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Anti aging vs reality

June 21, 2018

Can we stop and reverse AGING?

The truth is, we can’t stop aging, but we sure can slow it down using common sense and good skin care products.

Common sense lifestyle habits that promote health and wellness to the body also promotes the same to our skin. They include:

  1. Get plenty of consistent sleep each night.
  2. Eat a well balanced diet that is low in sugar, simple carbohydrates, and refined food.
  3. Stay hydrated by drinking water and reducing intake of caffeine and alcohol to no more than one a day on average
  4. Don’t smoke….anything.
  5. As much as this seems unnecessary to say, don’t start a drug addiction.
  6. Exercise daily. The body was meant to MOVE. This improves circulation, attitude, reduces stress and keeps us fit. Make it a daily priority.
  7. Don’t hang out with negative people who emotionally drain you.

Despite the claims of the skin care industry, pedaling “Anti-Aging” products for years, there is no way a simple cream applied to the skin can eradicate or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t be misled by a multi-billion dollar industry where every picture and image is photo-shopped; models’ legs are made longer and thinner, wrinkles are erased and skin is lightened. 

It’s not just the cosmetics industry touting ‘anti-aging’ products, but pharmaceutical companies are tripping over themselves to bring to market the next, best cream or pill to erase aging. Let’s face it, we’re all on the same train, just different cars! No one is immune to aging, despite the billions spent on thousands of scientific studies. We just keep coming up empty handed.

The truth is that, unless you are willing to inject something into your skin, or you are willing to go under the knife, existing signs of “aging” cannot be reversed. Please note, these procedures do not stop aging, the train is still chugging down the track. 

While we can’t ‘anti-age’ we are able to slow the aging process. Daily use of sunscreen and wearing wide brimmed hats when in the sun will stop premature aging of the skin, but your skin will continue to age, just not as fast. To add more age slowing, apply a strong antioxidant, such as topical Vitamin C, which will absorb free radicals that literally rip through cellular walls, thereby interfering with the aging process. But if you stop using it, it’s like you never used it. You won’t see the positive effects on your skin in a week or two. When you’d see them is after several years of using it on half of your face only. Then you could compare side to side and see that you’ve slowed the aging process (of course with copious amounts of sunscreen daily). 

Don’t believe the hype, the marketing and the ultimate mis-truths (lies) when you see a marketing piece illustrating the anti aging affects of a certain product. Demand evidence, down to the cells. If there were a way to stop aging, anti-age or turn the clock back on a cellular basis it would be on the front page of all news sources and stay there with miracle stories of turning a wrinkly 80 year old into a smooth skinned 20 year old. Maybe one day it will happen, but today it does not exist. So, be smart with your health, body and skin and use a daily anti oxidant and sunscreen with a wide brimmed hat  (when needed) and live each day to the fullest. Make people smile and be kind.

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