routine.

Therefore, addressing the broken record again, here is a short list of why we DO ask this question: ????

1. When you feel good about your skin, we feel good, so I guess #1 above does have some truth to it.
2. Checking in is a free and nifty service we offer to our clients, and we all like free!
3. We really do care that you get LONG TERM results with our products.
4. We like to hear from our clients. Plain and simple. Life would be boring without human contact and knowing what other people are doing. So, besides being bossy, I guess we are also nosy!

Check in if your results aren’t holding, you have product questions or you just need a bit of reassurance about your skincare routine.

Happy to help!
XOXO, Pamela

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