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Back Lotion Applicator (2-pad refill)

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Self-adhesive 2-pad refill for Ninja Skincare’s Back Lotion Applicator.


Pads are washable with water and mild soap; let dry thoroughly between uses.


  • Makes applying lotions to the back convenient and easy
  • Washable with mild soap and water

Size: 2-pad refill

1 review for Back Lotion Applicator (2-pad refill)

  1. blackteddy

    I got one of their back lotion applicators and I’m glad they have pad refills for it. It has made applying their products on my back a lot easier. It’s washable too so I can reuse it until I need another refill.

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Acne Tools make it fun and easy to mix, mask, apply and lather your Ninja Skincare products!

These acne tools offer a great way to make the most out of Ninja products, and they’re fun to use too.

We recommend the Cleansing Facial Sponges with one of our Acne Cleansers to suds up and gently exfoliate your skin daily. If you suffer from back acne you will love the Back Lotion Applicator for rubbing in your topical Acne Agents. The Agile Mask Applicator Brush is a must-have for applying our Acne Masks and you will never believe how soft our Kabuki Powder Brush is when applying any of our loose or pressed powders.


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