Combination Skin – How To Take Care Of It

March 11, 2021

Do you have combination skin? Do you know your skin type? Typically, skin types fall into one of four categories: Sensitive, Normal, Combination and Oily. And most of the time, it’s based on genetics.  Today, we’re focusing on Combination Skin – one of the most common skin types. Combination skin is characterized by having an […]

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Sensitive Skin – Can you be acne free?

February 26, 2021

The Conundrum of Sensitive Skin Every week, we get emails from potential new clients asking if our acne products will be too strong for their sensitive skin. “All acne products make my skin red and hurt!” they almost always say. So does it have to be that way? The short answer is no. If you […]

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Oily Skin – How to Remove Excess Oil

February 11, 2021

Any pro tips on taking care of my oily skin? Do you have oily skin? You’re not alone. Did you know that 40-55% of adults between the ages of 20-40 have persistent acne and oily skin? That’s a large portion of the population. You may wonder why some people have oily skin while others do […]

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Topical Vitamin C – What it is and why you should be using it

January 29, 2021

How Vitamin C helps fight aging – and other lifestyle choices you can make to slow down fine lines and wrinkles Sadly, there are no unicorns or fairies….and double sadly, none of us is immune to aging. Every culture in the history of the world has searched for the elusive Fountain of Youth. Chemists and […]

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