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Eyelash Care and Maintenance

November 17, 2023

But What About Eyelash Care?

Here at Ninja Skincare, we have a very scientific way of deciding the subject for each blog post. Generally speaking, the process goes something like this:

Larissa: “Hey Pamela – any ideas for this week’s blog post?”
Pamela: “Ummmm…..”

But this week, when I asked her if she had any ideas – most of the time, those ideas come directly from you guys, questions you have asked us during the week etc.- she said, “Yes! Tell everyone they should wash their eyelashes!”

Well, even having been in the skincare industry as long as I have, this is a new one for me, so I did some digging. And guys – eyelash health is a THING!

I might have more of an excuse of ignorance than some because 1/ I don’t have eyelash extensions and 2/ I generally don’t wear eye makeup. That said, I do have thinning eyelashes which has started to cause me some serious vanity issues. And after reading about eyelash health, I am thinking I might be onto something.

Let’s Talk Eyelashes

Have you ever wondered what eyelashes actually DO? Were they put on the human body so that they could be long and luscious and accentuate every lovely lady’s eyes? Well, that is a nice added benefit however, they do indeed serve a purpose. And that purpose is to protect your eyes from dust and debris. There are approximately 75-80 eyelashes in four rows on your bottom eyelid and roughly 90-160 in six rows on your upper lid. And in case you are wondering how often eyelashes fall out – they have a life span of 4-11 months.

Common Eyelash Issues:

  1. eyelash loss, or milphosis
  2. stunted growth
  3. dryness
  4. brittleness

Reasons For These Issues include:

  1. False eyelashes and rough removal
  2. Irritating and drying makeup ingredients
  3. Eyelash curlers
  4. Rough makeup application
  5. Makeup allergies

There are other reasons why you may experience eyelash loss – including Hashimoto’s, Alopecia, Thyroid disease, eyelid inflammation, stress, prescription medications and eczema.

Eyelash Maintenance

Ok so now we have discussed all the terrible things that can happen to your eyelashes, let’s talk about how you can protect them.

  • Eyelash Cleaning: Preventing common eye irritations and conditions simply by washing the base of your eye lashes daily. Good news!!!! Our facial cleansers (without salicylic or benzoyl) are safe to use on lashes and will not irritate the eye. And in most cases will not sting your eyes either (tested by Pamela!)
  • Absolutely (!!!) remove your makeup before going to bed. And if you wear fake eyelashes, make sure you gently remove them with extra care so not to damage your real lashes.
  • Planning on staying home for a while? It may be a good idea for you to take some breaks here and there from wearing eye makeup and fake lashes to give your natural lashes time to recover.
  • Eat a proper, balanced diet.  Just like every other aspect of your body’s overall health, you are what you eat – and that goes for your eyelash health as well!

Now I don’t know about you guys, but researching this blog post has been very helpful to me and I am confident that with a few small changes, I will once again be happy with the lusciousness of my lashes!

Questions? Comments? Blog ideas?  Shoot us a text/phone call or email!

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