Thinking of taking antibiotics for acne? Consider this:

April 1, 2022

If you’re considering taking prescription drugs for acne, keep reading… My babysitter recently told me she was going to start taking Accutane for her acne. My eyes bulged out and my ego was a little, I’ll admit it, bruised. I mean, after all, I run a skincare company where we focus on preventing acne by […]

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Vacation Skincare

March 17, 2022

Maintaining Clear Skin While Vacationing My family and I are on a trip at the moment. That means a lot of quality together time with ALL my kids, ALL the time. 🙂 It means I just realized that it’s time for my 8 year old to start wearing deodorant, that my 3 year old really […]

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The Stress of Being Perfect

March 4, 2022

When 24 Hours a Day is Not Enough When I was growing up, my parents tells me how much better things were when they were young. Life was easier. More calm and definitely less stressful.  Being in the anti-acne business and knowing the correlation between stress and skin, I wonder if fewer people suffered from […]

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Successful Ways To Manage Teenage Acne

February 18, 2022

Managing Teenage Acne IS Possible! Ahhh being a teenager!  So many things happen during these years – first drivers license, high school proms, first loves and … acne. So many of our longtime clients reach out to us once their children reach those amazing, prepubescent years. They’re concerned because they don’t want their kids to […]

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