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I’m post-menopausal and still breaking out!

November 13, 2019

You are over 50. And you have a pimple. Maybe 2. Maybe more.

And here you thought acne was only for teenagers. Or maybe you HOPED acne was only for teenagers.

So WHY, in your 50’s, are you still breaking out. WHY?

Turns out, acne is caused by the same things no matter how old you are.

  1. Hormone fluctuation. If you are menopausal, most likely your hormones are starting to chill out a little but they will still fluctuate as you experienced your entire life. When you finally get through the menopause phase, you may decide to take hormone replacement, which again, may cause hormonal peaks and could result in acne. If you choose NOT to do hormone replacement, then you may notice hormonal acne will begin to lessen. However, there are still other causes for adult acne that will not settle down post-menopause. In other words, no one can predict the future when it comes to breakouts, but we certainly can predict the future when it comes to wrinkles. A life bummer.
  2. Genetics. If you are genetically pre-disposed to retaining dead skin cells in the hair follicles you are more likely to be acne prone… your whole life. Acne is not ageist.
  3. Cosmetics. If you’re in your 50’s, chances are you’re trying to fight off signs of aging by using ‘miracle’ serums that promise to ‘reverse the signs of aging.’  The ingredients of the ‘anti-aging’ products, your makeup and other skincare products could actually be exacerbating your acne. Other brands contain oils and fillers to stabilize their products for a longer shelf life. BUT those oils and fillers will CAUSE acne to form. YIKES.  And those anti-aging creams that promise to reverse the signs of aging? Not true. No product can reverse damage to the skin. The only thing you can do is PREVENT further signs of aging.  Vitamin C gel/cream is amazing because it works the entire time it is on your skin, up to 12 hours. And the Ninja brand Vitamin C gel/cream is about 50% the cost of most other brands.  And please don’t forget about wearing sunscreen daily with a wide brimmed hat if you’re in the sun for more than 30 minutes. And of course wear your eye cream! Learn more about why everyone should be using eye cream!
  4. Diet. If you eat a well balanced diet, low in sugar then diet is likely NOT aggravating your acne.  The same goes for hydration – drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is not only good for your skin, but for your entire body and immune system too.
  5. Smoking. We have heard it a million times and if you are a smoker you likely know all the terrible side effects of this habit. And we know that saying it is easier than doing it… but, you need to quit. Your lungs, brain and skin are all begging you to stop yesterday. Studies show smokers have a higher likelihood of suffering from inflammatory acne. Our advice? Quit now and save thousands of dollars a year.
  6. Stress. Unfortunately, stress doesn’t always diminish with age. Sometimes, in fact, stress goes up with age. Financial, work, family pressures and the list goes on and on. But sadly, on top of just not feeling “right” stress causes a lot of side effects in your body, one of which is acne breakouts. We know it’s hard to just ‘de-stress’ because you want to. In fact, trying to de-stress is stressful! But if you know something that makes your heart rate slow, your repair mechanisms kick in, your brain stop stirring….do it! Read a book, take a walk, breathe deeply, sleep, meditate, get a hug, sing a song…anything that offers calm and happiness is better for your skin and overall health.

Some of the above-listed triggers you can do something about (water consumption, cosmetics etc) and some… are harder to combat (stress, genetic predisposition etc). With age comes wisdom and the ability to make healthier choices.

If you or someone you know needs help with their skin, we are here for you!

If you have questions after reading this – please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

Email: clearskin@ninjaskincare.com

Text/Call: 925.933.8425

Author’s note:  If you have some cosmetics that you are unsure about – send us their ingredients and we will let  you know if there are any acne aggravating ingredients that could be causing acne breakouts.

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