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Invisible Makeup – Liquid Foundation

(23 customer reviews)

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Optimal for all skin types, Ninja Skincare’s custom-blended liquid foundation offers medium coverage and is perfect for daily use. An excellent formula for sensitive, irritated, or dehydrated skin, it leaves a non-greasy finish and a healthy glow.

Each order includes a 1 oz. jar for refrigeration storage and a 0.25 oz. jar for daily use.

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To make your perfect match, we ask you for a brief written description of your skin color telling us of any undertones your skin has (some people are more yellow or red, while some are more olive or fair). We also would like the brand name and color of the makeup color you’re currently using (a web link is useful too!). Of course, a picture is worth 1,000 words, so send us a snapshot! Your true color shows best when you take a picture without a flash and next to a window on a sunny day (not in direct sunlight). Make sure you verify the color of your skin in your picture and then email or text it to us.

Once we mix up a batch of Liquid Foundation and send it to you, we keep a small amount at our headquarters for future reorders. We get it right about 98% of the time (it’s surprising how many we blend a day and how many we get right! Patting ourselves on the back!), but every so often we have to send you additional pigment if the color is not quite right. So please let us know if you need a correction for your foundation.


Size: 1.25 oz

23 reviews for Invisible Makeup – Liquid Foundation

  1. Claire Badger

    This is very light weight and the match to my skin colour was impressive. I was hesitant due to the company trying to match off of a photo but it came in perfect order. Well done!

  2. Stephanie

    I love love love this foundation! The color matches my skin perfectly, it goes on smoothly and evenly and it looks great with or without setting powder over it. I highly recommend it!

  3. Olivia

    I was looking for something to even out my skin tone and not feel too heavy. It is soft and light feeling on my face, and doesn’t sink straight into my pores. Wish it had SPF though.

  4. Tevon Darcy

    These guys are pros. I didn’t really understand how they could blend to your skin color but it is honestly the best matched liquid foundation I have ever used. I don’t actually need it so much these days because my skin looks so good (yay Ninja!) but when I am going out with my man, I love the way it feels and even in pictures, you can’t tell I am using it.

  5. Michelle A

    Not sure how to review this because while I used it I loved it. Matched to my skin tone perfectly and I really liked the consistency. But then I stopped needing it because my skin cleared up after using the start kit for 4 months. So awesome foundation but hopefully you won’t need to use it for very long!

  6. badangel25

    I have had mixed results with buying makeup from drug stores and other even high end brands but this liquid foundation beats all of them. I love how it’s created to blend well with my skin tone. It makes me look like my skin is naturally flawless and it is really light on the skin, doesnt feel caked on. I love it!

  7. moogiedlr

    I’ve been using your makeup for more than 20 years!! It is simply the best. Period.

  8. Janelle Bear

    The first time i ordered this was a little skeptical they could pull off custom blended makeup from a picture and I was pleasantly surprised. My only time it came that it didn’t match perfectly was at the end of the summer when I had gotten a little more sun on my face than I wanted. But they sent along some darkener and I was able to make it the color I wanted it to be. And I never break out because of it! Just trying to cover up some of my scars from my years of horrible acne.

  9. Trish A

    Aces. Have never liked a product quite as much as this one. The customer service is bar none, the color is spot on and the price is so much better than what I was buying at Nordy’s. Customer for life!

  10. Sheri Gonzalez

    I really like how I can’t feel the makeup on my skin. It looks great too! I wouldn’t use any other brand!

  11. GemmaBear

    i don’t wear makeup much but when I do, i wear Ninja. Ha! It’s true though. I don’t wear it often most the time cuz I have pretty good skin these days. but sometimes, I want the shine to be gone and I will put it on. The good news my face doesn’t break out and my jar lasts me Like probably 6-7 months.

  12. Angela Bookman

    This is the best makeup I have ever tried. For a lot of different reasons. Firstly, I have never actually had color-matching before, like someone blending makeup just for my skin tone. That is really great for me especially because my skin tone is very red on my cheeks and then the rest of my skin is just normal color… I don’t know how to describe it. But the point is, finding makeup is hard for me. Not to mention the fact that most have made me really break out. This has awesome perfect color and I have never broken out after wearing it. Oh and the coverage is so nice, evenly spread out but still light coverage so it never looks or feels caked on.

