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Should I Use a MakeUp Wipe?

May 28, 2020

During our Client Check Ins, several clients reported that they use a makeup wipe before washing their faces with cleanser.  Some have wondered if they should use them and whether or not there is a safer alternative.

While it is a popular product to use, we do not recommend using makeup wipes.

In order to properly clean your skin, you need soap and water…nothing like a good lather on your skin to get it squeaky clean!  A makeup wipe uses oil to break down the oil from the make up applied to your skin. Depending on what type of oil is on the makeup wipe it may be, and most often is, acne aggravating. (Nearly all brands use coconut oil which is extremely clogging to the skin.) Meaning that if you use makeup wipes, yes, you could be causing future acne breakouts without realizing it.

Therefore, it goes without saying that we do not recommend our acne prone clients to use makeup wipes or towelettes to remove makeup from their face.

Best bet for makeup removal? Your tried and true facial cleanser. Make sure you rinse your skin very well to remove all soap from your skin.

And also want to take a moment to address makeup, cover up, foundation in general. Nearly all over the counter makeups will also contain acne-aggravating oils in them to help them “spread” more evenly.  There are very few over the counter makeups that we can recommend to our clients. The best thing you can do for your skin is to go makeup free. That said, if you feel like you need something to cover up, then you can consider Ninja Skincare’s makeup line, which is guaranteed to be non-acne aggravating. Ninja’s complete line of Invisible Makeup will not clog your skin and is easy to thoroughly remove with your cleanser, water and fingertips or sponge scrubbing.

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