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How to Avoid January Breakouts

December 9, 2021

Want to be breakout free into the new year?

The month of December can be a doozy! Lots of socializing, shopping, time with family and friends, not to mention keeping up with our daily life of work and personal obligations.

It’s a mixture of fun and stress and we know whenever we go through a prolonged period of high energy-packed days, the results are often future breakouts.

No doubt stress is felt by all organs of our body, but the one we are most concerned with for this blog is how it manifests itself on the largest organ of our body, our skin.

Biology is interesting! But not always our friend. For example, the cells that produce sebum (oil) also have receptors for stress hormones. When a person who is acne prone goes through periods of high stress, those cell receptors INCREASE their production of sebum, leading to more clogging inside the hair follicles where acne forms.

Here are some key ways to prevent new pimples from forming during this high intensity time of year:

  • Get your sleep!! Experts say 8 hours or more a night. Sleep is mandatory for our body to heal – thus people who are consistently sleep-deprived have more physical ailments than their counterparts who are well-rested.  So get enough sleep to let your body recuperate from all of the stressors of the day. Wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. Don’t burn the midnight fuel looking on TIKTOK or Amazon for great deals! 
  • Eat a balanced diet. The holidays are so fun because the world around you says it is the time to indulge. Eat lots of what you don’t normally chose to eat. Chocolate! Pies! Fresh bread and baked goods! High fat foods that feel comforting. Studies show high fat and high sugar diets are closely associated with recurring acne breakouts. While pampering yourself is a great way to destress, maintaining a healthy diet is equally as important.  Don’t stuff yourself to the point of discomfort and make sure your plate is packed with fruits and veggies.  
  • Get moving. When the weather outside is frightful, it tough to motivate yourself to move. But in the golden age of internet, the good news is that there are a million easy ways to move, move, move even staying right at home. Our favorite FREE app at the moment is called Workout Women and it gives you endless workout options, depending on how long you want to work out, what part of the body you want to focus on etc. The joy about working out is not only does it lower your stress level, but by getting your blood pumping and your body sweating, you are removing waste products through your skin. The key to working out and maintaining a clear complexion? Wash your face right after you exercise to avoid drying sweat from irritating your skin and causing pimples to become larger and more inflamed. 
  • Breathe. You are being pulled in a million different ways during the holidays. You still have to work. But you have a million social obligations. And shopping and cooking and cleaning and life! Maintaining a semblance of sanity during this time can be tough. Make sure you don’t overload yourself with social obligations and always make time for yourself. Breathe deep. You’ve got this.
  • Drink water. Here we go with the water again. Let us say it again: DRINK WATER!  That’s not Diet Coke. Not coffee. Just plain old water. The more hydrated your body, the less stress it has which ultimately pays off with reduced breakouts.    
  • Stay consistent. Lots of social outings.  Lots of makeup. Lots of food and drink.  Late nights. Maybe one night you come home a little later than planned and decide to just Go. To. Bed and skip washing your face! We get it. When you are tired, you are tired. But your skin doesn’t know it and it won’t give you the benefit of the doubt. Miss one night of your skin care routine and your skin will be (mostly) forgiving. Miss two nights and eek. Throw in a rushed morning of over sleeping and no quick wash and well, you can just start creating the welcome sign for the pimple that will be joining you in a few month. Stick to your skincare routine and you will be happy you did.

Well. That was a lot. Staying destressed is stressful! But well worth it. Have any questions about this or anything else? We are here for you any time.


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