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Fall Skincare Tips

September 22, 2023

Is Fall Skincare on your mind?

I’m not sure about you, but this fall season could not come quickly enough in my house.

I have a 14 year old who, quite literally, has a countdown to Halloween. She insisted we go to the Dollar Store on September 15 (!!) so she’d have enough time to decorate HER ROOM for Halloween and is actively planning a group costume with her school friends. I am still not totally clear how she is actually my child because I actively resist any and all seasonal decorations and gleefully promote being gone over the year-end holidays to avoid the holiday madness and stress.

I cannot escape the fact that summer is over and we are diving right into fall even if I stubbornly wear my shorts and tank top – instantly regretting my decision as I walk my preschooler to class.

And that event got me thinking about fall, colder weather and, of course, skin. As is the case with any change in season, the cooling temperatures will require, for most people, a slight modification in their skincare routine, either for continued acne prevention or for general skin health. With dropping temperatures, humidity levels both drop and rise making skin more prone to itchiness, dryness, and irritation. Add to that, drying winds which challenge the skin’s natural barriers, and you have some solid reasons to examine your existing routines.

So as you break out the sweaters and joggers, also take a moment to evaluate your existing routine and see how it needs to be tweaked.

  1. Moisturizer. Are you one of those people who believe that acne and moisturizer do not co-exist peacefully? Well, now is the time to throw out that old wives’ tale and embrace the fact that 1/ your skin may now require moisturizer and 2/ fall is the perfect time to add it into your routine. If you DO wear moisturizer, then now is the time of year to up the ante. You can use the Ninja Skincare moisturizer in the daytime AND nighttime (not recommended when you have benzoyl peroxide or sulfur medication on your skin), you can re-apply throughout the day as needed, you can add the moisturizing Vitamin C cream or gel. Wearing our hydrating sunscreen will also help protect your skin from windburn and reduce flakiness.
  2. Lip protection. Hey did you hear we finally brought back a lip balm? For some of our previous clients, this was one of the best product launches we have had in a long time because we are STILL getting emails asking if we can bring back our old beloved lip balm. Fall is the season to add a good lip balm. The skin on your lips is extremely delicate and fragile. As a result, if you are not sufficiently protecting your pout, you will find chapped, peeling lips as the weather turns cold. To combat this, make sure your apply and re-apply a good coverage lip balm, preferably our brand new Vitamin C Lip Protection, which will help combat the environmental damage and rejuvenate lip skin. During the day, finding a good lip balm with SPF protection would also be beneficial.
  3. Add a humidifier in your room. This can be at nighttime or really throughout the day, wherever you spend the majority of your time. The additional moisture in the air will help protect your skin from drying out in the colder temperatures.
  4. Don’t over-exfoliate. This is really true year round, but during the colder months, it is especially true. Using a gentle exfoliant is an essential part of a complete skincare routine. Be careful not to over-exfoliate which strips your skin of its natural, protective oil barrier. Use a gentle exfoliation during your daily wash and exfoliating masks once or twice per week.
  5. Drink water. I am as bad as anyone when it comes to drinking my 8 glasses of water every day. I am just not that thirsty generally speaking. So I have to literally remind myself on an hourly basis to go drink some water. And do I make it to 8 glasses a day? Truthfully? No. I am pretty stoked to get 6 glasses of water per day but I am diligently working on it. I know adequate hydration helps my skin, my gut, my metabolism, and my overall health.

There is so much more you can do BUT, if we dive deeper into this rabbit hole, I think it becomes overwhelming and unmanageable. Five simple tips and tricks are totally doable and I have faith you can do it and protect your skin in the coming colder months!  Good luck!

As always, reach out to us with any questions you might have.

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