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New Year’s Resolution

January 9, 2020

Welcome 2020! New Year’s resolutions abound.

We’ve been listening to an uplifting podcast called The Happiness Lab. It’s a podcast about how to find happiness. Although we are only half-way into the podcast, it has us thinking, especially at this time of year, what would make us HAPPY?

When we ask friends and family about their resolutions they primarily focus on weight loss, financial improvements and overall health.

While all these are admirable, we started to think . . . would achieving those things make you truly HAPPY?

The general message of the podcast is that what you think will make you happy ultimately does not result in happiness. Winning the lottery does not make people happy. Buying a new sweater does not make someone permanently happy. Instead, overall well-being, a sense of purpose, a sense of community, those are what make people happy. And it requires active, not passive, efforts to attain a sense of happiness.

In the podcast, they stress COMMUNICATING with people, creating new relationships or making time to strengthen existing relationships are ways to improve happiness. Taking the time to talk to strangers, perform a random act of kindness per day, conscience breath and meditation, GROUND YOURSELF, stop being in such a rush to achieve. . . all make us more happy. So does smiling  (you smile when you’re happy, right?). Turns out, a smiling person not only has a positive effect on their own attitude, but also influences the attitudes of others.

Interestingly, your sense of happiness is a tell-tale sign of how successful you will be in life. One statistic they quoted is, if at the age of 12, you rate yourself as being very happy, you will earn 10% more in 10 years than the average population. And if at 12 years old, you rate yourself as being unhappy, you will earn 30% LESS than your average counterparts in 10 years.  Kind of astounding.

So why is a skin care company blogging about happiness?

Clearly, we want all of you to be happy. We also know that happy people are less likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed. And we know that stress definitely aggravates acne (ahah, you say, there’s the skincare connection!).

So for 2020, while we meditate, stretch, drink water and eat plant-based foods, we encourage you to think happy thoughts and manifest that happiness into your New Year.

A new decade, a new perspective, a new reality.

Peace, love and happiness, friends.

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