  13. Laurie

    I don’t even know if I should be reviewing this since I don’t use it anymore… but the reason I don’t use it is a good one – I don’t have pimples any more to cover up! But while I was starting out on the Ninja regime and my face looked hideous, I really needed makeup to cover up especially while going to work. I was so embarrassed! But I knew that my normal makeup was partially to blame for my breakouts. So I gave this a shot – it was lightweight, easy to blend and it really was a perfect match to my skin. Loved it for the 4 months I used it and then recently, when I realized I wasn’t breaking out anymore, I took a deep breath and went to work without any make up on. It was a huge relief!

  14. Anne

    This seems to be the only foundation in the world that doesn’t break me out. The color matches my skin perfectly. Where else do they custom blend your foundation?!The foundation has good coverage yet looks very natural on my skin. I would defenitely recommend it!

  15. Olive Kell

    I am 65 yrs. old and have very fair skin. This product goes on beautifully and stays in place all day. It does not run or smear and if you have any blemishes, they are covered. I really love this product and recommend it to young women with all skin types, especially since they custom blend it. I’ll use it as long as they make it. God willing forever!

  16. Christie M

    I have never left the house without makeup on, either due to my horrible scars or to horrible breakouts. I have tried to match my skin color, but being 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Asian, it is a difficult color to match. Plus, the amount of makeup I continually have on my face eventually, inevitably, leads to breakouts. So it is a terrible cycle that I am on.
    But this makeup is light and I can just tell that it is not getting INTO my skin, clogging the pores. It doesn’t create a layer on top of the skin like most other foundations do. Plus, unlike everything else I have tried, the color matching is close to perfect every single time. This is a must have for sure!

  17. Lisa

    I love this foundation! Finding a liquid formula that is safe for acne-prone skin can be so tough, but I love this product! They also do a fantastic job at matching to your skin tone – I couldn’t have received a better match!

  18. Brianda Gomez

    There is no other makeup like this out there. I have never heard of custom blending before to match skin tone. it is amazing. Before I used this, I felt bad to wear so much makeup I knew it wasnt good for acne but me skin was bad and ugly without it. Now my skin is pretty clear but I still need makeup to even out skin tone and color. I tell everyone I know to try it.

  19. Nina Dev

    I used to go into Pam’s office to have this made while I waited. Then she moved online and I still order it. The color comes out perfectly nearly every time. If there is a slight variation, she will send some lightening or darkening pigment along so I can change it if I need to. I have historically loved makeup and have never come across any product quite like this ever. The custom blending is cool enough but it is so light and definitely does not cause brakouts like most other makeups out there.

  20. Bobbi F

    I am a model and it has wreaked havoc on my face because of all the makeup they cake on my face. I was covered in acne so they literally had to put more and more makeup on. Finally I found this, perfect blend to my skin and most of the time now, I just bring my own makeup to shoots and ask them to use this because I never get the breakouts like I used to use when they used their over the counter brands. I always keep 2-3 handy, the .25 oz container is perfect to keep in my purse in case I forget to grab the larger size.

  21. Chelsea G

    hands down the best liquid foundation available. I have never even heard of custom blended foundation before but they do a fantastic job of matching it to my skin tone. Comes perfect every time. I have my daughter using it too. Will never use anything else.

  22. Talia K

    I always find it so hard not only to find a foundation which doesnt make me break out more than I already have as well as match my natural skin color (I have this weird olive skin color which never matches to anything in the stores). This seems to be the perfect product for me – unbelievable matching and no breakouts. Couldn’t be happier!

  23. Patti M

    Really a great product and love the concept of matching directly to your skin. I think the only problem is that because they match it from a picture, sometimes your skin color changes by the time you get it (tans fade etc). Otherwise this would get a 5 star rating. But overall great. Customer service impeccable – whenever my foundation color is off slightly, they just send me some lightener so that I can adjust it accordingly. Will keep buying this for the foreseeable future.

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